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  1. Physics for a non-science-y kid...this looks great. However, there are a bazillion editions, and one thing I keep seeing in reviews is that there aren't any answers to problems. Right now I'm thinking https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0133647498/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=A2O7EMZ4FQPVA&psc=1 plus the Guided Reading and Study Workbook and the Problem Solving Exercises. Thank you!
  2. To update--French In Action has been a great program so far! It was rocky at first, until my daughter got used to the immersion method. She's learning pretty quickly this way.
  3. Oh my goodness--we finally got it! I typed in "Marrons" instead of "marron" as listed in the book. Go figure.
  4. Thank you--daughter is working through those right this moment. I wish that kind soul would post the rest.
  5. They don't unlock on any of the browsers at this point, I think. And I haven't yet heard back from the publisher. LOL, I don't know why they make it so hard to use the product.
  6. We bought the 3rd edition textbook and workbook, and my daughter is super excited to start. The only trouble is.....no audio files available seemingly anywhere to go with the workbook. We've found the video component, but NO audio. I emailed Yale Books (publisher) and she sent me a link which asked me to set up an account and confirm the food on page 51, which I did--except it's saying my answer is wrong. Anyhoo.....SO many hoops. Do any of you know where I can find the audio files for French in Action? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I'm waiting for someone to invent a pill that makes you feel like you just ate 5 plates at Thanksgiving, but in reality is just a little pill. So rather than something to suppress your appetite, you feel stuffed long enough to avoid All The Things.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I love knitting videos, and I'll bet my youngest would love bingeing for a while too.
  9. Not getting discouraged is a big part of it! I think I quit the FitBit after comparing with my hubby every day. I was struggling to get to 10K and he was routinely reaching 24K. While comparisons can be useful for some, it can be discouraging for others.
  10. For us in OUR circumstances, if we were going to use the money that soon I'd probably take it out now rather than having it in the market. The market is for long term investments, and the closer you get to needing the money, the safer you need to keep it.
  11. Yesterday I had to hike my big buns all over downtown---twice---to get over 10,000 steps. For me, it's not going to happen without a concentrated effort and time set aside. But thanks to this thread I was determined to make it happen.
  12. There is no way I can get to 10,000 without a concerted effort. I *try* to get in a daily walk in addition to normal movement, but I've been less consistent lately. It takes me at least a full hour of walking plus daily movement to maybe hit 10K. That's really sad as I sit here and re-read it....
  13. Love it! I used to do that too since my younger kids wouldn't nap in their cribs. It's a little better than that now, obviously, but I still spend over an hour a day driving them, then during snippets of time when they are both at an activity I can pull out the laptop. It IS bound to get easier, right? RIGHT???
  14. Yup, chicken and egg! I always feel better when I write but sometimes getting to that point is so stinking hard. After all these years, I've made peace with the fact that it just takes me longer than others to write a book. Maybe when the homeschooling years are over I can go faster. A lot of my mental energy is spent on those needy little critters I try to educate :lol:
  15. WOOHOO! That is great news. So glad they were willing to work with you and that it all turned out well. When life gets crazy, my creativity and drive are derailed because it's those deep parts that generate the work.
  16. Until we moved this year and have had to spend so much time apart, I wouldn't have realized. Having to live apart for his work and missing him desperately, I can say YES, he is my best friend. Fingers crossed that next week he gets to start living with us full time again. Of course I might occasionally want to tweak his nose at that point, but at least we'll be together :lol:
  17. Yes, that's generally what a launch team does--help spread the word and launch the book. Reviews, social media, talking it up, etc.
  18. Usually five, but we've been slacking a bit because of moving and a whirlwind of chaos. I think we'll probably top off around six next year.
  19. Right there with you! We've been living apart since hubby's job transferred him to a new town, then once the kids and I sold the house and moved to be with him, the job basically transferred him back to our old town. Poor hubby has been living in a hotel since July. It was supposed to come to an end this week, but they want him another week and last night I was so furious that I let it all hang out. Hubby talked to the big-big boss today and he gets a few days off the week after next. Big whoop. But yeah....for the last 4 months we've started a new life in a new town without him, except for weekends. Trying to fit him into our life/schedule when he does have the occasional weekday off and is in the same town as us has been....odd. Man, I miss that great guy of mine.
  20. Cloth. Many families do this and seem perfectly content. That's just not my thing!
  21. Toilet paper. Until recently, I didn't realize that people really do this, and it's just something I won't give up. Also, I won't give up internet because that's the only way I can make money without going out into the world to work. Hmmmm.....I guess those are the biggies.
  22. I'm right in there age-wise with you lovely ladies and am going through the exact same thing. Mine, however, I attribute to a horrible knocking sound in the heater vent in the rental we're in. I've resorted to medicating, which I hate. Some of these suggestions sound great too, so hoping something can help me get through the next few cold months without losing my marbles.
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