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  1. Moon, I have a SuperNova Cub too. He's now starting his first year of Webelos and he's working on that SuperNova too. We've added Frontier Girls to our GS experience. Most of my GS troop is now FG and we are individually registered as GS. The girls hated the, "new" GS curriculum and wanted more badges and we can't do anything awesome on .50 a box. I have girls that want to do Troop Mackinaw so we are staying in GS - a little. But I'm really starting to see why people feel the need to leave GS.
  2. DS got his Nova award last week. Or he would have if he had been healthy enough to attend the pack meeting. He was top seller in his troop for popcorn and nuts this fall so he gets to throw a pie at his den leader and CM. We worked hard on sales. :) DD's new troop has had two regular meetings now and we doubled in size after our fall sign up. I finally have all the paperowrk in and processed and I love running the Brownie group!! I have the most serious scout in our troop in my little, "den." That girl wants ALL the badges. Whew. I'm going to be working hard with her. :) And our first
  3. Miss Marple, that is wonderful!! I met up with a brand spanking new Eagle at a scout rally this weekend and he was just grinning ear to ear. :)
  4. That is a cool Bronze award!! I don't know what shape your council is in but I will definitely be looking only for Bronze and Silver projects that are not affliated with our GSA council. Up until Gold, we have the option of working within the GSA community. As much help as our local camp needs, there's just no way I'd work with council on projects.
  5. I have such a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of not having multiple troops to choose from. I'm so sorry to those of you who struggle with losing a troop.
  6. Congrats to Geezle!! That's some good mamaing right there. :) That gardening club thing... is that their Bronze award work or are you keeping that just as community service?
  7. My son was on TV yesterday and featured on a couple of national BSA FB groups yesterday for his participation in a Scout Salute. My BF lives 100 miles away and saw DS and I on TV and was VERY excited, even though she still says I look like a park ranger in uniform. :laugh: I'm going to GSA leader training this weekend, even though I've already done most of this and then on Sunday DD and I go to Bronze Award training. Last weekend, I got ACA and Red Cross certified in kayaking and canoeing on open water for GSA. I still need river training and open water lifeguarding. I have archery cer
  8. Heigh, What are you going to do with your time once you're retired??
  9. Our first fall Roundtable is Thursday. I'm all nerded up to go! :laugh:
  10. I hate having to dig through so many pages to find us! When does everyone start their troops back up? My GS troop is having an ice cream outing on Sunday. My CS pack is having its kickoff on September 24. Starting September 7, I have five straight weekends of scouting stuff. I'm taking DS on a Mom and Me event, taking the kids to an international scout rally, and then I take my DD up to Mackinaw for a GSA thing there. And I have canoe/kayak certification and then archery certification for myself in there too. I'm thinking about going someplace south this winter for a week mainly to
  11. Jen, I hope my DD does both Venture and GS when the time is right. The Venture program is awesome!!!
  12. Heigh, the pumpkin thing is a really cool idea! It seems being done by B&G is a good possibility but I'm still not understanding why this den leader wants to be done five weeks before that! The CM and this den leader don't like each other and I'm getting garbled communications from both. So I'm hoping tonight it all about clarification and calmness. Ameena, I have a multi-level GS troop. I've got from Daisies to Juniors so far. It's not really a lot of work unless you become a scout nerd and go for all the extra training. I'm going to get paddle certified in a few weeks since the R
  13. Has the better council specifically told you that you can't register with them??
  14. Good evening, scouters! I went to a GSA adult resource day on Saturday and had a GREAT time. We hung out afterwards and no one really wanted to part. I kept looking around thinking, "THIS! This is what GSA could be if they weren't so darn dumb!" What we got out of it is to just work around the dumbness of the individual councils. Yes, it would be awesome if they supported leaders (some?) at all but they really don't and the inconsistenices are INSANE. I never truly realized that every council sets their own orientation agenda. So there's ZERO consistency for training from one council to th
  15. We had a community service project today for CS. We helped older people at a community picnic. I live in a region that is descended upon in the summer by tourists and by this time every year, the locals are MORE than ready for the fudgies to get out. Started out the picnic by dealing with a drunk driver at 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Other than the drunk driver, it was good fun. It was the 121st anniversary of this picnic. It's kind of a cool community thing to do but I suspect it will die off in the next 5-10 years. We got a ton of Nova work done this week! And DD is working on he
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