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  1. We go to Great Wolf Lodge up here just about weekly (I've got a good friend who works there so we have lunch there quite a bit) and I've never seen a lifeguard in a bikini. I think it would look a little odd in a family oriented water park and not particularly professional. And I rocked a bikini as a young person. My kid wears bikinis often.
  2. I used to pray as a kid too. And then one day I too thought, "I'm not thinking there's anyone there!" And I had one terrifying night. Because what if no one was there? Until the next morning when I realized how utterly freeing that is. I can be a good person for the sake of choosing to be a good person because that feels good inside. I don't need to look outside for reinforcement based upon myths and legends from long ago. And frankly, I always thought Thor made more sense than Jehovah anyway. :laugh:
  3. I think it's possible because I think pretty much anything is possible and I think most people on the planet have death and god all wrong anyway.
  4. James Franco annoys me. He appears to be trying to prove how cool and counter-cultural he is all the freaking time, like some sort of hipster doofus. I didn't know who Seth Rogan was until this story. I do not however understand why the US is backing down on this kind of terrorist attack but we stand firm on kidnapped citizens and ransoms. I cynically suspect this has less to do with protecting our citizens and more to do with mega-corps praying to the gods of consumerism that their heinous acts aren't exposed.
  5. My DH is Scottish so I have to make a traditional pudding and a cherry pudding for Xmas every year. That reminds me... I need suet. Chex Mix is going in the oven today. That's my family's tradition.
  6. I know! I just want to know what led to this. Was there some crazy drag queen molesting kids or is this some imagined, "boogie man" situation where we are just vilifying people who are weird??
  7. And secondly, so you're in a restaurant and you see what you perceive as a man entering a woman's bathroom. Do you confront? Who does that? Who wouldn't just wait? There's a spectrum. I fall in one place on it. Others fall in other places on it. Unless we all start randomly checking panties, I don't get this law at all. Some women grow facial hair. Some men have what sure as heck look like boobs to me. For some reason, those men ALWAYS seem to be mowing their lawn shirtless but I digress... I just cannot imagine interrupting what I'm out in public doing to do a gender check on the person in the bathroom with me. As long as they don't touch, do anything unethical, or talk unkindly to me or my kids - who CARES? Who notices stuff like that? When I'm out at a restaurant, I'm 99% of the time with friends and/or family. Who is paying attention to all these transgender bathroom people??
  8. I love common sense so I love the way you think. The predator argument really cracks my dark side up. So you're a predator and you are on the prowl for a child to sexually abuse... But that little blue woman in a skirt icon hanging on a door is going to stop you? Say what? Rape is in your mind, your heart, and your soul but you see, "Women" on a door and what happens? Your drive to be evil dissipates? We need to let the prisons in this country know about this magical force!
  9. They are wearing clothes and not really doing anything particularly exciting so I don't get why anyone would be offended.
  10. So my DH is a pretty good guy but of the two of us, I lean farther left on race. (He leans farther left on abortion.) He watched the video and his take as a physician was interesting to me. He looked at Mr. Garner at the very beginning of the video and said, "That guy has asthma. Don't touch him." I asked what he meant and he said that statistically, an African- American man of that size is very, very likely to have asthma. Asthma is more common in people of AA descent and it's more common in the obese. He said that if Mr. Garner had walked into the ER and needed restraints, that all the medical professionals there would have had to follow different protocols for a man of Mr. Garner's ethnicity and size in order to prevent this exact kind of thing from happening. If a reasonably old (sorry dear, but we are!) white dude from northern Michigan knows this - why doesn't the NYPD? There is ONE AA family within 50 miles of us. ONE. Our hospital probably sees 10 AA total every year, due solely to tourism - and they run through patient scenarios like this monthly in order to prevent something this stupid from happening. And the medical examiner ruled it a HOMICIDE. So someone specifically trained (hopefully) in recognizing different methods of death and dying looked at the case and thought, "Murder!" Maybe it wasn't enough to win a trial but it sure as heck looks like an indictment. It's sick. However, thankfully to the majority of Americans black lives DO matter. It's ok to hate. But you are standing on the wrong side and history will not judge you kindly.
  11. I have a question for police officers... Is it normal for cops to miss SIX times?? Don't police have to take some sort of marksmanship training? Because my 9 year old, blind-in-one-eye son misses about 6 times out of 100 at this point.
  12. Hi Binip, the problem with some of your arguments is that hurricanes aren't exactly new to our planet. It's a storm. We see it coming on the radar. It blows in and it blows out. It's not like Katrina hit land and we all said, "Holy cow! Where did that come from?!?!" So there's still a GIANT problem with the complete lack of response from the federal government for WEEKS compared to Ferguson. And that lack of response verses over-responsiveness is a giant part of the problem in relation to the frustration level of POCs in our country.
  13. What I don't get it why it took the federal government WEEKS to respond to Katrina but they were all over Ferguson last night. Huh. :huh:
  14. Porn on the internet? Where?!? :huh: I'm confused as to why the article was even posted. And as we've seen with every societal problem with young kids, abstinence doesn't work. Ask Sarah Palin how that worked for Bristol. :laugh:
  15. I'm paying about $120 for a heritage, non-GMO, organic turkey on Monday. I won't know how much Tom weighs until Monday because he will be killed Sunday. He should be between 28-35 pounds. Part of me wants to kidnap him Sunday and part of me thinks he's going to be delicious. :laugh:
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