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  1. The coupon for the Cells digital version did go through, but none of the others worked.
  2. If you could only choose one, would you prefer the new iPad Air or the new iPad mini retina for use as a homeschool parent? My main uses would be pdf teacher manuals and other files, some educational apps, scheduling apps, and sometimes watching educational videos. The screen size of the Air is very appealing for pdf files, but the portability of the mini seems wonderful. If anyone has experience with either of these as a teaching parent, I would love to hear your input.
  3. How scary! Thank goodness your kids weren't in the seats shared by trees. I wish you a speedy recovery! :grouphug:
  4. Dawn, many here have had significant issues with the online WPD planner. So much so, that there are users asking for the company to respond to the known issues on their Facebook page. Read their Facebook page and also google "My Well Planned Day reviews." Unfortunately, the company doesn't respond often, and when they do it is to say they are coming out with the new version by the end of August. August has come and gone, and no one has seen the new version yet. If you are within the return period, you might want to ask for your money back and find something else.
  5. I love seeing all the rooms and the wonderful cleanup/updates you are all doing. Great work! I need to attack mine, but we're moving soon. So I just keep putting it off knowing I'll have to box it all soon. Although, organizing it now might make for easier packing. Hmmmm....decisions, decisions.
  6. Why not all three? :) I own all of them and refer to each one for different purposes. The first explains the model of the WTM methodology the best. The second and third are wonderful for the curriculum recommendations.
  7. I was tempted by the idea that we could have a different firmness for each side, but DH didn't care for it when we tried it in the store. He said it felt like sleeping on an air mattress while camping.
  8. Atelier has several different levels to accommodate every grade from K to middle school. We do art once a week and find it enough for the hands on portion. We also study art as part of history.
  9. The lessons don't take long. I would say the average is 20-30 minutes.
  10. Atelier. The program is easy to use and my kids really enjoy it.
  11. Backyard, for sure. I had one when growing up and I never found the upkeep outweighed the benefits and convenience. The community pools always open too late and close to early given the swim season that we have available here. If the pool is in my backyard, I know the water quality and who's been in it. I can also use it at 6am for lap swimming in November if I want to.
  12. For a day hike, yes. As an everyday purse, I don't think so. It seems large, cumbersome, and unflattering. That's just me, though. If you would find it comfortable, able to carry all of your typical purse items, and it goes with your wardrobe........why not?
  13. If you are talking about general learning styles, the Big What Now Book of Learning Styles might be helpful: Link removed It includes a questionnaire to help find the most effective learning styles for a particular child.
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