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  1. Can anyone tell me if CLE sunrise 1st Edition Units and 2nd Edition Units be used together? I accidentally bought some 5th Grade LA and Reading units that were first edition and some that were section edition. I didn't realize there were two editions. I'm wondering if I need to eat that cost and buy more of the 2nd Edition or if I can use old and new together. I'm waiting on them to arrive. Thanks,
  2. Schoolhouseteachers is having a thankful sale that ends today. I cannot find many reviews on it. Does anyone here use it? Is it worth $139 for 2 years? My kids are preschool-Grade 6. Thanks,
  3. We have done numerous years of Veritas and have decided not to do it next year. One of the writers is very focused on the gruesome parts of history. Explaining things in too much detail. More detail then I ever learned in school. While learning about the Salem Witch trails. They read very scary accounts of the reports of the supposed witches such as people's head spinning, people flying around, people falling and screaming, etc. and then went into detail about how the falsely convicted were killed. Such as being crushed with a stone. The details were too much. This week they played a Mummy game, where you unwrap the Mummy. My kids were horrified when the deteriorating bodies of real mummies were shown. They go into details such as someone being stabbed into their brain and someone having an ax in their head. They went into great detail about Baal and how the children sacrifice ceremonies went such as the playing of loud drums to drown out the babies screams because it took a while for them to die. My kids have been having many nightmares from this curriculum. If the gore was played down, I would have loved it.
  4. I just signed up for the trial and it is super glitchy. I've tried twice and I can't get the lesson to properly load...
  5. If so, what did you think? Did they stick to the Bible as it is written or is their a lot of personal views included? Thanks,
  6. There is a lot of Christian content. :) The curriculum writer has large samples on her website. I don't think it is worth the original price tag but this seems like an amazing deal.
  7. I'm looking for five referrals too. I too will delete my link once I have 5. Thanks. :) http://homeschoolgiveaways.com/bf-freebies/?c21822Le
  8. I have a bunch of Audible credits I need to use up so I can cancel my membership. Do you have any recommendations for early American history to 1850? Thanks!
  9. I've actually been wanting this book for some time but was unsure if it was worth it for me because of the allergies in our house. Well it is free today. I am so hyped. http://homeschoolgiveaways.com/2014/10/freebie-eat-your-way-through-the-usa-by-geography-matters-14-95-value-ends-10-24-14/
  10. I would use the Homeschool in the Woods ones, they look so much better. I have some of the Konos ones and the art style drives me insane, they look ugly to me.
  11. They sell their classes with the promise that if you miss a class or are unable to attend you'll be able to watch the recorded classes. So I bought some classes knowing I'd be on vacation that we would do after because I adore the teacher so much. Now many of my classes are deleted. They only allow you to view their recorded classes for 8 weeks but do not make this clear. It is in fine print in a different part of their website. This is what bothers me. They use the recorded classes as a selling point but don't make it clear that you only have a limited time to view them.
  12. Yes, sadly their response was pretty much sorry but it was in the fine print of our website and on some orientation.
  13. I bought a ton of classes this year, some of them finished not long before the summer. We planned on going through two sets of classes again because they were so good. Well they have been "archived" and are deleted. I have no way to access them. This is ridiculous when you have paid $20, $40 or more dollars for a set of classes. They have this information in the fine print on a different part of their website, they do not warn you of this on the class purchasing page, the check out page or purchase email. They also give you no warning before deleting your class. Last year I had some classes sit in my class list most of the year, so had no idea my classes ever got deleted. I thought some of you may not know either, so wanted to give you a heads up in case you had any classes you haven't watched yet. They delete them at 8 weeks. I feel very taken advantage of. :(
  14. Did you kids comprehend both texts well? I've been considering alternating two as well. Being stuck on one topic for so long sounds a bit torturous to me. :)
  15. I'm more interested in the history courses. We actually bought one in April (Exp-1815) which we haven't started yet. We are going to start next week. I am curious if we could get done by next April?
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