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  1. This happens to me all the time. My organization covers the entire state of Arizona. People post like it's limited to just their own neighborhood. Arizona is BIG. Narrow it down.
  2. You can do whatever you want. You get to make your own rules. Follow your interests and your child's interests.
  3. I like this yarn Much better than knitpicks.
  4. I think this is too vague to answer. I'm asking for clarification on the whole situation.
  5. I have the yarn subscription and I've made some craft and yarn purchases. I LOVE this company. Everything I've received has been gorgeous. I got them somewhere else, years ago, but I had some of these type of Sari skirts. I adored them. Had two and wore them to rags. They can be worn so many different ways. As dresses, skirts, tops, even a romper. I wore them through multiple pregnancies, and nursing. Layered in the winter, and breezy in the hot Louisiana summer. I only haven't bought skirts from DGY because I find them a bit too pricey.
  6. I did this a while back. I kept it pretty side open. It ended up being more categories than specific meals, like beans and rice, but could be black beans and mexican rice, rcajun red beans and rice, chinese fried rice, etc. , or pasta, maybe spaghetti, maybe fettucine, but it took a lot of the thinking out of it.
  7. As a lover of novelty, especially when it comes to food, I rarely cook the same thing twice. I find the idea of eating the same meals everyday or regularly fascinating. If you eat this way, what foods do you eat?
  8. We have a Bostitch. It's held up longer than any of the others we have tried.
  9. I don't see this kind of relentless teasing very much. It feels passive aggressive, manipulative and mean. I think these are the same guys who complain about nagging wives and whose wives call them their "3rd child". It feels disrespectful and childish. I'm the joker and teaser and tickler in my family, but we talk a lot about limits, respecting "no", knowing when to stop.
  10. Do you mean physically touching you? Actual poking? I don't think I know anyone who does that. I sure wouldn't ignore it.
  11. We are big legume eaters. I make a wide variety of bean/pea/lentil porridges. If you use a mirepoix, salt and pepper, you don't need broth. I cook my beans in a crockpot (I have two) and freeze as mentioned above. My current pots are slow, sometimes having to cook for 24 hours. Planning ahead and having a back up dish handy just in case ( somebody unplugged the pot, bumped the knob, forgot to turn it on, put it on the wrong setting). My family loves cajun red beans and rice (no sausage), Cajun white beans and rice (no sausage), Homemade refried beans ( nothing like the canned) with Mexican rice, bean burritos, and Our tacos usually have well seasoned pintos or black beans. Pureed white beans with a spoonful of mayo makes a good base for creamy dips, healthy cookie dough and brownie dips. Sweet bean concoctions are usually made with chickpeas, but that tastes like hummus with sugar to me. White beans are more neutral. My best advice is to season like crazy. Bland beans are so boring. Try a variety of Cajun, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Southwestern, etc seasonings and see what your family likes. Adding different flavors help a lot with boredom. I can cook bean every day, and everyone will happy as long as it takes many forms. Tonight we're having a coleslaw pasta salad with white beans and corn. Later this week we'll have burritos.
  12. I have found that it was really helpful to my boys to explain that it's not that everyone else is suddenly horribly irritating and trying to annoy them. It's that the hormones that make them grow -and the growing itself- makes them more irritable and sensitive. They were really unaware of that. Knowing it was actually them helped them to take better care of themselves, be kinder and more forgiving to their siblings, and to have a bit more perspective.
  13. I had this exact experience when I first joined Facebook. I was in my early 30s, married for around a decade, we owned our house, had 3 kids, etc. Everyone I knew from high school was partying, "finding themselves", figuring out what they wanted to do with lives, thinking about maybe settling down someday, or not. It was weird. I felt like I was in a time warp. I was stressing over paying for medicine for a sick baby, housekeeping, homeschooling, pediatrician visits, grocery prices. Just completely different lives. Different stages of life. I can't say that I was at all envious, just really, really shocked. Where we were living, I was a bit behind the curve, not having married and had my first child until 25, while most people had started much younger. We were firmly in the home school community, devoting our lives to home and family. The idea of not having that was super disorienting. In the next few years, everyone found a partner, had a kid or two, settled down, and then we were kind of all in the same place in life. We just arrived at different times.
  14. Luna is 3.5. She has her speech therapy at the local public school. Last year she went to the regular elementary school. She was the youngest child receiving services there. There is a developmental preschool where she could receive OT and PT as well. This year she will be receiving group sessions at the preschool with another 3yo girl. I take her once a week for a 45 minute session. Our other option was to enroll her full time in Head Start, which is not something we wanted to do. My 9yo also received speech therapy at a public school at age 3. Similar arrangement, shorter sessions. Would it be possible for you, your dh and the nanny to continue the arrangement you have now, with one of you taking him to the school for therapies? Is there a developmental Preschool ( or regular public preschool) that he could attend? It sounds like you are not happy with the requirements of Head start.
  15. Yes. In general, parents do clean up after their children here.
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