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    I am looking for a copy of Oak Meadow's 8th grade Civics. Used/worn is fine! Please message me if you have a copy available to sell. Thanks!


  2. My dd13 is not a natural speller... she still spells very phonetically. She wants an online spelling program that offers some game opportunities and is NOT Spelling City. ETA: Software recommendations would be great too! Any recommendations? She loves the Prodigy Math game, so I am hoping there is something like that out there for spelling!
  3. We're doing a fairly loose study of world geography/cultures for my ds's 10th grade (and dd's 8th grade) year. I am looking for recommendations for books (fiction, nonfiction, travelogue, whatever) and movies and/or documentaries set in different locations around the world. I'm not looking for a textbook recommendation at this point. Resources can be vintage or modern. Thanks!
  4. I am teaching remedial freshman comp this fall at the local university, and need to get my book order in by tomorrow. I am having a terrible time choosing which of two books to require. The college already requires all of them to get Emerging: Contemporary Readings for Writers, but I know I want them to have some more solid help with actually putting their writing together. Thoughts?
  5. My dd13, a rising 8th grader, is somewhat behind in math, about 2 grades. I would like to work on remediation for the next year or two, but am trying to decide which program to use. In the past, we have used primarily Saxon and Math Mammoth, as well as some Mastering Math Essentials with her. She does not like any of those programs (or I would go back to Saxon), so I am trying to find something that will work, AND that she can tolerate. She also really dislikes the looks of Teaching Textbooks. She's dyslexic, but that's another story. Here is what I am looking at so far. Advice/feedback/su
  6. Thank you! I am trying to fill in gaps with my dd13, and this looks perfect!
  7. I am not sure how to address the issue of her just not doing things... that's a rough one, and hopefully someone here will chime in on that. For math remediation, I would get something like Lial's Basic College Math (an older, cheaper edition would work too). It is really good for kids that age, and if she is willing to apply herself, should help her catch up. Does she understand the potential consequences of failing high school? It will affect everything -- career, potential college, etc. Are there any privileges you can take away from her until she buckles down a bit?
  8. I just browsed through this a bit, and it looks like it would be such a good fit for my dd!
  9. Googling for other options, I found this, and it looks really cool! Choose Your Own Adventure History Tasks
  10. I really, really want to buy both the complete sets of history and science. I think they would fit in very well with our interest-led approach. But, do they ever have a sale?
  11. I know, I'm really late to this discussion. But having flirted with interest-led/unschooling for years now, we've officially headed off the rails, out of the box... except for math and language arts. Currently, what this looks like is math and writing (spelling also for dyslexic dd) most days (4-5x weekly). I also read out loud almost every day, from a variety of books, based off current interests. We're watching Downton Abbey, documentaries, plagues, and currently Anne Frank: The Whole Story for history The kids are reading everything they can find on black holes (ds) and animals
  12. Let's see... Beyond Five in a Row? Homeschool in the Woods has both Project Passport and Time Travelers Beautiful Feet maybe Sidenote: the first two books I listed in my previous post are basically memoirs of homeschooling, from two very different parents who both took outside-the-box approaches with their kids.
  13. Let's see... First off, you don't have to use textbooks. Except for math, and an occasional science textbook chosen by one of the kids, we don't. We still love read-alouds, and living books. Some of my favorite homeschooling books, where you might find some inspiration: The Year of Living Dangerously Dan Riley School for a Girl Project Based Homeschooling What are her interests? Does she prefer books to hands-on projects? What about a curriculum that has a different focal point (such as Where the Brook and the River Meet, or world cultures, or ???)
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