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    I am looking for a copy of Oak Meadow's 8th grade Civics. Used/worn is fine! Please message me if you have a copy available to sell. Thanks!


  2. My dd13 is not a natural speller... she still spells very phonetically. She wants an online spelling program that offers some game opportunities and is NOT Spelling City. ETA: Software recommendations would be great too! Any recommendations? She loves the Prodigy Math game, so I am hoping there is something like that out there for spelling!
  3. We're doing a fairly loose study of world geography/cultures for my ds's 10th grade (and dd's 8th grade) year. I am looking for recommendations for books (fiction, nonfiction, travelogue, whatever) and movies and/or documentaries set in different locations around the world. I'm not looking for a textbook recommendation at this point. Resources can be vintage or modern. Thanks!
  4. I am teaching remedial freshman comp this fall at the local university, and need to get my book order in by tomorrow. I am having a terrible time choosing which of two books to require. The college already requires all of them to get Emerging: Contemporary Readings for Writers, but I know I want them to have some more solid help with actually putting their writing together. Thoughts?
  5. I know, I'm really late to this discussion. But having flirted with interest-led/unschooling for years now, we've officially headed off the rails, out of the box... except for math and language arts. Currently, what this looks like is math and writing (spelling also for dyslexic dd) most days (4-5x weekly). I also read out loud almost every day, from a variety of books, based off current interests. We're watching Downton Abbey, documentaries, plagues, and currently Anne Frank: The Whole Story for history The kids are reading everything they can find on black holes (ds) and animals (dd) for science, plus we garden, do Citizen Science projects, etc. We're reading about micro-climates and DNA as well. Ds is also spending an entire day a week this spring helping rebuild a 1940 Ford truck from the frame up. Dd spends an entire day a week at my mom's, where she works on sewing and art projects, and sometimes baking projects too. She also volunteers weekly as a puppy petter, helping puppies that will be guide dogs get used to people. Next year, it will be more of the same, plus possibly a lit study based off the show Once Upon a Time. And a little more focus on life skills. Ds may be taking his first auto shop class at the junior college next fall, or astronomy and ???. He took Machine Tool Technology and 3D art earlier this year and loved it! He also wants to learn to weld, and to sew. Dd wants to volunteer at the wildlife rescue center, now that she's old enough. That means we may also be fostering some wildlife next year! She's getting good at sewing dresses for her dolls, so might work on some more fashion design, and eventually, sewing for herself. And we're expanding the garden, putting in rainwater caches/cisterns, and things of that sort. Here's my recent blog post on what it looks like over a week. And I updated my signature to reflect current studies and books.
  6. For my darling, dyslexic dd: Math: continue with Math Mammoth and Math Essentials combo, pre-algebra Language Arts: Spelling Workout; BraveWriter Lifestyle; some writing instruction tbd Foreign language: Probably Spanish with Mango languages through our library, or through Duolingo. Literature: continued free reading. Family read-alouds, inspired (for 2016-17) by the show Once Upon a Time, plus various books of interest in science, history, geography, etc., as part of our Afternoon Basket. Science and history, etc., are all interest led at this point. I keep eying the Creek Edge task cards, but don't want to part with the money!

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    I have a complete set of Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 for sale, the newer version with automated grading. The set contains the student book, the discs, and the answer key/test book. It is in practically new condition -- no writing in the books, and all the discs look new. Price includes shipping. Non-smoking home, only indoor pets are fish. Please pm me with any questions or to purchase! I'm asking $150.


  8. Wow, I left the boards for a month, and this is still the most active thread!

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    I have the following history items for sale, media mail included in the price. From a non-smoking and pet-free home. A nearly new copy of Memoria Press' Famous Men of Greece student text. $12 Dorothy Mills' Book of the Ancient Greeks, excellent condition, $13 Laminated Classical Education Timeline in excellent condition, though there are thumbtack holes at the corners. $20 SOLD



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    I have a copy of the student textbook (binding is a bit loose, but book still in okay condition, pages are fine), and the solutions manual (excellent condition) available. Prices below include media mail shipping. Paypal preferred, no pets in our home, or smoking. For the student text, I am asking $45. For the manual, $25 SOLD Student text is still available! PENDING SALE! All sold!


  12. We have shifted back and forth between more interest-driven/relaxed, to more "schooly". We're currently back in more relaxed, interest-led mode, as we have just ten weeks of our academic year left. What I have learned is that: 1. We need to keep assigning math and language arts. These are our absolute basics that must get done regularly. 2. I need to have goals for them for each month/have them set goals for each month. I've adapted the library list recommendations from the WTM intro, so each month they: Choose a person or time in history to learn about (history book, biography/autobiography) Choose a science topic to learn about (using books, documentaries, hands-on) Choose a book to read (classic fiction, not-so-classic fiction) Additionally, I read aloud regularly from a book, usually a "classic", as a family activity. I sometimes read aloud from a historical or scientific overview type of book* as well, just so they really understand the flow of history, and can find topics to explore in more depth. [*Examples: A Little History of the World, Science Matters...] They still spend plenty of time exploring their own interests -- computer programming, sculpture, animals, gardening, German and Spanish, etc.

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    I have the following items for sale, media mail shipping included in the price. From a non-smoking home with no indoor pets, except fish. :001_smile: Math Jousting Armadillos, student book only. Cover shows a tiny bit of wear, but the binding is great, pages are clean and unwrinkled. $20 SOLD Family Math, in very good condition - tight binding, clean pages. $8 Family Math: The Middle School Years, in very good condition - tight binding, clean pages. $9 Language Arts Writing With Ease, Workbook level 2. One page inside (6) is crinkled but otherwise fine, and student pages 1-2 from week one are missing. Everything else is there, the binding is very good, the remainder of the pages are clean and unmarked. $15 PENDING SALE Writing Strands Level 2, older spiral bound edition (1989-1999 copyright), in great condition. $8 Please pm me with any questions!


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