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  1. I have looked a bit at MEP 7, but I think I would like to take a more traditional path through high school math (we are not sure yet whether we'll be homeschooling high school or not) and I think it would be easier to make that switch for pre algebra as opposed to later. If AOPS pre algebra works well, I would like to try their algebra next, and so on, for as long as it keeps working (most likely using tutors when he gets further along, because math is not my strength).
  2. Yes, we did the placement test and he only didn't pass because he had just not been exposed to certain topics yet because of the different order of topics that MEP has compared to CLE. But he's done great with every new topic presented so far in CLE with very little explanation needed from me. We've worked through some problems on Alcumus and ds really enjoyed those and wants to do more. That's why I think AOPS would probably be a great fit for him.
  3. My oldest DS (12, 6th grade), through no fault of his own, is not working where he could be in math. He had done MEP since his first grade year until this past December when he stopped at the end of Year 5a. He was doing fine with it, but it just became too hard for me to teach (the lesson plans are a bit confusing for me sometimes and I've got several grade levels to teach) and I also felt he was missing certain topics (US specific stuff, especially) and he wasn't as strong with his math facts as I would have liked. So I switched him in Jan. to CLE grade 5 and he's been breezing through that
  4. No, he's not doing well with W&R's (lack of) outlining instruction. The last lesson we did had him doing a 3 level outline on a short story (The Brahmin, the Tiger, and the Jackal) and he really struggled with coming up with the outline points. Partly because he hates putting pencil to paper to begin with, and partly because there was no explicit instruction or enough shorter outline requirements leading up to this assignment. I am actually doing Treasured Conversations with my 4th grader, but we are still in the first (grammar) section and haven't gotten to outlining yet. I think my
  5. I am currently using W&R Narrative II level with my 6th grader (along with R&S 6th grade English). I realize that Narrative II is designed for slightly below 6th grade level, but my ds is a reluctant (yet capable) writer, so it's been a good fit. Except for the outlining. In both CAP and R&S, they are expecting 2 and 3 level outlines right off the bat and I noticed that SWB's WWS starts out practicing level one outlines for a while before moving on. And yet the content of WWS seems to be more advanced as far as reading level and the amount they are expected to write each lesson goe
  6. We use Rod & Staff pretty much all orally (minus the diagramming, which we do on a whiteboard, and the composition assignments). It's very straight forward, easy to get done, and my 6th grader is retaining a lot.
  7. My dd is going into 4th grade next year and is slightly dyslexic (no formal eval, just suspected). She has made good strides with her reading this year, but I would say she is reading at about a 3rd grade level. Her spelling, however, is really behind. We have slowly been doing AAS (she's about 1/4 of the way through level 2) but it's just not working for us. It's too fiddly and I hadn't really been making it a priority, as I wanted to increase her reading fluency before we concentrated too much on spelling. So this year, I want to switch to Apples & Pears spelling for her, but I also
  8. Technically, I would be using BYL for my oldest, OM for my dd and MP for my ds2, all with some substitutions/additions. I guess boxed is the wrong word, but I usually see on here people either doing different levels of the same main curriculum provider (with or without substitutions or additions), or combining their children in content subjects. Thank you for sharing your experience, Krissi.
  9. I guess I mean full, pre-planned grade levels of each program instead of combining content subjects, like we have been doing.
  10. OK, so I'm having to come to terms with the fact that my kids all seem to be very different learners. So far, we've been doing an eclectic mix of WTM/CM stuff for all of them, but I'm trying to be more focused on their individual needs next year. My oldest (6th grade) learns best with curriculum that spells out exactly what's expected of him and allows him to just "git 'er done". I am planning on having him do Rod & Staff English and Spelling, W&R Narrative II & Chreia, MEP math, Holt Science & Technology Earth & Space, Getting started with Latin, Logic Liftoff series,
  11. I'm interested in the answer to this, as well. I've always loved the look of BF, but I can't handle the providential stuff.
  12. Thank you for your response! You don't find yourself using the lesson resource CD much, then? I wonder if I could get by with just used copies of the student and teacher books. I don't mind paying the money for the full package, if that will make things easiest, but if I can save money by buying used, then I would rather just do that. Is the CD mostly tests and quizzes, or are there lab sheets and stuff that aren't found in the book?
  13. I was looking at these programs on Rainbow Resource and was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the two homeschool packages offered. One comes with a physical teacher's manual and the other with a "parent guide" CD-ROM. The teacher manual package is more expensive, but I much prefer having a physical book to teach from as opposed to a CD-ROM. But the RR person I chatted with said that the CD-ROM was formatted better for homeschool parents. I don't need a schedule, or "lesson plans" per se, as long as I have answers and extra info in front of me to help DS with any issues that come
  14. I'm trying to decide what science to use with my two oldest next year (I also have a 1st grader and preschooler listening in). We are using BYL grade 5 for other content subjects and they recommend Elemental Science Level 2 Biology, but I really think that will be too difficult for my 4th grader (and possibly even my 6th grader, honestly). We have not been very consistent with science up to now, but I would really like to make it a focus this year. I really don't like the idea of spending a whole year on one science topic, so I would prefer to pursue multiple topics. I really love the look
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