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  1. science shepherd had videos and textbooks
  2. Needing a little help with my son's courses and thought I would start a 9th grade planning thread! Here are my ideas so far! My son is not advanced, but very normal 🙂 Post your line up! Math - teaching textbooks algebra Foreign lang - Latin through Compass classroom Lang arts - ? Physical science- ? Bible and Ancient History - veritas press Omnibus
  3. So, my daughter has been homeschooling through a charter school since 6th grade. She is a Sophomore now. Next year she will be a junior and wants to graduate early. We have decided to pull her out and homeschool ourselves to be able to do that. She will have enough credits by the end of her junior year to legally graduate. My question : How do I combine the charter schools transcript and mine? DO I just add her courses to my mom made transcript? Also, how do I make a transcript with only three years of high school on it? I know people do that, and kids graduate early, I just don't know what to do. She will be working through the summer to get it all done by next May. She want to do college courses through an online school, that will be covered by grants when she finishes high school. She isn't into duel enrollment, because the school she wants to go to won't be covered with grants, and we don't have the money. Any help on this confusing post would be wonderful! lol
  4. My son is at different levels for subjects, but here is our line up this next year: Math - BJU dlo math 4 Language arts - BJU dlo English 4 Science - Crosswired science History - history odyssey middle ages level 1 / along with veritas press self paced middle ages Bible - VP Bible Music lessons, art lessons, and sports
  5. I go almost every year to our homeschool convention here in CA . I honestly only go for the vendor hall. BJU always has its distance learning on sale and Veritas press will sometimes have really good deals as well. We found out about our local homeschool music classes by seeing their booth there. You can look through all the books, that you have only seen online. I love it.
  6. Science is my downfall. We do it, here and there, but not really until Jr high/high school. Then we use online classes. Read a louds...ugh...so yawny We love music and art in this house. History and grammar is done daily and Math is always online as well.
  7. We are using teaching textbooks prealgebra. It gets the job done without any tears so that's a plus!
  8. I also feel the We Believe series from Apologia would work great
  9. We have used Acellus physical science for both my older girls. I'm thinking either BJU dlo or Apologia for my son
  10. My eighth grader spends from 8 - about 12 on core classes. After lunch he does his music practice ( drums and cello) and chores. He also goes to a once a week government class in the afternoon.
  11. It looks interesting for younger grades. Not enough for high school at all! I will wait it out and see others reviews on it.
  12. We loved Mothergoosetime! Its a monthly kit and you can add the k5 math and language arts workbooks. it's really amazing.
  13. I would use BJU distance learning for high school and My fathers world for k-8. If money was tight, probably just get whatever cheap books I could find at thrift stores, library sales, or ebay.
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