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  1. She was such a wise woman with a wicked funny sense of humor. Her family will be in my prayers.
  2. When I am finally done with caring for my dying father, I plan on doing a few Coursera courses, beefing up (and, ahem, actually watching/listening to) my TC collection, probably getting around to reading Charlotte Mason's words rather than someone's interpretation of her ideas, possibly actually learning Algebra even though I always made As in my math classes, and finding good resources about being a good teacher. My oldest will be in 8th grade. I really need to buckle down and focus this year. I want to give all my kids the best of myself, so I'm hoping to really improve my knowledge base and teaching skills.
  3. I too have cystic acne at age 33. I've tried every single thing available on the market. I've tried altering my diet to no avail. The only thing that clears up huge zits with their own gravitational pull is Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel. I notice a difference within 8 hours.

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    Complete Core F for sale. This has never been used. The IG is still in the plastic wrap. All books are included (5-day plan). The China kit is included. Everything. Well, not the timeline book, but the figures are included. This was the last edition to include the EHE. Asking $250ppd.


  5. Just changed my title to "Certified Kilt Inspector". Yes I did.

  6. Just conducted a funeral service for a hermit crab without laughing. I need a prize. Or a Mike's.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. jenL


      Way to go, Mama! The things we do for our children! Lol


    3. GWOB


      Cupcakes and Mike's! Yay! RootAnn, Hermes the crab has moved on to that big Caribbean island in the sky.


    4. GWOB


      Cupcakes and Mike's! Yay! RootAnn, Hermes the crab has moved on to that big Caribbean island in the sky.


  7. Riesling+Hot Tamales=Perfect end to a hectic week

  8. Nothing like singing "O Come O Come Emmanuel" to finally put one in the Christmas spirit.

    1. jenL


      I love that song!


  9. Habanero Garlic salsa is indeed a valid vegetable option.

    1. nmoira


      Duh! I'm not sure I'm woman enough to handle that much vegetable though.

    2. GWOB


      It was so good! Now, my husband makes a ghost pepper salsa that will clear up the worst sinus infection.

    3. fraidycat


      So is canned, diced tomatoes. Just ask me. That was our fruit masquerading as a "vegetable" with supper tonight!

  10. Hormonal 12yo girls should come with a vat of Prozac/Valium.

    1. Avila


      For them or us?

    2. GWOB
    3. swellmomma


      I wish I could like status comments lol.

  11. I really enjoyed the ability to tag posts. While I love a funny tag, I really liked tagging posts to make them easily searchable. Is there any way we can bring back this feature? It sure would make searching for "middle school science" and "kilts" a lot easier.
  12. Jim Weiss is the best substitute history teacher ever!

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