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  1. Ok, this is a bonkers question. I could just ask one of our troop leaders, but I'd like to know now before I forget it again. Does a scout leader need to watch everything my son does in order to check it off? He could get his swimming requirement easily. He's got most of it done and just has a couple of things left. I could watch him do laps tonight after swimming lessons to finish them up. Do I need to have an Official Scout Person there to check him off? Does every thing he does need to be checked off by an OSP? Thanks! (still a newbie Scout mom)
  2. This was something very encouraging I learned in my mindfulness and anxiety class. When I tried to identify the reasons why I was anxious--I had to identify them as "silly". I knew they were silly. They're "silly" "small" things. It's my reaction to them, the unintentional way my mind and body react to these "not very big" issues that's difficult and debilitating. It's not about "stressors" so much, it's a condition that's making my mind and body respond to these "small" things in non-healthy ways. I don't want to react in this way to things that used to roll right off my back...but I do
  3. You might also consider some classes in meditation for kids/teens. Mindfulness and meditation can help reduce anxiety by helping a person to refocus and not react so strongly to stressors, by realizing what is actually going on. I just finished a 10 week course on mindfuless for anxiety and it was great. If he had a daily practice, it might be a great thing.
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