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  1. I have no idea why it would be borderline R, honestly. A naked butt is no big deal in my family, and while there were a few "naughty" words, they were mostly comic, if I recall. And certainly appropriate to the situation. I took my 8, 10, and 12 years olds who are all Who and Sherlock fans, and they loved it.
  2. I adore Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. It's somewhat political--a libertarian leaning that is not at all my inclination--yet I still love it! The first sci-fi I ever loved.
  3. I read it a couple of years ago, Lewelma. Honestly, I don't remember much sexual about it. I'm sure there was sex, but nothing graphic, probably more of a "this happened". I didn't find it depressing, but I found it odd--well, maybe a tiny bit depressing. Though there's one depressing twist--doesn't involve children, though. I liked it more than Metamorphosis. I liked the strangeness and the interlocking stories. I don't think they're that complicated to keep apart. I enjoyed the eeriness of it. I found the ending too ambiguous and I came away oddly unsatisfied. I wouldn't have any problem with my 14-year-old daughter reading it. ETA: I agree about making sure you get the book with colored fonts, etc. Adds to the read. I borrowed one from the library.
  4. We've never tested for allergies. Huh, that hadn't occurred to me.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas. He's got a Dr. appt in the next few weeks, so we'll mention it then. Meanwhile, based on your ideas, we'll start having him drink more water, eat more veggies (he does pretty well with all veggies, but doesn't mean we can't do more), and well keep up with the fiber drink. Also, we'll make sure he gets probiotic yogurt every day. I'll let you know if everything comes out all right ;) Thanks!
  6. I'm sorry to have to ask this, but I'd appreciate any insight. My son, 8, is regular in his #2, but they are HUGE! I'd say tonight's was not quite 3 inches in diameter (didn't measure LOL). Poor kid. It takes him about 10 minutes, and he's sweating by the time he's done. He doesn't appear to be getting any fissures over them, but ... I worry that it's a matter of time. We've begun giving him drinkable fiber, and we thought that might help, but it seems to just make his trips to the toilet go faster (he used to take a book and sit for 15-20 minutes). If I Google this problem, it takes me to scary places on the web. Please help, hive. :) Thanks!
  7. So, so sorry, MedicMom. You've been through so much lately. Remember to be compassionate to yourself. You aren't at all blameworthy. :grouphug:
  8. I have a Masters in teaching ESL and have been teaching for 15 years, and can't get a job in my new district in the public schools. :( Most ESL programs are extremely underfunded and districts can't support the sorts of programs that will give these students the intensive English instruction they need. And it's a problem not limited to ESL teaching.
  9. Woo! ARGH! Sorry for the edit in the title http://www.theatermania.com/broadway/news/hamilton-cast-album-streaming_74272.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=21sep2015
  10. Yes, but only because my husband is a fan of The Godfather. :)
  11. Has your daughter been called too? Has she come to you, independently, saying that your god has called her to this? Have the people "there" indicated to you that your god is preparing them for your arrival and has indicated to them that you (specifically you) are supposed to be there? If so, it's curious they haven't offered, of their own accord, to get you and your daughter there. I think the best way to identify a calling as opposed to a want is independent confirmation, completely unsolicited, from other individuals. When I was a Christian, I would have given you money only under these circumstances.
  12. I'm only halfway through this right now, but it wonderful so far. It's called "Give me Sex Jesus" which is unfortunate on a number of levels. :) It's a Really Well Done documentary about the (past and present) American purity movement. Interviews with people who are abstaining until they're married, and how their faith supports them, people who struggled with this concept as young people, even Bill Bright's grandson (the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ) is a part of it. It's really even-handed and interesting. It really resonates with me.
  13. My daughter forgot the password on an ipod she lost. Lo! She has found it again, unfortunately she has forgotten the password. Additionally, she never backed it up on a computer. Is there any way we can get back into this ipod and save/rescue anything she has on it?
  14. Thanks, everyone, for the replies. If I recall, he did a huge allergy workup but wasn't allergic to anything. I may need to look back into that--perhaps I forgot. Or maybe we need to have a new one done, since we moved to a different region of the country.
  15. Just looking for any input/experience. My poor DH has had chronic sinus pain for about 15 years. He gets headaches and terrible pressure in his face several times a week. He gets terribly stuffed up and gets frequent infections. He netipots sometimes, and this can help. Several years ago, he had his deviated septum fixed, and that made things better for a while, but it's getting much worse again. I'm going to set him up with a drs. appt (again) but can anyone give my any insight to what's going on, and in particular, if anyone has had sinus surgery that has helped anything like this, we'd be encouraged to know that there may be something out there to help him. Thanks much.
  16. We love it. It's just charming and friendly and fun. There's nothing nasty or cynical about it, and we can all feel positive and happy about watching it together. (That's pretty sappy--especially coming from me, but really we do find the show delightful!)
  17. Tell me about it. :) I grew up with 2 of them (sequentially, not consecutively). We lived in a ranching town out west, and they were work dogs. Man, they could go and go and go. But I always swore I would never have one in a town or city or any place where they couldn't be able get out that energy. And, yet, here I am. I have no idea. We've had her since she was 8 weeks old, and she's been the most low-key dog. *shakes head* (If I could just train her to retrieve!) I feel very lucky with her. <3 (Heart here, not a butt)
  18. When I lived in France and first learned about this--when I was a very serious Evangelical Christian--I thought it was a brilliant idea! Even now as a non-believer I think it's a great way to go.
  19. I have 2 close friends with labradoodles. I absolutely hate the dogs. They are wild and high strung. Even the one who lives on a hobby farm with lots of land to run around on, and is taken on long walks once or twice a day is wired all the time. He eats everything. She's had him in to the vet 3 times in the last three years removing stuff from him. Mouse traps, underwear, tennis balls, socks, a bird feeder, a chewed up 5-gallon bucket. Unbelievable. I find it hard to spend time at their houses because their dogs are a mess. I'm sure there are great labradoodles, but based on these, I would never have one. (I'm very happy with my almost worriedly mellow black lab/border collie mix.)
  20. Ok, so to you, based on your understanding of the Bible there is no possible way EVER that homosexual relationships can be ok. To some people, including my Mennonite and Amish friends, according to their understanding of the Bible, there is no way EVER for divorce and remarriage EVER to be ok. Not in cases of abuse or adultery--NOTHING. They might divorce to protect themselves or their children, but they can never remarry. How would you feel if our government were based on that religious belief and you were prohibited fro divorcing and remarrying. Do you think our government should make laws codifying this religious belief? Why the double-standard prohibiting gay marriage? (How do you square that with the issue of sincere Christians believing absolutely from the Bible that your current relationship is a state of adultery and yet not trying to get it codified into law and disrupting your life?)
  21. Yes, I'd like to try to understand that distinction. Have a nice dinner. (Better you than me! I think I'd lost my marbles with that many people. :))
  22. I'm familiar with this viewpoint. Could you share some of the other ways we get distorted? Would physical and mental differences be considered a distortion? I understand that sometimes the biblical god didn't allow for Levites with any sort of "imperfection" (blind, hunchback, dwarf) to serve priestly duties. They weren't permitted to perform holy duties because they were blemished. It just seems so sad that this god permits these distortions in people and then punishes them on top of it. Can I ask, if one of your children were gay, would you feel they were distorted and imperfect--beyond the "normal" distortions that all people have? Would you grieve and fear for how your co-religionists would look upon your child and how your co-religionists would treat him/her, how they might change their relationship with him/her, and more? Can you understand how people not of your religion are frightened for the ways their children are treated and talked about by people of the "gays are distorted" persuasion?
  23. Honestly, the first time I read the "drunkenness" post, I thought it said, "drinking is a sin" as well. Reading too fast, I suppose. I didn't realize she was talking about having been an alcoholic either. In fact, it wasn't until reading these other posts that I went back and re-read and saw that it says "Drunkenness". I could have sworn it said, "Drinking." I think if you can go back and read that post, you can see that this one misreading does throw the whole thing into confusion, and it doesn't take "twisting" so much as careless reading. I can see that I was wrong in my understanding, and Bibiche acknowledges that she was mistaken in her understanding as well.
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