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  1. I couldn't find a short-lasting hair color when looking, so I just went with Natural Instincts. (My 7yo is dressing up as Amy Pond for Halloween and NEEDS red hair.) Natural Instincts washes out in 28 (random number, I know) washes. It's not a perfect solution, but my kid is ridiculously excited. Would that work for you?
  2. I missed one (the social security one). My day is ruined. Thanks a lot! ;)
  3. Kansas scares me. Since they're so prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, all the zombies will cross the border and attack Nebraska. Darn Kansans. The zombies will move north, of course, as their main food source (brains) is lacking south of Kansas.
  4. I just want to address the misconception that Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska are the same state. Nebraska is far superior to those other places. Far superior. We have fancy things like corn and soybeans. Also, our panhandle is bigger that those other tiny little wannabe panhandles. Plus, we have Runza. Do those other heathen places have Runzas? No! Have any of their state senators tried to sue God? No! Do those back words states have anything as awesome as our Unicameral?!?! Not. Even. Kinda. Do their state capitals look like giant male appendages sticking out of the prairie? Nope. I'll concede the BBQ argument. Everything else Nebraska wins. Except football. Louisiana wins that argument.
  5. My dad had brown eyes, while my mom has blues eyes. All three of their kids ended up with blue eyes. Dh has blue eyes. All three of our kids have blue eyes. What fascinates me is that we all have different shades of blue. My youngest has almost green eyes. My middle has blue blue eyes. The oldest has grayish-blue eyes. It's weirdly neat.
  6. Healthcare for veterans. Every veteran should have access to QUALITY, affordable healthcare. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis research. It's a rare disease that doesn't get a lot of press. I lost my dad to this disease. I'd love to raise awareness.
  7. Seriously. They would make the best Epic Rap Battles of History video ever.
  8. I'm just here for the comments. *pops popcorn*
  9. That's cute. I bet they would make an awesome Epic Rap Battles of History video. Thanks for the laugh! I'm off to make evil cupcakes for my little consequence of premarital sex/not courting.
  10. Exactly. I have no problem with people waiting until marriage. I think it's great! I have a HUGE problem with people elevating sexual "sin" over all the other ones. Honestly, I'd rather have my kids be teen parents than self-righteous, prideful, judgmental meanies. I don't think being a virgin on your wedding night gives you a license to judge. I'm pretty sure Jesus said "Blessed are the meek," not "Blessed are the virgins on their wedding night." I do not want to come across as disparaging those who wait for marriage. As I said above, I think that's great! I am in no way weirded out by 20yo virgins. I'm actually weirded out by people who are weirded out by 20yo virgins. I just don't think enough about other people's genitals and where they've been to get weirded out.
  11. I love Jesus and all that, but I'm not a member of the "Hymen Holiness" club. I don't teach my girls to base their self-worth or basic Jesusness on their hymens. I don't teach my son to base his self-worth or basic Jesusness on his ability to keep it in his pants. If they choose to remain virgins until they're married, fine. Their bodies, their decisions. I don't think being a virgin when you marry means you'll have a horrible sex life. I don't think people who have sex before marriage are damaged goods going straight to Hell. That would mean I'm on the road to Hell, which would be totally awkward considering I teach Sunday School and confirmation at my church. One more issue. Someone mentioned pointing at pregnant teen girls and using them as examples of the consequences of sin. That's trashy. Stop doing that! It's mean and hurtful to those girls. I got knocked up before I was married. And I was only 19!!! Should I wear a scarlet "W" or "S" for life so all the good people know not to associate with me? And I'm sorry, but my CHILD was NOT a consequence. She was an unexpected, but much loved, blessing. The hateful, mean, judgemental comments I received while pregnant hurt me deeply. Those comments did more damage to me than my little "consequence". Of course, I did give birth to little Consequence when I was 20, so I wasn't actually a teen mom. Does that restore some of my Hymen Holiness?
  12. Hey Rosie! About manners and stuff. You needn't worry about that right now. Remember the story I told you about how I behaved when my dad passed away? The Xanax, ex game, line dancing, and frogging while intoxicated? However you decide to deal in the coming months is totally appropriate.
  13. (((Rosie))) I'm so sorry. That just really sucks.
  14. I know it's late. I know I've commented on a few posts. I am officially declaring myself back on the boards. I posted sometime in April asking for prayers/good thoughts for my dad with IPF. I spent the whole summer caring for him and my OCD/NPD/Bipolar mother. That was quite draining. Dad died on July 9. His diagnoses included IPF, COPD, congestive heart failure, lung cancer, and possible/most likely acute lymphoma. We were proud of him going out with style. So was he. Cajun burials include Jesus, booze, dancing, and silly antics. We did Dad proud with all of those. He would be laughing his bum off in Heaven knowing his girls celebrated his life the way we did. I've been to and from Louisiana (900 miles one way) many times since March. School is sucktastic right now. I came back for advice. I do not need comforting, but if you've experienced the loss of a crappy parent, I welcome your advice about dealing with this while homeschooling a teen/8th grader. So, hi again.
  15. I wish I could give you specific advice. My dad had IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis), COPD, congestive heart failure, lung cancer, and possibly acute lymphoma. He was never incontinent, though it took him a good 10 minutes to walk the 20 steps to the bathroom at the end. I just wanted to give you a big hug. It drains you dealing with a dying parent/in-law. Lifting you up in prayer/good thoughts.
  16. GWOB

    Lazy wife?

    Ok. That was weirdly cool. But you still don't be messing with Metallica.
  17. You know way, way more than I do!!! I sorta stalk you! ;)
  18. GWOB

    Lazy wife?

    Sigh. And I was just starting to be ok with you. I don't know that we can overcome this difference of opinion.
  19. GWOB

    Lazy wife?

    No. Just no. You don't mess with Metallica.
  20. Sigh. This is another crappy homeschool year for me. My dad died two months ago (I'm ok. No hijack/comforting necessary.) I spent my summer caring for him and traveling to and from his home 900 miles away. I'm trying the KISS method for homeschooling this year. Again. I'm trying to get out and see the limited local educational sights. I've outsourced some things that are important to me but that I currently lack the brainpower to teach (Latin, Logic, piano, PE). I'm sticking to reading/writing, math, history, and science. Netflix is my BFF. I'm trying to eat better. I'm taking happy vitamins. Exercise is my next step. My dh is stepping up like a champ. I'm trying to take control of the sleeping thing. I'll let you know how all of this is going. I keep trying to tell myself this is a season. It will pass. I think I'm full of poop at this point. ;) I just tell myself I've only hit mile 13 in a marathon. Things should hurt right now. The magical second wind is coming. Eventually. If it gets too bad, I'll suck it up and ask my homeschool-unfriendly doctor for meds. I can handle his judgement, bless his judgemental heart.
  21. GWOB

    Lazy wife?

    I was too lazy to think ahead like that.
  22. GWOB

    Lazy wife?

    The only reason I currently have on a bra is because I had to make a booze run in town. Other than that essential chore, I've watched football.
  23. When I am finally done with caring for my dying father, I plan on doing a few Coursera courses, beefing up (and, ahem, actually watching/listening to) my TC collection, probably getting around to reading Charlotte Mason's words rather than someone's interpretation of her ideas, possibly actually learning Algebra even though I always made As in my math classes, and finding good resources about being a good teacher. My oldest will be in 8th grade. I really need to buckle down and focus this year. I want to give all my kids the best of myself, so I'm hoping to really improve my knowledge base and teaching skills.
  24. Bill, I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your father. I am moved by your account of his last days. What an amazing gift you gave to him! I will be remembering you in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
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