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  1. Well, I mean she pretty much had to talk herself up to take the plunge, iykwim. Hopefully I'll make it out on the other side.
  2. Yes, sorry to say, I automatically pictured a granny with antlers.
  3. I feel like Shelly Winters about to take a deep breath before plunging in to navigate the flooded belly of the Poseidon. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hbI6r2uUtQg FYI, I hope to do Wrimo Camp for the month of April, so I may not be back til May 1.
  4. I am not making any preemptive selections. If I have two grandchildren near the same time, I might, but otherwise I'll likely end up going with whatever the first grand lands on. Unless it's completely unspellable.
  5. We found it very effective for the early elementary years. IIRC we started with the K book at age 4-5 and went through level 3 (maybe 4?) until switching to Saxon 54 in third grade.
  6. And nobody really needs a 10,000 sq ft house. 🤣
  7. Thanks for the replies so far. I actually do have rosacea, which is very well managed but I have the broken capillaries. I have found going gf/low dairy to make a difference (and am actually pursuing the possibility that my skin & eye issues are extraintestinal celiac symptoms). This summer I will probably be doing photo rejuvenation therapy to remediate some of the redness and capillaries. I've been on a skin care regimen that has been gentle and effective, but I do have the occasional need to exfoliate. The aesthetian told me that I should never use a scrub to exfoliate, then recomm
  8. I guess this is a spinoff of a couple different threads! One of the things worth splurging on as I age is better skin care. I'm sort of past the years of paying for braces, dermatologist for my children, etc, plus my skin has issues of its own that need attention yet I've linked along doing the bare minimum. Now I am seeing a dermatologist and her aesthetician recommended a clarisonic device for gentle exfoliation. She said be sure and get that brand since it has a motion that is patented and different (more gentle) that other copycat brands. So - seeking advice before the great
  9. Thank you for this clear statement. It helps me to better understand your pov.
  10. I really don't understand what other action you would have expected of them. Scratching their heads and muttering, "Well, that was random!" would not have been productive. What specific action did they fail to take? As others have said, it wasn't a serial bomber situation until there was a series of bombs. Sincerely, I am not trying to be argumentative but I am having a tough time trying to discern your clear point and suggestion for change. What action are you seeking beyond acknowledgement of white privilege? Because I do feel you saying that.
  11. Key phrase in the first paragraph: "...in the absence of other evidence..."
  12. I have been reading a lot lately about teen text addiction. One thing that stood out to me is that, especially for teens, understanding & developing empathy requires taking in another's tone of voice, facial expression and body language in addition to their words. When our communications are narrowed down to read-only, we actually have less empathy for those we're communicating with. For teens, they development of empathetic communication is stunted. Scary reading. But yes, we really do suffer if we don't maintain IRL relationships with face to face communication. We're often letting easy
  13. Yes! I still have my ovaries and based on other symptoms, they are still functioning. But I no longer have to stay at home one to two weeks a month, because the flow is too heavy to go out, wondering if this would be the day I met the limit set by my doctor and would have to head in to the ER for the excessive bleeding. No more missing work. No more missing kid activities. No more anemia. I had an ablation that was successful for a little over 4 years. That was a nice stop gap measure. But I began having other symptoms and turned out like you, having a cluster of large fibroids t
  14. lol I actually think a lot of gals under 50 and finished with childbearing could benefit from a hysterectomy, I guess once someone hits that half century mark it's solid blanket blackout advice!
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