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  1. blondeviolin

    Should we stick with WWE2?

    Yes. Stick with it. It seems behind, but it’s teaching very important things. I had the same qualms with my oldest. To boot, she was a poor speller because she didn’t write very much. Fast forward to seventh grade. My daughter had no problem writing one-two page essays with properly formatted citations and works cited pages. The classical way isn’t the public school way, but IMO, it’s better.
  2. blondeviolin

    LDS General Conference Fall 2018

    She came to visit our area with sister Joy D. Jones this summer and shared her story of her call. She is an amazing lady. And my girls were excited to see Sister Jones talk since she visited our primary and they met her. 😻
  3. blondeviolin

    LDS General Conference Fall 2018

    This is my only complaint. I feel the same way about “ministering.” The concept is great - loving how the Savior does. BUT, “who is your ministering brother? Your ministering sister?” Awkward.
  4. blondeviolin

    LDS General Conference Fall 2018

    Yep. Our temple finishes up its yearly cleaning closing this week. I am thinking I may have to start attending the 5:30am Wed morning session to increase my attendance. Which means getting up at 4:00 and dropping my morning walk to fit it in. But, “sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.”
  5. blondeviolin

    LDS General Conference Fall 2018

    Also, the letter shared at says that the sharing time outline will be discontinued and I’m bummed about that. YW will no longer meet together, and neither will the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood. And, changes WRT ward mission leaders as well as temple and family history work. Those jobs will be under direction of the EQ presidency.
  6. blondeviolin

    LDS General Conference Fall 2018

    The other theme I’m hearing a lot: “Keep on the covenant path.” “Covenant” is on one of our keyword candy bowls and I’m sure my kids are going into diabetic comas after this. 😂 I’m also participating in the social media fast. And also the BOM reading. It’s going to be rough, I think. I fall asleep each time I sit down to read a large amount. My family has been participating in a slow and deep reading and I’m enjoying that. I guess I’ll have to do both. We decided to do a paper machè project this morning while we watched. Major win!!
  7. blondeviolin

    Dr. Hive - scoliosis?

    They didn't measure. Just laid him down and felt based on (what looked like) his ankles. The first to flag it was a med student who was with the doc. It could have been an astute student or it it could have been easily noticeable. I measured with a measuring tape and I did find a discrepancy. The shoulder was visible with him standing straight and they did the lean over test thing, but they've done this at well visits without flagging... His X-ray just threw me. His spine looked pretty dang straight. They did a "scoli study" and a hip series. Hopefully I get the results soon. Regardless, knowing these are military docs and the mil system, it sounds like I should request he see an ortho doc.
  8. blondeviolin

    Which math should I use?

    If he likes Saxon, I'd stick with just that. It's a proven method. I'd likely play with math in other ways and let him just read the BA guides for fun. Or, conversely, put him a year back in BA. This'd make it "easy" and confidence building in its own right. Following BA's sequence, he'd be ready for algebra in 7th, which is still "ahead."
  9. blondeviolin

    Dr. Hive - scoliosis?

    It runs in my family. I took my son in for a limp and the doctor noted that one leg felt longer than the other. His shoulders also appear uneven. They sent him for an x-ray and we are waiting on results. The tech let him see the films and it did not look like he had a spine curvature. Is that something a lay person would see on an X-ray? When I google it, even the "slight" X-rays seems obvious there's a curve.
  10. blondeviolin

    Where to pause SOTW to add year of US History?

    We actually are doing just the same this year. Though, were not pausing. We're just using SOTW 3 as a read-aloud. My oldest is using Notgrass's America the Beautiful and my littles are using VP's explorers self-paced.
  11. blondeviolin

    s/o genderism and lesbian erasure

    I must be dumb, but I thought that was a hallmark of the LGBTQ movement? How is it offensive to not be sexually attracted to a person?
  12. blondeviolin

    Grammar for 5th grade

    We did FLL 1-4 and then took a break from grammar for 5th. She used her grammar in Latin so she had no problem picking back up when we started GFTWTM.
  13. Somehow I didn't catch that Dumpling Mother was dreaming. My first impression was just that it was weird. We LOVED Incredibles 2, though. I love how it cautions against excessive screen use and how we are hypnotized by our screens. I love how Helen could participate as the primary breadwinner without Bob being put down for hanging with the kids. And I love how Bob doubles down to get the job done so Helen can do hers.
  14. blondeviolin

    Revisiting housekeeping for the millionth time

    It's not really. It's now accessible via web platform, but she's not planning on resurrecting the app.
  15. blondeviolin

    Epidural/Spinal Block question

    Not really. I had one epidural that worked. And it was downhill from there, ending with a botched one and leaking fluid. #6 was natural because I didn't feel like dealing with the mess.
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