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  1. Hey ByGrace3!! Not meaning to de-rail this thread; apologies OP... (We are Mr. D users as well. Ds is happy with it, but I feel like next year for Geometry he would benefit more with a live online class opposed to the AYOP that he's been doing) For the live classes once a week, is your student able to re-watch the live lesson? My ds does like to refer back to lesson videos throughout the week. Thanks!
  2. I'm still fumbling around with 10th grade right now. I'll come back later to update as we solidify classes with Co-op. For now: Math: Geometry online (built in Alg. I review) with Mr. D English: (This year he is using IEW Elegant Essay & Research Writing at Co-op) No idea what he'll do next year! Maybe IEW SSS 1C to keep him writing. World literature book list.... not finalized yet. Sticking with Fix It Grammar because he doesn't mind it, short & sweet! I do have ENG 111 book from CC that we might look over to prepare for dual enrollment English. Spring Semester (be
  3. We are discussing the same issue with my rising senior. She is wanting to pursue Early Childhood Education and will need at least Quantitative Literacy (taken at CC) to fulfill her AA in Applied Science degree in ECEdu. I would check with the college she is wanting to attend to see what math credit is transferable. At our CC through dual enrollment, Quantitative Literacy counts as a 4th math in the college transfer AA pathway. Mr. D has a Consumer Math self-paced class available that looks pretty good. My senior will be taking this as her 4th math and hopefully Quantitative Literacy at C
  4. Guesthollow has created a Part I and Part II of US History. I believe she has a study guide for the student to use as he/she reads. I've not used her schedule, but we did use some of her book suggestions. https://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/curriculum.html#history
  5. I did get a reply back about the Study Skills class offered through Mr. D Math site. We are rethinking about taking it now and waiting until next year or closer to college courses at CC. Here is a summary of his response in a nutshell. Feel free to inquire with Mr. D Math for more detailed information. Study Skills class is to prepare a student for his/her college journey. You have up to 18 months to complete the course. Time commitment: Each lesson includes two lectures; one for he study skills course (this teaches the study skill) and one for the success course (this helps the st
  6. My rising 9th grader is going to use Mr. D's self-paced Study Skills class this summer. It says it is year long, 34 lessons. I emailed to see how intense it would be to do as a summer course. https://www.mrdmath.com/study-skills/ Other than that... ds plans to read two literature selections, solidify typing skills, and math review so he doesn't forget concepts over the summer.
  7. I agree! My 11th grader is using Apologia A&P with the Apologia Health and it has been somewhat of an overload with Anatomy.... but it's been a great combination and we've altered the work. She particularly likes how the Health book throws in different medical careers/professions. It's sort of like a "Career planning" class, too. Since she is thinking of a medical career, she has been researching the ones specified in the Health book. She's been pleased. I'm thinking of using Apologia Health with its Biology for my ninth grader next fall. I think it will mesh well together.
  8. I'm getting the wheels started in thinking about 9th grade planning. This is my last high school kid! 😥 Our co-op's plan won't come out until early March so I'm waiting on that to make final decisions. I'll post our tentative plans below and come back later to make adjustments. Anyone willing to share what they are planning? English: American literature & Composition: Co-op IEW Essay & Research Class, Bluebook of Grammar, American Literature selections... History: A History of US book set; adding timeline, documentaries & movies, mapwork, current events Math:
  9. Thank you for the suggestions, ladies! I'll check them out!
  10. Can anyone suggest ideas or material for an 8th grade boy that wants to improve his manuscript handwriting? Maybe something that shows different forms of handwriting that has worked for your older teens? He's completed cursive but thinks his print is elementary looking.... I've tried to show him different ways of print (slanted, d'nealian style, etc) but he gives me a long stare. It's not quite the same as my girls just wanting to sit around together practicing different ways of writing something. He does want to improve, gotta give him that! Please throw your suggestions at me! I'm at a loss.
  11. I read on here somewhere that in order to call it a complete Alg. 2 class, the first 5 chapters of TT Pre-Calc needs to be completed. I believe it was a recommendation from someone's cover school.
  12. I realize there is an 8th grade planning thread on the K-8 board. Thought we needed one here, too, for those that pop in more on the Logic Board. We are jumping into a new co-op for 8th grade to spice things up a bit for ds. It's a STEM co-op, so I think he'll enjoy it. I'm also streamlining our choices this year as I hope to have a part-time job. STEM Co-op Fall & Spring classes: SCIENCE: Physical Science with Lab and Aviation class Handcrafting with metal & leather (fun) Beginning Programming/Coding (fun) MUSIC: Guitar I & II At Home: MA
  13. We are jumping into a new co-op for 8th grade to spice things up a bit for ds. It's a STEM co-op, so I think he'll enjoy it. I'm also streamlining our choices this year as I hope to have a part-time job. STEM Co-op Fall classes: SCIENCE: Physical Science with Lab Handcrafting with metal & leather (fun) Beginning Programming/Coding (fun) MUSIC: Guitar I At Home: MATH: finishing TT Pre-Alg then move into TT Alg or Mr. D (Critical Thinking Co Middle School Math Games) ENGLISH: Essentials in Writing 8 with grading/ EIL 8? (there is only one novel sc
  14. 11th Grade Dd may be jumping into dual enrollment with CC in which she would most likely take ENG 111 fall (1.0 each), Intro to Computers, spring(1.0). English: Modern American Literature (mix of genres), if not taking ENG 111 & 112, Bravewriter’s Exploratory Essay RC&A & Literary Analysis or possibly Essentials in Writing 11, Fall ENG 111 CC, Marie’s Words vocabulary Khan SAT prep Math: TT Algebra II / Pre-Cal.(first 5 chapters) or back to Mr. D live class for Alg.II (1.0) Science: Anatomy & Physiology (no idea what we’ll use) Most likely us
  15. Thank you so much! I have heard the writing instruction is lacking. We plan to take the 3 part series of the Essay Prep BraveWriter style. So now I'm wondering if OM would be a waste if we are just using it for literature, grammar, vocabulary....?
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