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  1. Someday our kids will be reading about themselves here.
  2. ...and just send the person the link? And I guess she'll be able to view the thread even if she's not a member here (which I think she likely is)?
  3. True. Yeah I was thinking "oh crap I have to buy another curriculum." I guess that's a lot cheaper than an evaluation, ha! That being said...there might be a number of reasons to have him evaluated anyway, AND it's a different money pot so I'm still going to consider it.
  4. Does anyone here know how to download a thread from this forum or format it for efficient pasting into an email? I was thinking of sending this convo to the evaluator as a place to start.
  5. That's true. The weird thing is that there are things that are completely, absolutely, 100% useless and sometimes nonsensical that he will naturally put to a song or rhythm and repeat over and over much to the annoyance of his family. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Sounds like a good plan. Fortunately I recently had my older kid evaluated and really liked the person who did it, so maybe it's time to go another round with her. 🙂 She might even be on these boards. LOL
  7. Yeah I get that and certainly don't see it as the end all be all. And---I deliberately don't emphasize the skip counting, because I'm mostly convinced that it harms more than helps---but at the same time, you would think that after five years of skip counting with songs, he would have at least internalized the lower number tables just by the repetition of hearing it over and over with his class every Tuesday.
  8. Which "this" are you referring to that is not how his brain works? Skip counting or knowing the double of a number?
  9. Thanks for the affirmation. 🙂 It's obviously not exactly how I would explain it to him (with him I would be showing him with pictures and/or manipulatives), but it's the gist.
  10. 2s and 3s...well, where he's at in CLE right now, he's just started 2s and I think he understands that 6x2 is six groups of two or two groups of six. His brain probably goes to two groups of six, and he's pretty good at knowing what the double of a number is. CLE hasn't hit 3s yet, but in CC they do the skip counting and they have a song for every table. So he sorta kinda knows the 3s with the song, but I don't think he's completely fluent whereas the other kids his age have been 100% fluent for two or three years now. Not that he has to be like the other kids but it does make me wonder.
  11. Fair 'nuff. LOL. I did get a hint of that looking over the placement test.
  12. Yeah, I've been wondering if he needs to switch to mastery. What are some of your favorite mastery programs? My older two did Math Mammoth for the first year or two. They kind of hated it...but I know some kids like it. I probably still have those files somewhere on my computer so I could try it, but are there others that you would recommend?
  13. Well, yeah... In its defense, CLE isn't doing a ton of grammar yet. It's mostly phonics and spelling. It's beginning to introduce parts of speech and sentence structure (at a very basic level like the noun is usually what the sentence is about, and the verb tells what the noun is doing), but very gently and with no diagramming as of yet.
  14. Gut feeling with math is that he understands somewhat. It's like he'll have a moment of getting that when you have to subtract a bigger number from a smaller number in the ones column, you go get a ten from the tens column and put it in the ones, resulting in one less ten in the tens. He gets it, but yeah I guess I would say struggles with the written work. All in all, I think he gets most things when I initially explain them but then they leave him pretty quickly and the "work" for each chapter is overwhelming. Oh and I should mention that he can NOT remember multiplication facts to save
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