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  1. At this point, I feel like I'm grasping at straws to get answers to questions I don't even know I have. Jubilee
  2. I have hit my limitations as a home educating parent to help my 15 yr ds. Elementary years were filled with tears and frustration from both of us that not much school work was accomplished. I chalked it up with "the reason why we are home" & not having to be on anyone else's timeline; I can meet him where he is and move forward. Middle school years were more of the same so I enrolled him under a local charter school for this year to help prepare him for high school fall 2017. They utilize iReady testing for Math & ELA. His Jan. results show math at a 6th grade level and ELA at 7th grade level. He is strong-willed and emotional. If I suggest something one way he will do it the opposite way just because he needs to be the one to decide how to do things. He will cry when asked too many questions and takes a while to diffuse in order to come back to the topic. He struggles with verbalizing his thoughts and "I don't know" is his default answer to everything. He asked to learn how to read at 3 and once he accomplished it didn't pick up a book on his own until he was 12 yr. It is as if his brain is working so hard at something so basic he only can give himself to (2) subjects at a time. Btw, he sleeps on average 10hrs at night and sometimes will take a nap. My main reason for finally seeking testing is to give him the help that I am unable to provide on my own. He is a natural leader and great with his siblings. He will conversate with anyone that will listen and has natural qualities that cannot be taught. He talks of wanting to take CC classes and he is no where ready for that. He understands that to reach this goal, he needs to step up his game and I don't know how to do that. He has a math tutor 1x/week. He works on Khan Academy at home and they review only the areas he struggled with that week during the tutoring time. She has expressed that he does understand the concepts but he doesn't always choose the correct step to get the answer, thus resulting in the wrong answer. He almost always figures it out in his own when she points out an error. He is in TT 6 in addition to the tutoring. He will be working in Keys To fractions, decimals & percentage during the summer, wrapping up TT 6 in hopes to start Pre-Alg in the fall. He had a well check exam today with his pcp and my dh asked for a referral for a neuropsych evaluation. He gave my dh a Vanderbilt Assesment form for parent and teacher first. He then gave dh a print out of neuropsych/behavioral pediatrics; psychologists once dh insisted that we want to have the eval done. Not quite sure what direction to go. Any suggestions for SF Bay Area are appreciated!
  3. This is on my wishlist for myself. Here is a blog post of HS grad gift. Jubilee
  4. Is it this one: Jubilee
  5. SUMMERSAVE free shipping all orders over $35 This was posted on their FB page on 8/19. Does not state an exp date Hth!
  6. Interested in purchasing but your box is full. Please advise
  7. Yvonne your my closest neighbor:O) San Francisco Bay Area on the Peninsula.:D We do miss San Diego:crying: Moved back to NorCal earlier this year.
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