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  1. My only beef with Singapore math over the many years I have used it is what seems like a lack of review. While I knew and experienced that I forgot It here with my last kid and don't know if I have ever figured out the best way to fix it. My youngest is finishing up 5B at the end of 4th grade, and while he picks up the concepts well he doesn't really remember them very well over time. Give me ideas on how I should go forward. Should I spend the summer in 5B intensive practice? Should I go ahead a start 6A since it is mostly review and do the 5B intensive practice each a couple of days a week? Are there other books beside the intensive practice that would be better? Im afraid the intensive practice would be too...well.. intensive , he just needs to keep using the skills. I don't need to drill him to death. I just don't know how to get the right balance of practice and review that isn't too much for him to handle (he has trouble focusing so gotta keep it shorter) (We usually do math 2-3 days a week in summer and he will move to BJU fundementals after 6B) Thanks Dudley
  2. I have no suggestions for you , just replied to say we are in the same boat. Two 9yos one bio , one adopted. Constant competition and comparing that is driving me insane. If it were me, I guess I would either push that you are doing what best or I liked the idea of reading the guidebooks in addition to MUS. She may tire of it, when the material concepts get difficult.
  3. Maybe Gods Design? If Christian is ok, it’s pretty well organized and comprehensive and each section has a 3 page or so spread , good pictures, vocabulary, there are some activity pages on cd ( I didn’t use many so don’t know much about them) , there is often a activity or experiment you can take it or leave it depending on your energy level. Can use with multiple grades and use as much Of the pieces beyond the reading as you have space for.
  4. I would lean towards the retaking calc 1 option to make sure it’s solid .An extended year review with special focus on the sections that gave him trouble. Could the tutor help with that? Can he retake it in the same program ? would that feel too defeating to him? What is his preference? If the work load is just overwhelming thinking about it, take a break.
  5. I would like to resurrect this thread, because I have there same Question! Maybe throw Novare in there to! We have used BJU for Life Science and Physical Science,(7th and 8th) and while I really like BJU content and thorough coverage, there has to be something better out there for the homeschooler. I think the things I struggle with with BJU is the labs are not great. There are not enough of them for me, and they aren't engaging. Also I haven't found the course provides enough interaction with the material to make it stick. Maybe that is something a good teacher would do, but I need help, even if I was an engineering major. We read the section, discuss the review questions, write down important things. But still lacking. I like the life science student workbook ok but definitely miss it at the physical science level. And the tests. I don't really need tests at this point, but their tests are way too difficult. It maybe part of my problem that I am trying to make 9th grade course work for 8th grade ... but still.. I am determined to find a physical science course. Actually I only need the physics side of it. I want academic rigor, math is fine and good, plenty, easy to do labs (more interested in illustrating point than learning to write a lab report, but gathering data is cool , if its interesting), Interaction with the material! something that will take it to the next level from hearing the information to really understanding it. I need a christian bent too, and have no interest in Apologia. It is actually these three that I am considering Purposeful Design (Does anyone use this at home?), Shepherd (Actually i dont think the physical science is out yet, but life science reviews are helpful too), and Novare (I know lots of you have used this). Tell me what you think! I used ACS middle school chemistry with NOEO for 6th and it was great, great labs, great visualization and engagement, my kids remember that so well. They set the standard high.
  6. I liked youscience . It had an interest survey and some aptitude tests. It also gave a lot of careers for you to look through. And it tells you how you match up to the job, like this one won’t challenge you enough in this area so you may have to use this skill elsewhere.Or you are detail oriented and that is what this job needs. Etc. They have a 1/2 off sale right now through 6/30 code success50 I think we paid $30 so looks like it should be $15 If the price didn’t go up
  7. Ooo that’s good. I mean, we do that once in a while but I’ve never put it in my tool box of school strategies!
  8. My 8 yo is VERY competitive. The best way to get him to do something is to make it a competition. He is not very interested in school, so games and competition are needed to accomplish anything significant. I have a 19 yo who was the same way. Because of family circumstances at the time, he ended up in public school at 5th grade and has thrived with the competition and social element, and so he stayed in school when the others came home 2 years later. So here I am looking ahead at my 8 yo seeing he would probably also thrive in a school setting (though the school is horrible), but I want to try to push that off till high school if possible. We do some school with another boy 3-4 days a week that is 1 year younger and the competition is really becoming a problem. So looking for ideas on how to make homeschooling with a social, competitive boy work. How do you make school work fun and competitive but not make it a race to the finish?? I say every day "Handwriting is not a race!" I can motivate with " if we get all our work done by noon, we can do this" But then the focus is on finishing and not on learning... I need to figure out how to make the competition learning more...., or on the quality ,but have no idea how to do that. He does wrestling and cub scouts to give more options for competition and achievement. How much more do i add? I dont really want to squelch the competition. It seems to me that used well it could really be a benefit to him, but I just dont know how to harness it now, and it is creating quite a bit of friction with other boy when working together and he is fairly unmotivated when it is just him and me. any thoughts?
  9. I have 2nd grader who doesn't like to write. No tears, just stalling, avoiding, and asking/whining to do less. I was looking at Apples and Pears spelling and the comments on it being lots of writing. So Initially I would run away from it. But I have got to thinking...I might be able to drop some of the other writing he does in favor of Apples and Pears Spelling and also split up the lessons. Some of the things I have noticed this year: The WWE2 dictations are above his spelling level. Wouldnt it make sense to do sentences that have more words he could spell? Is there something special about WWE dictation sentences except that she points out the mechanics with each one? One nice thing about WWE/WWS is that the skills grow steadily, so that is one advantage I guess. We love the narration passages, but I am shortening the dictation passages to be more tolerable for him. I'm also coming to believe that good spelling comes with practice. One of the reasons I got MCP plaid is there is lots of opportunity to practice writing words with focus on phonograms, hearing the different sounds, adding endings,prefixes, looking at roots. We also switched from LOE D to SWR at Christmas to drill some of those easier words he want getting enough. And being an Engineer I love the rules and the way SWR uses them.:) I'm not using it to its full potential though, just cuz I'm trying to keep it short and sweet and let the MCP plaid be more of the practice, though hes not practicing the words he is learning in SWR there. I've seen some improvement in his dictation (asking for less help on the easy words and more spelled right) still hard but any progress is good, amen? Currently I have worked him up to tolerating the following for LA: 1 MCP plaid C phonics page each day (most of it anyway) 10-20 words SWR (write 10 words M & Tu, Oral on W, 1 ,maybe 2, dictation sentences TH, and F test on 20 words on white board) WWE2 (T,W shortened copy work or dictation and F he writes one sentence of his Th narration) RFH we do at a separate time daily with a friend and once or twice a week a sentence for history. FLL2 , vocab all oral So I got to thinking that next year maybe apples and pears would be alittle more cohesive. And I could cut out some other things. I could cut MCP Plaid (though I already bought it ) because I would be getting the practice, though I still feel like I would be missing something, D goes over alot of advance phonograms that look helpful, but it also feels like there is too much repetition in there, I just dont know how to cut, (and D is just 1 color) . I could drop SWR and still use my knowledge of the rules to reinforce and I could drop the Dictations from WWE3, which looked alittle hard to condense. I think I would still like to use the narrations and composing days of WWE , but might still feel like I am missing out. Its alittle hard to give up SWR too, even though I dont do all the steps I should , it just makes sense to me. My plan all along has been to move to Megawords around 4th grade, so not quite sure how I would make that transition, if I still wanted to . And starting with A in third grade I think I would feel the need to push him more than I should.. instead of going at a pace his writing could handle... So next year - 3rd Grade should I do apples and pears (starting 1/2 way though A) - and narration/composition days of WWE3 ? OR MCP Plaid D, SWR , and WWE3? either way he will do R&S english 3 mostly oral (grammar sections), RFH, and some history sentences. I guess I need some help on how well apples and pears can fill the hole if i drop MCP plaid. and that the dictations in there will be enough to replace WWE. Are there parts he could do on a white board? he is happier on a white board. And then the question you can't answer, will I be able to adapt to keep him from freaking out at the amount of writing?
  10. The body book is great but it is a lot of cutting for a first grader depending on the first grader. my sons coop class colored a t-shirt that has all the internal organs pre printed on it. And that was really cool. Looks like you can get them at sciencewear.net for $5. They used the guts one
  11. I have three supplemental workbooks (Building thinking skills, Reading and reasoning, and Word Roots) that I want to schedule over 2 years. But I cant decide how to do it? Do I put each one a day or two a week? or do I start with one and just go till its done and start the next? I'm debating over continuity of doing the same thing for a while to keep the flow, or coming back to something every week could be good review that helps it stick. Maybe BTS continually and then reading and reasoning one year and word roots the next? I dont know. I have been staring at this all day I guess part of me just wants to keep it simple and the number of books we have to manage at a minimum and my kid has to have pretty similar expectations every day/ week otherwise he gets all bent out of shape and refuses. How do you do it?
  12. I usually started with the review in the teachers guide. That reminded us what we did before. Then we just read through the student text explanation, that was more than enough. We chose to do most of the exercises orally, even diagramming (I had a page of generic diagrams and sometimes had them just show me which one they would pick and where to put each word). Some exercises I had them write out because mechanics just need to be practiced. Some I just had then mark up the text and considered it consumable. I usually let them do the worksheets as independent practice. We also did another writing program so we skipped most of the writing lessons, which were usually easy to pick out cuz they had a special border on the lesson or star in the table of contents.
  13. These vocab cards interest me and look like they might do what you want , but they are rediculously expensive and they don’t show you the back. https://store.lonestarlearning.com/shop/greek-and-latin-roots/
  14. You could do more than one a year ... we are doing astronomy in 20wks this year 3- 4 days a week. We don’t do any writing, but lots of activities. I spent the rest of the year on earth science 5wks on weather and 7wks on rocks/plate tectonics. , I just pulled together resources -picture books with some Gods design lessons and Janice van cleave activities I haven’t used much of the other books they may require more time
  15. My daughter went from Singapore 6 to bju foundations. (Then bju pre-a and Alg) Well actually I can’t remember if she finished 6 then started or did it concurrently... My daughter also had trouble remembering things. I felt bju was good for her that it provided more practice and review than Singapore and a larger scope (we used US edition). I taught straight from the text explanation and it was all I needed. But I’m also trained as engineer, so I don’t need much. But the teachers guide was great for the answer key and help deciding which problems to assign. It is a large step up in workload and ,at least foundations, was working from a text book not a workbook (I am not familiar with bju 6 and I understood Foundations to be 7 but I could be wrong ). So definitely be prepared for more time spent. With this child I put in all the review it provided , even bought the extra student activities for the cumulative review. There was also enough challenge for more other kid who was more mathy. I just cut those out for her. Just have to say that using BJU brought out my love for math, and math became my daughters favorite subject despite the workload. So I know my review isn’t exactly the grades you are asking but maybe it is close enough to be helpful
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