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  1. I keep waffling! Tell me if this is too much. Elective: Learning Literary Analysis Through Lord of the Rings math: Saxon Alg 2 english: W&R 5-7 and papers across the curriculum. She’s already finished WWS 3 Science: Funda Funda bio (we paid so this one is solid) literature: ancient great books using some Great Courses by Vandiver and discussing with me history: History of the Ancient World foreign language: Cambridge Latin Course, book 3 Rhetoric/Debate/Logic 1/2 credit: I am waffling between Workbook for Arguments or Argument builder elective 1/2 credit: world mythology and religion we are moving in the fall so I can’t guarantee what her extracurricular activities will look like yet.
  2. So...My oldest is going into 9th grade, and I'm slowly dipping my toes into planning for high school. She's done WWS 1-3 and I am pretty sure we are going to pick up W&R for a bit of a change of pace/lighter writing focus so we can do other things of interest. Next year I have planned for her to work through They Say, I Say. (I THINK.) Knowing that she will also be writing for history and science, and likely literature (I haven't made that plan yet), will adding in Workbook for Arguments be too much? She has done Art of Argument and Discovery of Deduction at a fun co-op class (so not to complete mastery, but familiar). Background, she is very strong in LA and writes fan fiction on her own time. She will be taking Literary Lessons through Lord of the Rings (which I'd guess she'll fly through, looking at it), History of the Ancient World with the guide, homemade lit, Bio at FundaFunda, CLC 3, Saxon Alg 2, and W&R 5-7. I'm aware that this looks like an LA heavy year but this is what she loves. She wants to be a copy editor (and maybe eventually author).
  3. I can try. We’re also moving so I’m in the middle of all the things. Math: Saxon Alg 1 Grammar: GFTWTM (whichever color is next) Writing: WWS 3 History: modern with Kingfisher History + lit books a la WTM Science: Apologia (?) Logic: I have to look. She’s finished Discovery of Deduction so I’m not sure where to go from here Latin: Latin Prep 3 vocabulary: Wordly wise
  4. Just skip the repeating part. Or ask him if he can say it alone instead.
  5. Gonna agree you have a lot going on. I have a 7yo second grader. This year he did ETC, SYS, FLL, and half of WWS 2. Next year he will do R&S Spelling, SYS (we use this like copywork), the other half of WWE 2 and FLL 3 (which is workbook). I’d pick one spelling OR phonics, one writing, and MAYBE a sentence or two of copywork. I wouldn’t condense dictation in WWE 2. If he needs help with spelling, give it. If the dictation is too hard due to length or something else, pause or go back and rebuild skills. He’s still young. He has PLENTY of time to do hard things. When he says his hand hurts, it really does! FWIW, if you plan to move WWS, you’ve got until at least sixth grade (and the same with GFWTM) so take your time with this stage. Err on the side of too easy.
  6. So I’m late to this topic, but have lots of experience with this. VCD’s gold standard diagnosis is laryngoscopy while experiencing symptoms. They will actually see the chords twitching. Are you taking your albuterol before exercise? Your breathing pattern may change and cause some bronchoconstriction. Asthmatics are notoriously good compensators so if your oxygen dropped while exercising I’d be really concerned. If I’m struggling to keep my breathing paced well, singing along to a song actually helps a lot. There is such a thing as an exercise stress test so you could ask your primary doc about that.
  7. We are moving and I’m in sorta that prepping phase. Our new house will be 500 sq ft smaller so I’m thinking we might need to look at a storage type situation for the jillions of books we own. I’ve pared down, but with six kids ages 13-4, I have to keep the picture books AND the beginning readers AND the early chapter books AND the middle grade books, etc. I believe we can put our historical fiction that’s not in rotation in boxes. Any other solutions? Also, which boxes or crates are best? I don’t want them too heavy, but I do want sturdy.
  8. I think a good writing program will incorporate what they’re learning grammar and reinforce it. If your student isn’t practicing the use of the grammar (WWE) and only evaluating the grammar (FLL), then they haven’t yet jumped to the synthesis portion. SWB advocates teaching all of these skills separately, but simultaneously, but when your child is ready, he or she should begin to use those skills practiced. In math, if you’ve taught your kid addition and he doesn’t use that when going to the store and purchasing something, he understands the parts/process of math but hasn’t reached application. It’s the same with grammar and mechanics skills. My kids aren’t required to produce original writing until upper elementary so they often aren’t practicing that application. Once I start requiring original writing, they start mastering those things very quickly.
  9. She is naturally language strong, however my son is not. In fact, he’s dyslexic. While he hasn’t worked through GFTWTM, he has done all of FLL and is doing R&S 5 which isn’t as rigorous as I was expecting. He also has a strong grasp of when to punctuate commas, semicolons, apostrophes, etc. FLL 4 does have homophones, dictionary usage, etc in the optional lessons. I don’t think it’s just FLL, but also WWE and copywork and dictation from other sources. And, like I mentioned, my kids do Latin beginning in third grade. I also personally feel like almost nothing synthesizes for my kids until I start requiring longer-than-sentence writing...somewhere about 5th grade. I make them correct work/adjust written work with errors.
  10. Sometimes I am asked to play for Sacrament. I don’t do organ, but piano. I get a few people commenting on how invigorating the piano is. But I also have had a couple suggest it is less-than (mostly stake visitors). Honestly, if I’m the sub, piano is what you get and if you don’t like it, they can play. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. I’m pretty hard-nosed about this stuff and I’d even say he’s done with grammar, especially considering his plans for foreign language.
  12. I wouldn’t jump ahead. I’d just move to the other curriculum. My daughter is solid on object or subject pronouns, when to insert a comma between clauses, and homonyms. In all honesty, my 5th grader is decently strong there too. Might be partly attributed to their Latin program... but we have not found SWB to be lacking in her LA materials.
  13. My tweens like Monk. I believe it’s on Prime.
  14. How old is your student? It is overkill for a 5th grader if you’re using it right out of FLL 4. I’d wait until middle school to use it. Also, is your student doing or going to do a foreign language? Because those tenses and moods, subject and object and relative pronouns, etc. all get used in the study of language.
  15. My oldest used it this year for the first semester. She actually worked through the Fallacy Detective first. And last year she read Logic to the Rescue, which was a very good intro to fallacies. So she was familiar when we started AoA. But when we started I quickly realized it would be better for her to do it in a group. I ended up teaching it at co-op, which was a huge hit all around. And she gained a lot from the discussions. We introduced the fallacies, discussed them, then found YouTube videos about them. Then the students were tasked to find that fallacy in real life via commercials or political debates or whatever. In summary, it lends itself very nicely to group discussions and debates. Maybe just use it as a springboard for discussing these things? ETA: FWIW, the 12 MS/HS kids I had liked the class enough that I am teaching deduction this semester.
  16. Yes. Stick with it. It seems behind, but it’s teaching very important things. I had the same qualms with my oldest. To boot, she was a poor speller because she didn’t write very much. Fast forward to seventh grade. My daughter had no problem writing one-two page essays with properly formatted citations and works cited pages. The classical way isn’t the public school way, but IMO, it’s better.
  17. She came to visit our area with sister Joy D. Jones this summer and shared her story of her call. She is an amazing lady. And my girls were excited to see Sister Jones talk since she visited our primary and they met her. ?
  18. This is my only complaint. I feel the same way about “ministering.” The concept is great - loving how the Savior does. BUT, “who is your ministering brother? Your ministering sister?” Awkward.
  19. Yep. Our temple finishes up its yearly cleaning closing this week. I am thinking I may have to start attending the 5:30am Wed morning session to increase my attendance. Which means getting up at 4:00 and dropping my morning walk to fit it in. But, “sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.”
  20. Also, the letter shared at sabbath.lds.org says that the sharing time outline will be discontinued and I’m bummed about that. YW will no longer meet together, and neither will the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood. And, changes WRT ward mission leaders as well as temple and family history work. Those jobs will be under direction of the EQ presidency.
  21. The other theme I’m hearing a lot: “Keep on the covenant path.” “Covenant” is on one of our keyword candy bowls and I’m sure my kids are going into diabetic comas after this. ? I’m also participating in the social media fast. And also the BOM reading. It’s going to be rough, I think. I fall asleep each time I sit down to read a large amount. My family has been participating in a slow and deep reading and I’m enjoying that. I guess I’ll have to do both. We decided to do a paper machè project this morning while we watched. Major win!!
  22. They didn't measure. Just laid him down and felt based on (what looked like) his ankles. The first to flag it was a med student who was with the doc. It could have been an astute student or it it could have been easily noticeable. I measured with a measuring tape and I did find a discrepancy. The shoulder was visible with him standing straight and they did the lean over test thing, but they've done this at well visits without flagging... His X-ray just threw me. His spine looked pretty dang straight. They did a "scoli study" and a hip series. Hopefully I get the results soon. Regardless, knowing these are military docs and the mil system, it sounds like I should request he see an ortho doc.
  23. If he likes Saxon, I'd stick with just that. It's a proven method. I'd likely play with math in other ways and let him just read the BA guides for fun. Or, conversely, put him a year back in BA. This'd make it "easy" and confidence building in its own right. Following BA's sequence, he'd be ready for algebra in 7th, which is still "ahead."
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