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  1. CAP's Art of Argument, How do you use it? I started it at the beginning of this year with my daughter, she is 13yo and in 7th. Outside commitments made our year crazier than I would have liked so it was the first thing to get dropped. Now that I feel like our schedule is getting more settled, I would like to start it up again for the second half of this year. Honestly, we only got through part of chapter 1. I don't know why, but I couldn't wrap my head around how to best use this curriculum. So far we just read through the chapter, she orally answered the questions, and we did a bit of di
  2. I completely sympathize. It is a rollercoaster every single day at my house. If I look at my 12yo wrong it can cause tears and a complete meltdown. Hang in there, feel free to message me your frustration as I am right there with you. ;)
  3. I have thought a lot about this. My thoughts have been that if you were to do Suzuki in addition to a traditional note reading program it would be similar to the principles WWE uses to teach writing. The reason I say that is you are separating different skills and practicing them separately. Eventually when those skills catch up to one another they are recombined. So with WWE you practice writing skills separately... handwriting (Copywork), composition (Narration), and the ability to hold thoughts in your head (dictation). With Suzuki you are practicing ear training along with building th
  4. 7th Grade! I have a lot of ideas, but have yet to pin things down... Math: AOPS Pre-Algebra (possibly w/WTMA), or MUS Pre-Algebra, or MM 7, or ??? or some sort of combo? Writing: WWS (possibly w/WTMA), or CW, and some sort of creative writing or I will have a mutiny on my hands. Spelling: finish up AAS and do review of all levels Grammar: MCT and/or GftWTM Science: BJU or Apologia or The Rainbow or ???, and Nature Journal/Special Studies U.S. History: Hakim History of Us, a Biography, Historical Fiction, Written Narration, Book of Centuries World History: SOTW or K12 Human Odyssey,
  5. What is Latin Prep? Did you use the video lessons for Latin Alive? If only you lived closer, our kids could just do Latin together. :). I just need to wrap my head around teaching Latin, I am really hoping CAP’s curricula combined with the videos will help. :)
  6. Thank you everyone for your help. I am really glad I asked, you saved my 7th grader from LfC. :) Latin Alive looks like a much better fit. :)
  7. I am trying to figure out Latin for next year. This would be for my Dd going into 7th grade, she has had no previous latin experience. Would it be better to start with CAP Latin for Children A or would it be better to go straight to CAP Latin Alive 1? Do I understand correctly that Latin Alive 1 covers the same thing as Latin for Children A & B? Also I would love to hear what others have thought about Latin for Children and/or Latin Alive? Did you and your child like it?
  8. We have also enjoyed using the spelling success games, definitely worth it. We also purchased the reader sets that Barton sells, they are pricey but they have been really nice to have. I have my kids read a story from their current level/lesson (usually one lesson behind) as well as a couple pages out of their readers (which is one level behind). I think it is really helping to improve their fluency. ETA: I believe the first readers available are the level 3 readers which are meant to be used when the child has completed level 3. The level 3 readers practice all the words they learned
  9. Just wanted to chime in. I am so grateful I decided to use Barton with my 9yo who is dyslexic. It has made a world of difference for her and has also been really good for my 7yo as well. It is not a flashy fun program to teach but it is extremely effective. I don't think you will regret it. Also, I am really grateful for the ability to teach the program on our own schedule. There is no way my 9yo would be able to sit through a 45 min session and get what she needs out of it. She maxes out at about 20-25 min. It is also really nice to have the ability to review and repeat lessons ho
  10. I love the idea of analyzing speeches. I would love to someday do this with my kids, but I would have no clue where to start? What should I be looking for, what makes it a good speech etc. Any suggestions on resources to help me learn how to analyze speeches and writing? Where do I even begin? It seems like an impossible overwhelming task to me at the moment. Also quick question about IEW. You mentioned that in your pro con list that with IEW the basics can become so automated that eventually it might become difficult for them to focus on complexities. Do you think this would be the
  11. Thank you so much for this update. I have spent hours the last few days reading through old threads on writing, and this one is by far one of the most helpful. I am coming to the conclusion that I somehow need to get my hands on a lot of the same materials as you did, even for the sake of my own education. Writing is not a strength for me, but I need to have the ability to help "mentor" my kids through the upper grades. I am realizing the only way I will have the confidence to do this is by increasing my own understanding of the writing process. Your update confirms to me the necessity of
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