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  1. CAP's Art of Argument, How do you use it? I started it at the beginning of this year with my daughter, she is 13yo and in 7th. Outside commitments made our year crazier than I would have liked so it was the first thing to get dropped. Now that I feel like our schedule is getting more settled, I would like to start it up again for the second half of this year. Honestly, we only got through part of chapter 1. I don't know why, but I couldn't wrap my head around how to best use this curriculum. So far we just read through the chapter, she orally answered the questions, and we did a bit of discussion, she then watched the relevant DVD section on a separate day (I still can't figure out if that is better done before or after reading through the chapter, I haven't been able to find any recommendation/schedule about that). Am I missing something? Nothing was really sticking. I know we only used it for a short time, but she didn't even remember much from one day to the next. She is usually pretty good at remembering a previous days lesson. How do you use it? Do you add projects, flashcards, etc. It just seems like it needs more, not busywork, but more reinforcement/review? I was hoping the Teacher's Edition would be more helpful, but it is just a copy of the student text/answer key. Help? How well should I expect her to master the material? How long and how often do you spend on Logic? If it is at all helpful, my daughter enjoyed doing Logic Workbooks, that seemed to stick with her a lot more. Is there something more Workbooky that would work better? I really want to like Art of Argument, as I have heard so many good things about it.....
  2. I completely sympathize. It is a rollercoaster every single day at my house. If I look at my 12yo wrong it can cause tears and a complete meltdown. Hang in there, feel free to message me your frustration as I am right there with you. ;)
  3. I have thought a lot about this. My thoughts have been that if you were to do Suzuki in addition to a traditional note reading program it would be similar to the principles WWE uses to teach writing. The reason I say that is you are separating different skills and practicing them separately. Eventually when those skills catch up to one another they are recombined. So with WWE you practice writing skills separately... handwriting (Copywork), composition (Narration), and the ability to hold thoughts in your head (dictation). With Suzuki you are practicing ear training along with building the muscles in your hands to play more complicated songs earlier than you would in a traditional approach. This allows a student to learn muscle memory for things like scales much earlier than they would encounter them in a traditional series. Another benefit of Suzuki is once a piece has been learned they have the opportunity to practice refining and perfecting the sound quality of their piece (so working on things like tempo and dynamics). This is something that is not as easily done with a very simple song found in their primer or level 1 book. In addition to Suzuki if they are using a traditional piano series alongside Suzuki they will be practicing their note reading skills as well. Eventually those ear training, good tone quality, strong hand muscles/muscle memory, and ability to read notes will all catch up to one another, but in the meantime they are able to practice and improve each of those essential skills seperately. A disclaimer: I am not a Suzuki teacher, I have only played around with the beginning book of Suzuki with my kids. So more qualified individuals who have more experience with Suzuki may be cringing over my ideas. ;) I have had these ideas rattling around in my mind for a while, so I thought I would put them out there. I am not dead set on this as being the one right way, as I said it is just a thought I have had. Also for higher levels of piano, my idea of classical piano instruction would be learn to play classical pieces and learn theory concepts from those pieces. Like learning literary analysis and writing using good/great books. I also think music appreciation is a really important component as well, to help refine taste. Just as we try to avoid poor quality literature when possible in hopes that our kids will develop a taste for quality literature. I think it is important to provide opportunities to listen to and interact with classical pieces, in hopes that one day our children will enjoy and appreciate the richness of that music. I have also thought that a music copywork book might be a good idea. I only listened to it once, but I remember the Delectable Eduction podcast on music had some great ideas on teaching music (episode 100, November 17, 2017). I would love for my kids to study music as deeply as that podcast was describing, however I feel completely inadequate to teach them to that level, even though I have been playing the piano since I was young. :).
  4. 7th Grade! I have a lot of ideas, but have yet to pin things down... Math: AOPS Pre-Algebra (possibly w/WTMA), or MUS Pre-Algebra, or MM 7, or ??? or some sort of combo? Writing: WWS (possibly w/WTMA), or CW, and some sort of creative writing or I will have a mutiny on my hands. Spelling: finish up AAS and do review of all levels Grammar: MCT and/or GftWTM Science: BJU or Apologia or The Rainbow or ???, and Nature Journal/Special Studies U.S. History: Hakim History of Us, a Biography, Historical Fiction, Written Narration, Book of Centuries World History: SOTW or K12 Human Odyssey, maybe Biography and Historical Fiction Latin: Latin Alive 1 (possibly w/WHA) Spanish: I am thinking about using Homeschool Spanish Academy because otherwise it won’t happen Russian:possibly w/dad if she is interested Logic: Art of Argument Choir and Art: probably dual enrollment at Middle School Technology: something not sure what yet Music: Piano using mostly Piano Marvel Lots of question marks???!
  5. What is Latin Prep? Did you use the video lessons for Latin Alive? If only you lived closer, our kids could just do Latin together. :). I just need to wrap my head around teaching Latin, I am really hoping CAP’s curricula combined with the videos will help. :)
  6. Thank you everyone for your help. I am really glad I asked, you saved my 7th grader from LfC. :) Latin Alive looks like a much better fit. :)
  7. I am trying to figure out Latin for next year. This would be for my Dd going into 7th grade, she has had no previous latin experience. Would it be better to start with CAP Latin for Children A or would it be better to go straight to CAP Latin Alive 1? Do I understand correctly that Latin Alive 1 covers the same thing as Latin for Children A & B? Also I would love to hear what others have thought about Latin for Children and/or Latin Alive? Did you and your child like it?
  8. Thank you everyone. I tried google to figure out if it was a possibilty to do what I wanted to do, but I couldn't find a clear answer. I knew if anyone would know it would be you guys. 😀 I am really excited, this will be so useful for us!!! Thank you!
  9. I am trying to figure out the best way to put what is on my iPad screen up on to our tv. My goal is to play a video on the iPad's internet browser (safari) and show it up on our tv so all my kids can see it. I want to possibly use mystery of science next year as well as the virtual instructor, but the most useful way to use these programs for us is to play the videos on our tv. Does anyone know if Apple TV will let you do this, basically does it let you show what is currently on your iPad screen up on to the tv. Does that make sense? Has anyone had success in doing what I am wanting to do? I know some apps like the roku app let you control roku from your iPad, but it doesn't let mirror your iPad screen. It just let's you play from the roku apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc, but not the iPad's browser. Also as a bonus I would love to use my tv/iPad connection as a digital whiteboard, if I could mirror my actual iPad screen I am guessing this would be a possibility? Sorry everyone, I am tech savvy when it comes to software on a pc, not so much the actual hardware (that is my husband's department ;) )
  10. Thank you everyone. So it sounds like it might be best for reinforcement, rather than as a solo math program. About how long do the lessons take to get through? Have your kids liked the games at the end of the lessons?
  11. If so what did you think? I just found out about it today, and I am very intrigued. Here is the link for their version for individuals (homeschool) use... https://giftedandtalented.com/mathematics Here is the link to their main website... http://redbirdlearning.com/our-offerings/redbird-mathematics/?gclid=CNWatLL5mNQCFVeewAodtZIHVQ
  12. This Spanish curriculum is intriguing. The website is a bit confusing, where did you purchase it from? I would be curious to know the price?
  13. Thank you everyone. You guys have mentioned a lot of great options I will be looking into. :) And now I don't feel as weird about going directly to the women's section. I will be more than happy to never set foot in the juniors section, except maybe for pants if needed. Shopping for my daughter has definitely brought back memories of shopping for my own clothes as a teen and how frustrating it was to find anything decent.
  14. This is kind of a question, and kind of a vent (because I loathe clothing shopping)... I am really frustrated clothing shopping for my 11yo daughter. She somewhat still fits kids size 16 shirts, but they will most likely be getting a little snug by the end of summer. So the next size up is in juniors, but yikes. Everything is so trendy and mature looking. Why oh why don't they have one more size up in kids size clothing. I just want some simple cute inexpensive summery t-shirts. As far as our families modest standards they can't be sleeveless or have low cut backs or, as I am seeing is the new trend, they can't have large holes cut out in the sleeve. I usually shop at stores like kohls or jcpenney. I love the colorful Arizona t-shirts in the kids size at jcpenney, but don't really see anything like that in juniors. So what do you all do when your kids hit this awkward stage of being to large for kids clothing sizes but really too young to dress like they are 17? I am tempted to just try and hope she makes it through the summer with size 16 shirts. Or I am tempted to jump directly to women's sizes, have any of you done that? I really, really don't like the junior size clothing selection. Thankfully I stocked up on shorts last year, so I just need tops and maybe a dress or two.
  15. Thank you everyone for all of the great ideas. I had thought of a few of these, but most hadn't crossed my mind. I will be making a go to list. I love the idea of not making the snack too exciting so it doesn't become a meal replacement for them. Thank you! :)
  16. Hi everyone. I rarely post on this board, but figured this topic was better fit for here than over on the education boards. :). I need some ideas for snacks during the day. We mostly did away with snacking between meals several years ago, because my kids weren't eating their meals. But now my kids are older and they have been getting extra hungry between meals. Especially if we have an early breakfast or late dinner. What kinds of snacks does your family like? I like healthy snacks, but I will admit that I am the type of mom that doesn't have a problem giving my kids fishy crackers and fruit snacks. It's always a balancing act between quick and easy, not to pricey, and healthy. So all ideas are welcome. :)
  17. I teach my kids how to spell their first, middle, and last names by having them copy it everyday on top of their WWE page. They just copy it from a separate piece of paper that I have written the name on. After about 6 months to a year they usually have a pretty good handle on it, usually by the end of 1st. Sometimes it takes them until 2nd to get it down. It has been a painless easy way to teach them. I just have them start with one name and once they are pretty comfortable with that one I add the next. I have also taught them how to write dates this way as well. ETA: One of my kiddos still struggles at times with our last name. I wouldn't stress over it to much.
  18. I have searched many times for the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder on Audible, and have never been able to find them. Today they showed up as a recommendation for me, so I investigated and sure enough they are available now. Just thought I would pass it on In case anyone else has been wishing they were on Audible.
  19. I don't have a son that age yet. But my oldest daughter just turned 11, and the last few months, wow! It's like someone suddenly turned on the hormone switch. I can see I will be in for a wild ride. :)
  20. Sorry my morning pregnant brain is not working well right now. :) This is from the Miquon Red book (E-31) 3+3-2+2=? Both my daughter and I automatically solved it like this... 3+3=6. 2+2=4. So 6-4=2 But wouldn't the order of operations say that it needs to be solved like this... 3+3=6. Then 6-2=4. Then 4+2=6 Just want to make sure before I correct her. I can later dig through my olders math books to check if needed, but I just wanted to double check with you guys. Apparently my mind isn't working well enough to teach math today, lol. At least today is mostly review. :)
  21. We have also enjoyed using the spelling success games, definitely worth it. We also purchased the reader sets that Barton sells, they are pricey but they have been really nice to have. I have my kids read a story from their current level/lesson (usually one lesson behind) as well as a couple pages out of their readers (which is one level behind). I think it is really helping to improve their fluency. ETA: I believe the first readers available are the level 3 readers which are meant to be used when the child has completed level 3. The level 3 readers practice all the words they learned throughout level 3. So for example we are currently reading through the level 3 readers while working through level 4. Just thought I would clarify that, as I didn't realize when exactly they were supposed to be used until after I had purchased them.
  22. Just wanted to chime in. I am so grateful I decided to use Barton with my 9yo who is dyslexic. It has made a world of difference for her and has also been really good for my 7yo as well. It is not a flashy fun program to teach but it is extremely effective. I don't think you will regret it. Also, I am really grateful for the ability to teach the program on our own schedule. There is no way my 9yo would be able to sit through a 45 min session and get what she needs out of it. She maxes out at about 20-25 min. It is also really nice to have the ability to review and repeat lessons however much I feel they need it. We don't always do things in exactly the order as written, but we have figured out a good routine that works well for us. I hope it goes well for you! :-)
  23. Yes, I have had more days like that than I would like to admit. However, I have gotten so tired of not feeling like we could call it done when summer hit that I have really tried to nip that in the bud this year. I have a baby due in the spring, and I want to be mostly wrapping up our year by then so that is a huge motivation. So I have done my absolute best to get done at least the basics everyday (reading/phonics, math, and writing), everything else is a bonus. I had a rough day a couple days ago, where it seemed everything was against me. My kids did not have the best attitudes, my toddler and preschoolers were being handfuls, it was just chaos. I did my best to push through and at least get through those basics, we didn't accomplish nearly as much in those basics as I would have liked but at least we did something. Life happens, especially when you have littles. Don't be to hard on yourself. Maybe make a priority list of three subjects that must be done and try your best to get to those done first. If you get more done, awesome, if not at least you know you got done the necessities. I have had to deal with some anxiety and attitude problems with a couple (well actually all) of my kids. It is hard, and draining. At times I have had to sit at the table with whatever child is having the bad attitude and just sit there while they cry, pout, make grumpy noises etc. They can complain all they want but they have to stay sitting at the table. I will just calmly sit there and tell them that they can tell me when they are ready to do their work/keep working. When they are calmed down I am happy to help them. If I am having a hard time dealing with their behavior and keeping myself calm, I will sometimes distract myself doing something else while still sitting next to them, such as surfing the web on my phone, reading ahead in a lesson book, etc. The point is I refuse to acknowledge them or give them any attention while they are behaving poorly. As soon as they are in a better place attitude wise I immediately put down my distraction and move on with their lesson. I have sometimes spent 30 min-1hr painfully waiting for them to be ready. However, the investment has been worth it because they have learned I mean business when I say "all right when you are ready to change your attitude let me know." There have been times when I don't have time to "waist" because I have other kids who need my help with school, so I have been known to send them away and tell them they will have to wait until after there sibling is done. They are often not happy when I do that and regret behaving poorly because they don't get to finish first, or before lunch etc. This only works because I work with one kid at a time,so for example I do school with my 7yo and then when I am finished I do school with my 9yo, etc. I do combine for science and history but not with their basics. My 10yo does most of her stuff independently. If she gives me grief I have her sit on the couch until she is ready to do her school. Not sure if any of those strategies would work with your kids, but might be worth a try. It will not work right away, but over time my kids have learned I mean business. The attitude problem doesn't happen too often anymore. And when it does it usually only lasts for 1-10 min, depending on how big of a funk they are in.
  24. My brag is despite the kids being sick most of Nov. I have really pushed myself to be consistent with school. We have done more school this Nov. than the past couple of Novembers. :)
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