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  1. amiesmom

    LDS General Conference Fall 2018

    If you haven't seen it already, they updated the app with the new Come Follow Me curriculum for home and Sunday School and primary. It looks really good, I'm excited to start using it.
  2. IEW theme based writing (ancients 6th, world history 7th grade), goes well with our history.
  3. amiesmom

    Social studies based kits

    I have not used them but there is History Unboxed and Dig Magazine
  4. amiesmom

    Help for Singapore math parents??

    There is a class at Well Educated Mind Academy for parents called Math that Makes Sense. It is supposed to teach you how to teach math, I believe they use the Singapore Math books. I think you can still take the class as a self paced option.
  5. amiesmom

    Presenting: A New Feature!

    Water bottle & power bank. Fun!
  6. amiesmom

    Tell me something fun to do in California

    You can go to Julian if you like small old town touristy things, museums at Balboa park (next to the zoo), Catalina Island, the boardwalk at Pacific Beach
  7. We use this paper and have done many of the projects on artprojectsforkids with them with great success.
  8. amiesmom

    Math Curriculum for Spiral Review

    We use these Daily Mental Math books, they are quick and provide enough review for my kids. I don't buy the answer key, I haven't found it necessary.
  9. amiesmom

    IEW's Fix It

    My DD completed FLL 1-3 and could diagram the sentences in the book correctly and had all the definitions memorized, but when asked to identify a subject or verb in any given sentence could not. We finished Fix It book 1 this year, and I would say it was successful in helping her identify parts of speech, and since we use IEW for writing it also reinforces some of the style & dress up techniques. She likes Fix It, and it is quick and easy, FLL was taking a huge chunk of time every day, Fix It is 4 days a week 10 min. a day. It does not, however, teach diagramming. Some feel that a grammar program without diagramming is not complete. I am happy with the program and plan to continue using it.
  10. amiesmom

    Spelling - why right orally, but not in writing?

    This describes me as a child and still as an adult although I've improved some. I can still remember being able to spell all of my spelling list orally perfectly, but when I took the written test at school, I would fail. I actually did quite well one year in a class spelling bee, after which my teacher then accused me of purposely failing my written spelling tests, because obviously I knew how to spell. I don't know if I'm dyslexic or disgraphic or not. Learning spelling rules along with my kids has helped quite a bit, but I probably won't ever be a terrific speller. I enjoyed listening to the talk by Andrew Pudewa Spelling and the Brain.
  11. amiesmom

    FIAR/BFIAR vs. Pinterest

    Someone posted a link to this website the other day. It looks great if you can afford the cost per kit. It appeals to me because I don't have the time to pull all the parts and pieces together. This is my favorite blog for FIAR inspirations.
  12. amiesmom

    Fix It! updates...

    We are using Fix It and I plan on sticking with it. We also do Latin, so I'm not afraid of having too little grammar by only using Fix It. I will say that after going through FLL 1-4 my DD could still not tell you what part of speech any given word in a sentence was, unless it was the sentences set up in the FLL manual. So after half a year, she can now identify parts of speech, that makes me happy!
  13. amiesmom

    singapore essentials or right start A?

    I think that if you take the time to pull out the manipulatives and do the activities that are at the bottom of each page then essentials is a good program. Also, since you have RS and it sounds like you are familiar with it, you can pull lessons and games from it as a reinforcement. I have seen a tendency to skip over the hands-on part the SM program which really cheats the child out of an important part of the building of understanding. RS, IMO is a strong curriculum because one cannot skip the hands-on part!
  14. amiesmom

    Hewitt Lightning Lit for 1st-3rd

    If we did every part of the curriculum, it would probably take 30(ish) minutes a day, especially if you read the book each day like FIAR suggests. I add spelling for my older, my younger is still working on phonics/reading so I have to add that in for her. And because I am horrible at teaching writing my kids will do IEW probably starting in 4th grade. There are some books that are FIAR books, it would be fun to add some of the FIAR activities to those.
  15. amiesmom

    Hewitt Lightning Lit for 1st-3rd

    I am using the 1st and 2nd grade levels this year. Overall, we really enjoy it and I plan on continuing with it. That said, I do not do every part of the curriculum every week, mostly because the two using it are not able to work independently yet. I like the selection of books they have chosen, some are books I know and love and I think every kid should read, others are less well known, but all have been stories that my kids have enjoyed listening to. The TM has questions to ask about the reading, one day you ask comprehension type questions, another day you discuss characters, plot, conflict, etc. (I usually just glance at the questions before reading the book and discuss with my kids in more of a conversational way.) They are asked to give a short narration of the book, tell what they thought of the book, and copy their favorite sentence from the book. There are four worksheets each week that cover an aspect of grammar, they begin simple diagramming about half way through the 1st grade book. They have dictionary pages to write a few words in each week - this gets skipped a lot in my house. Also each week they have a writing prompt. With my 1st grader, if we do the writing prompt at all, she simply narrates it to me as she is not writing independently yet. With my 2nd grader, if he does the writing prompt, I only ask for a short paragraph, or he can narrate it to me. There are some weeks we skip the writing prompt all together. I plan on using IEW for writing when they are a little older, so I don't worry too much about it now. The student books are full color, and my kids enjoy the pictures on the worksheets. I do wish they would offer the TM as a PDF if that would reduce the cost of the program. Also, we check out most books from the library, as I simply could not afford to buy that many picture books - I have found though, that because some of the books are not well circulated at our library, they often end up on the "for sale" shelf after I've returned them, so when I see them there I grab them - at 50 cents a piece, I can afford them :) Hope that helps, let me know if you have any specific questions about the program.
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