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  1. The teacher's manuals for dimensions are really good, in my opinion. I haven't used MIF to compare though. I switched from primary after I was able to get a good look through the teacher's guide. I find it so much easier than the HIG. Level 5A will probably be out before next school year.
  2. He's probably read them, but the How to Train Your Dragon series is one of our favorites. Penderwicks Not a series - The Wheel on the School The View from Saturday We like most of Sharon Creech's books
  3. The weekly hours you posted look perfect to me, but again, I'm not extremely rigorous.
  4. This is what my 12 year old's days/weeks look like. We are on the lighter side than many here. Also, if given the opportunity, this child will do the least amount of work possible, so some of the requirements I have for him are simply to have him do *something*. PE or music count as school in my house. Math- 1 lesson a day (we use the curriculum our local middle schools use in case he ends up going to PS at some point). Also 20 minutes a day on a computer program called ALEKX. Total time for math approximately 1 hour. Reading- about 30 minutes daily from a book I assign Spelling- about 10-15 minutes 3 days/week Writing- 1 IEW lesson/week - about 30 minutes/day, 3 days Grammar- about 15 minutes a day/ 3 days History- listen to audio book as we drive- 1.5 hours/week. Discuss. Science- read one section (about 2 pages)/week. Summarize with a paragraph. About 45 min/week. Ideally experiments 1 hour/week, but that gets skipped a lot. PE- outside play 30+ minutes a day +1 hour parkour lesson/week Outside classes- robotics and geography 3 hours/week So we are around 20 hours per week, I would say most days are around 4 hours, though that can vary. If I was dealing with difficult family circumstances, I would have no problem dropping spelling, grammar, and the robotics and geography classes (DS doesn't like them).
  5. I haven't read all of the replies, but this really hit home with me because I remember the exact same thing happening to me in 5th grade. I was so embarrassed and I knew the other kids in the class knew it was my report that the teacher was using as the "bad example". I was never diagnosed with a LD, but writing and spelling have always been difficult for me, and my teacher doing that in no way encouraged or taught me to be a better writer. I'm sorry that happened to your DD. I would definitely address this with the teacher.
  6. It reminds me of a Rummy type of game, so I would call it multiplication rummy. It sounds fun, I'll try it with my kids.
  7. Kate Snow's "_____ Facts that Stick" books were perfect for my very visual learner and good enough for my kids who are not super visual. She uses a combination of visualizing with 10 frames, games, and drill worksheets.
  8. I watched yesterday and will be watching today. DH is/was young men's president in our ward so the changes announced for the young men are exciting for us. Love the new young women's theme. Loved President Nelson' s talk in the women's session.
  9. That is exactly what we did with my DD this year. 8 weeks into the school year and I think we made the right choice. I did call during the summer and talk to the school counselor about putting her in the "scholars" classes and advanced band. DD has needed to adjust to the amount of homework given, getting up early every day, and learn to self-advocate with teachers. Being in band and the scholars classes has helped her make friends, and so far there hasn't been any of the social drama I was worried about.
  10. Our school district has a written policy that states every child from preschool through grade 12 will have homework assigned daily. One of the many reasons we ended up homeschooling.
  11. I didn't notice, but then again we're watching on a laptop, so not great sound in general.
  12. I didn't see a thread about this yet. Anyone watching? If you're interested in watching you can go to
  13. We love LMA! I was able to buy liquid watercolors and watercolor paper. Now we just download the outlines (free on the LMA website) and watch the YouTube videos. The live paint along videos go into a little more detail and have some technique practice at the beginning, where as the tutorial only videos skip some of that.
  14. Have you ever looked at Hewitt Homeschool's Preschool Plus? We enjoyed it very much.
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