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  1. Up until about mid June things were taking a week or longer, but we're back to 1-2 days now. That said, we live within 20 miles of I think 5 Amazon distribution centers, so there's not much excuse for slow shipping.
  2. The grade 1 workbooks did, not the textbook, but grade 4 did not. I'm not sure at what point they make that change, I haven't ordered grade 2 yet.
  3. So, I'm kind of a math manipulative hoarder... I used Rightstart in kindergarten for all of my kids, so I can't speak to what Dimensions requires for the kindergarten level. These are the things I used most often for Dimensions last year for 1st: Colored counters (could use anything as counters like coins or legos) Number cards (could use playing cards or Uno cards, etc) Base 10 blocks Geometric solids (could use things around the house like balls, dice, etc.) Place value cards Place value discs (could use poker chips or coins) Dice, 10 sided dice, and blank
  4. We have at least a 6 month supply. When TP was nowhere to be found I had 18 rolls in the house for our family of 6. We were able to get a 45 roll pack through a friend who could order office supplies. It's not great TP, but I'm making everyone use it. We had just finished our 18 original rolls when Costco had TP again so I bought a pack. When I did my next Costco run a month later, I bought another pack. I told my DH, I never wanted to stress out about having enough TP again.
  5. Hmmm... I just finished Dimensions 1A and 1B, I don't have my manuals right in front of me, but I remember them briefly introducing multiplication and division, they called it grouping and sharing if I remember correctly. They definitely introduced fractions, albeit very simply, recognizing halves and fourths I think. I'll get my books out later and take a more detailed look. ETA, I haven't gone through both programs with a fine toothed comb to compare, but my understanding was that both editions covered the same material in the same grade levels. I did think of one thing I miss from Sta
  6. Have you read Kate Snow's review of Dimensions? She gives a good overview of the program and compares it to the other Singapore versions. I use Dimensions, the main thing I prefer is the Teacher's guide in comparison to the HIG for the Standards edition. That said, if you like the Standards edition and are comfortable teaching it, there's no need to switch.
  7. I used Dimensions last year with my 1st and 4th grader. It is a solid program. That said, I think it was designed for classroom use and homework. In my opinion, Dimensions has a lot of work in it. That amount of work may not really be necessary in a homeschool situation, especially not for a kindergartener. Things I like about Dimensions: the teacher's guides are well written, it includes ideas for games, it makes good use of manipulatives, there are a lot of problems to practice if needed. I have not used Kate Snow's kinder curriculum, but I have read about it. I have used her "Facts tha
  8. We got our first few ripe cherry tomatoes today! We've also had several zucchini, some cilantro, basil, and grapes. I should have an overabundance of tomatoes pretty soon. DH stuck some pumpkin and watermelon seeds around the yard and they are starting to produce.
  9. Thank you, I really needed to read this today.
  10. I used Moving Beyond the Page 4-5 with one of my kindergarteners, if I recall I still had to add phonics and math, but it did come with fun enrichment type activities. I also agree with @medawyn to look ar Ivy Kids Kits as an activity for that age.
  11. Assuming this man is not a bishop, I would contact his bishop. If you know the man's address, type it into the meetinghouse locator https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/maps/meetinghouses/@33.927729,-117.209385,13 and it should bring up the ward he belongs to (you may need to select an option such as English speaking) when you click on the ward name, it should have the bishop's name and a phone number. Hope this helps and thank you for reporting your concern. I know I try to be vigilant about the leaders I allow my kids to be around.
  12. Our garden is so much better this year than normal because DH has had so much time to tend it! We have picked a few zucchini and have lots growing, several varieties of tomatoes, I should have some cherry tomatoes ready to pick in the next few weeks, we planted asparagus crowns but wont harvest until next year, we have grapes, onions, peppers, and some herbs. I can't wait to start harvesting!
  13. Do you have some manipulatives that she could just play around with now? Just in a no-pressure way for a while then let her grab them whenever she wants for help with math? Also I know you said computer, but for one of my kids the "Addition Facts That Stick " book was so helpful for her to visualize and eventually memorize the facts. You could even do just the game part for right now without the worksheets.
  14. Yes, we have that one too. I love how open ended it is. When my DD was around age 4 she would take the cards and make up her own games with them.
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