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  1. Morning! (but barely) Today we're all sick and we have piano lessons right after lunch. So: minimalist schooling. Languages, math, reading for everybody. Bible too. That plus piano will be good. For me: house stuff (keep clean); make sure we have fall clothes/find some reasonable shoes for myself; plan for next week/esp plan for work to do on Saturday; work on our Anki cards at piano lesson; exercise; find time to catch up with DH, who's been traveling.
  2. @Critterfixer: congratulations to you son on the ribbons & prize! 🙂 and thank you for sharing the happy news. Here, we are focusing on shifting our days earlier and then I want to set us up to do a good chunk of history on Friday; perhaps some Bible. Today is plowing through a lot of Greek with younger DS, online Latin for elder, some other school stuff then an afternoon break for lunch out and a grocery run. Normally we don't do this on a "school day" but we need a R&R moment. After we get back with groceries I'd like to do some reading with each boy, piano and exercise, and get the house in order and exercise myself. DH is due to return this PM on a delayed flight. I had a great conversation with the nicest person at Rainbow Resource; she was so encouraging and helped me find some free & usable Greek materials to help us. okay, here's a bulleted list to help me focus: younger DS school focus: Greek; science; Bible; poetry; Anki; piano; exercise: run & XBX elder DS school focus: online class; Greek study session; literature; Bible; poetry; Anki; piano; exercise: run, weights, ballet/yoga lunch out, grocery shop, pick up mulch & a few more soil retention plants at the nursery groceries away, boys practice piano/do theory, do some reading in the later PM exercise for me straighten house, make dinner, get some planning time in if possible
  3. Evening!!! We are doing okay today, things are getting chaotic with DH out of town and DS still ill (but getting slowly better, on average). We did fairly minimal school so that I could start shifting our evenings earlier and get everybody to bed at a reasonable hour -- it's been running quite late here. That worked, more or less. Also got elder DS to his aikido lesson & younger DS & I played a new game at Open Game Night while we waited. On to bedtime routines, stories, straighten a bit (dishes are done BEFORE kids in bed tonight: hurrah!) and try to grade papers, prep tomorrow's work & catch a bit of exercise before I crash. Hoping you have more of the nicer-variety of lawyer, Critterfixer, and glad that one of them was friendly. (I don't think I mentioned: one interesting aspect of my Church Disaster is that my pastor is a retired attorney and threatened to sue me for asking the elders to help us work through our conflict. I definitely prefer kind lawyers, myself 😉 )
  4. I know this routine! Good on you for "lol!" 🙂 I think to myself that even though I have a Plan A & B & C, we tend to find ourselves way out on Plan X, flying by the seats of our pants.... We are up and, more or less, at 'em. For today: bouts of cleaning, schooling, exercise for elder DS (who is NOT HAPPY about his new exercise-enriched life, but it is paying off health-wise: r+r+Upper+lower+ballet/yoga), keeping everybody fed, &c. Most important to hit today: math, languages (younger G/L; elder G/L), piano (yyyT; eeeT -- that'll remind me to get three short practices + theory from both boys), science (younger/elder) & Bible (younger/elder). Little guy wants to do fingerprint art, so we'll end with that; and I'd like to get a round of our English in for everybody but that'll be a stretch for sure. Also planning: revisit term, figure out terms going ahead. I need to find maybe half an hour to spend on that. And try to figure out how to get the necessary bits into the printer so it'll work again.
  5. Today: languages & math; go over my term planning; figure out how to focus on Bible this week while meeting other goals and leaving some space in our schedule. Keep house going, do outside chores for sure, and breathe. Tonight is role playing game night. ETA: well, term planning has provided a sanity check. We aren't speedy but we're being pretty regular. I need to go over this week again, then draft terms over the next year.
  6. We're also more-of-the-same than I'd like ... well, we'll try to keep working our way out of August! Critterfixer, I hope that the fair week goes well and that entries are successful & entrants have a good time. Congratulations on being fair-ready 🙂 Today: do less. I was totally surprised to find that I'm missing Bible studies materials, so I think we'll wait to do the Memoria Press stuff until they arrive b/c I definitely need some hand-holding here. I will do Ambleside Online-scheduled readings with the boys. That, languages, math & piano are the basic school day. Exercise esp. for elder DS; Pokemon this PM for younger; have some cooking to do, some cleaning, some garden stuff (make elder DS food; prep dinner before Pokemon so that it goes together fast when we get back; work on house, laundry, windows, boys' rooms, pantry; water stuff, maybe weed a bit, order some clover & daikon radish seeds for soil improvement). Work on RPG character during Pokemon. Plan week. Try to begin reviewing Bible memory verses. That doesn't look like less but I hope it can be.
  7. I am using one from On this page, if you scroll down, I downloaded the first one under "Yearly School Calendar (Year 2019 - 2020)" with the greyed-out weekends. Without too much futzing I figured out how to organize the shading to reflect what I'm doing 'cause we school most Sundays, for example, and take breaks all throughout the year. I really like it.
  8. oh yes, my friend. Being a working mother is _hard_, but everything -- including work away from the house -- has its perks, no? Thank goodness, else who knows how we'd make it through. Speaking of: Saturday's goals here are to keep on keeping on. DH had to leave (for a multi-day trip) several hours early which threw rather a monkey wrench in things. I'll work to find the perk in that particular situation. !!! Meanwhile, for this week, I need goals that will be restorative AND keep us going forward. I think I'm going to plan for an essentially stripped-back school week, and work through a good deal of Bible stuff during my one-on-one with the boys. I'd like to get elder "through" the New Testament fairly soon, so that he is set up to do a run through "The Bible and Its Influence" this year. And neither boy has done any real Bible in months, the church disaster totally disheartened me. So: today, keep things going; draft a week of essential school with a couple of Bible Pomodoros per child/per day, clean, garden, &c. Hugs to all y'all, or air kisses, or whatever suits.
  9. @EmilyGF: the DareBee site looks wonderful, and the ethos/funding model is terrific. Thanks so much! We are working on fitness with elder DS, who's had been sick for quite a while with gut problems (and is coming out of it), and while he was never esp. athletic or strong he is now very weak and has very low stamina. He had always moved a lot & played outside a lot but since his illness, which has often made movement impractical or left him feeling nauseous, he is much less active. He's enrolled in aikido 1x/week at the moment, we are planning to move him to 2x/week in late October or so: he is in 8th grade this year (just turned 14) and martial arts is a requirement we have in our homeschool (would have started in 7th except for said illness). Even a 45-minute aikido class is exhausting to him, so I'm gently boot-camping him. We're doing runs 2x/day, right now very short (about 5-7 minutes roundtrip) and adding some each week. I'm doing a very basic weight-training routine with him based on what I did for years & know generally (3 sets of 3 exercises for each body part, ie chest/shoulders/legs/etc.) and we've begun with 1 rep using 3lb weights; we'll add 1 rep each week (so: VERY light, but still hard for him) and we do twice the reps for stomach exercises. We're also doing some ballet/yoga based work, just as light and planning to build up more, and I hope to incorporate rope-jumping. And re-starting him in 5BX, which I link below. So: many short exercise sessions a day, at least 4. But none of this is hands-off: I frankly can't trust him to do a reasonable job without me right there, and he is really struggling. So for us at the moment it is a matter of prioritizing the exercise right up there with daily math, language & piano. Or even higher. I hope that within 1-3 months he'll have enough strength and stamina to do something like a DareBee workout independently, but it may be more like 6-12 mos. Younger child (9 yo) is doing some running and the Canadian Air Force 5BX program with me. The 5BX (there's a version designed for females, XBX) is a terrific, fast, effective bodyweight program and I think you could hand it off to a middle-schooler if you monitor them a bit. It's what I was doing with both children before elder got sick and things derailed.
  10. Today hit awkwardly; elder DS up a couple of times in the night with tummy problems &c. My goals are to hit languages, math, and literature today; we have piano lessons and a library/grocery run after that. Yesterday I did a good amount of exercise with elder DS. Goals for today are to repeat that: a couple of runs (still fairly short ones), some weight training, some ballet/yoga work -- at the moment it is all pretty brief, my goal is to work him up to a fairly normal/standard exercise regimen by Thanksgiving. The sweet fellow is just so weak right now, without much stamina, after the months of being ill. And for later today: get groceries away fairly neatly, stabilize home so that it is calm for DH when he comes home, exercise for me of some sort, dinner -- not sure if we'll have dinner with my MIL tonight or not. Ideally prep what I need to do tomorrow, DH is going out of town for a bit starting Sat. PM.
  11. .... argh! am sick. So we'll scale back today's work: everybody has math; English & languages; read history; Anki + piano; plus fingerprint art for the little guy. ETA: whew! at least we got that done.
  12. Today: school, starting with yesterday's list 🙂 ; plan out how I'm going to spread Early Modern & Modern history over our term system; exercise all around; class for elder DS. A very important, but not especially urgent, priority is to get elder DS just physically stronger: more stamina, more strength, prob. more energy. I'm thinking it would be ideal to do several shorter physical things each day: a couple of easy, short runs; some very beginning weight training; some body-weight exercises; some ballet-style, some yoga. There's no point in trying to make it "fun" as he'll hate it just as much but it is harder to make him _do_ "fun" things properly. ie he will wilt desultorily every.single.time he begins to initiate a movement. We do better with "I know this isn't pleasant but let's just get it done with" routines.
  13. I do the homeschooling & the vast majority of household and daily garden chores (with the kids pitching in). Like several upthread, we treat it as my career. Husband works an intense job and travels a good deal: he bankrolls, listens, does dishes most nights, is a great dad, hikes with the boys & his mother on Saturdays (and works hard to be home for that) and for the past year did the grocery shopping on Sat. mornings though I'm probably going to do the shopping Friday afternoons this year. He also gives extra help where needed and does a lot of home repair/maintenance himself, and he's very tolerant of the demands homeschooling makes: the house is never neat for long (hoping to improve that!), my budgeting isn't as good as it ought to be b/c of time constraints, &c. He has offered to tutor elder DS in math, 'cause elder DS can be quite difficult to teach esp. in math, but his schedule is too irregular. ETA: he brushes the dog out, too. 🙂
  14. We got going right 'round 9 this AM, which is whoo-hoo for us! First school goal accomplished. They are doing independent stuff while I sketch out the day and eat breakfast. Happy news: elder DS' tummy continues to improve (on average 😉 ). This was the first morning I've had to wake him up in months, he's been waking up with stomach cramps each day but today he was still happily in bed at 8:30. Never thought I'd be glad to have a late-sleeping teenager!!! and he's tolerating a greater variety of foods. I sure hope this continues. Focusing on our term goals, we are finishing up week 2 of 6 in this "Getting Up STEAM" term, in which I want us to wrap up the Middle Ages work and get science and art underway. Elder DS finished his Middle Ages history well enough last year, but I want him to read in SOTW2 parallel to his little brother so that he has his head around the basic historical situation as we head into more Renaissance/Early Modern. Everybody's doing some science at the moment; now I'm going to drop in some review of the last several SOTW2 chapters we read before we hit the new stuff. For today: Everybody: SOTW2 (younger/elder), chapters 25 & 26 read & review; piano. Elder DS: as much as possible of math, study languages, Greek class, Creative Writer, grammar, spelling, penmanship, history reading, BFSU3 discussion, art, aikido. Younger DS: English (writing/grammar/spelling/penmanship), AO reading, math, study languages, body science, fingerprint art. Me: planning time (incl. sketch out a daily schedule), work on house 15-30", exercise while elder at aikido, cook, order somethings we need, catch up with DH who's going out of town Sat.
  15. Morning! We are up and at 'em. Today: Younger DS: do body science, art/craft stuff, and some independent reading fairly early. Then math, English, language/s, fingerprint drawings, an AO reading and drop into SoTW if we have time. Elder DS: we're on a cycle of "Pomodoro"s -- work 25", take 5" break, repeat -- that is: Greek; Latin; other subject; first "other subject" will be literature; then art; then science. Still catching up after his sick days & he has an assignment due this evening; we'll have to work around his tummy troubles but it seems like today may be okay on that front. Toss piano practice in around the edges. Me: align the day with our broader goals; focus on school during school; house; outside chores; exercise; dinner &c; planning (plan for lessons/prep for them; update our term goals to include wrapping up the middle ages; . ETA: I'm futzing with the above as I go over our term goals.
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