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  1. Morning! have elder read 15" or so in a Christmas-gift book he never cracked open add a science encyclopedia spread to younger ds' daily reading: see how this goes start with an hour of reading for boys, me writing this (!!!) and working on my writing program, Greek house: hit some of paperwork; kitchen; school stuff; bedrooms; outside; make dinner. Dinner could be tomato soup + (some protein from the freezer) + salad or greens. school: languages, reading, writing (program for younger, 15-20" of work for elder), math, memory work. AM & PM exercise for boys, plus exercise for me
  2. Morning! Yesterday has some unexpected interruptions (one delightful, a friend we haven't seen in years and who has started his own business and is doing well: what a joy). So we missed: my exercise; boys' Greek; some room cleaning; my Greek + writing (I'm supposed to keep up with elder in his writing program). Those are priorities to finish today. The general hope/wish list: School: piano (e/y), memory (e/y) (add Latin and Greek proverbs, go over major rivers), languages (e/y), math (e/y) and writing (e/y). AM and PM exercise. Look for "Great Americans for Little Americans" book Do my Greek + writing + exercise House: already did some cleaning in living area + school supplies. To do: paperwork, bedroom, area where boys' stuff is everywhere, outdoors, water plants; e-mail catch-up.
  3. Today is sort of like yesterday, part 2: lather, rinse, repeat. Focus on things that didn't happen so much yesterday: exercise, piano, and straightening the house. I did a reasonable amount of organizing & paperwork, but our living are is looking pretty cluttered. So: school (lots or reading, languages & math); exercise; chores (as much as I can of: paperwork; kitchen; school area; work in bedrooms; garden); RPG notes & edits from yesterday; dinner is -- creek don't rise &c -- easy souffles + salad + tomato soup.
  4. Morning! Today: school; exercise; chores (as much as I can of: paperwork; kitchen; school area; extra spot; garden); RPG prep; peanut butter cookies total extra credit.
  5. Well, I'm all like, "Eeeeeeeekkkk!" It is so marvelously divine that you are getting pulled in. Whoo-hoo!!! I'm lining up the week. I want to clean house, garden, eat yummy food I didn't make and read good stuff all week. Who wouldn't? Instead: We ought to get going fairly promptly in the morning, and knock out: piano/memory first; then languages, math, and writing every. single. day. Exercise for boys AM + PM; yoga, strength + some aerobics for me; read at lunch; assign independent reading; continue to focus on piano. After the morning school, cleaning and fun. Tomorrow I'd also like to make peanut butter cookies, and we need to prep for game night. ETA: also next week, review major river systems on the map & globe.
  6. Updating: I have a sort of lead. The partner of one of DH's colleagues teaches music at university, and it is possible she can help me; shout-out to my sweet DH who is being kind & helpful though he is, I think, rather bemused by my insistence on music education -- neither he nor I have any to speak of.
  7. Yes, though thanks for linking it! It is one of the most useful things so far. Also, before I hadn't noticed that one gets more information by floating over the hypertext. Here's an example of a more specific question: on that page I can learn the the interval ratio 5:3 is a major sixth, and that it covers 9 semitones / 6 letter note names. And if I click through the links I can find that the ratio refers to the frequency ratio of the notes. All of which is very helpful. But I still feel lost in the forest, staring at tree trunks and not seeing the real patterns. What I don't see, and can't find a thorough & systematic resource for, is how & why ... well, how & why ALL of that. Why the letter names as they are? Why C Major as the basis for the piano keyboard? Why are some intervals major, others perfect? Why does octave now equal twelve intervals? I mean, if I go look for it I can find why the "perfect" intervals got their names. In fact, I can eventually find the answer to every question I suppose, but it is incredibly slow and piecemeal. I am wondering if there is a historical treatment that begins with the first divisions/nomenclature in Western music and explains all the complicated stuff as it got added on? Or something that begins at the very beginning -- the octave, and how it morphed from being this thing in eighths to this thing in twelfths, and then how the intervals first came to have names, and when the frequency ratios came into it all. And a systematic treatment would make it possible to help my children understand. As it is, if I figure out one bit, they really quickly have questions that send me back to the drawing board and it seems like half the time I end up confusing them. Even if not a historical treatment, a systematic, thorough and clear one that begins with something very simple and actually explains the rest as you go. Most resources label & define but don't EXPLAIN. I really appreciate the help!
  8. (Brief background: my boys study piano. They have way more questions than their teacher can answer. I have on hand their theory books, Alfred's basic theory books, and Music Theory for Dummies (terrific) as well as Help Your Kids With Music (that one isn't doing much for us.)) (Also: this is for the Western "classical" music system. We aren't getting pentatonic or microtonic yet, maybe one day.) First question: can you point me to a thorough explanation of the intervals? I get that 1:1 more or less equals 2:1 and 4:1, because of octaves. But why are the intervals these: 1:1, 2:1, 5:3, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 6:5 and what do the ratios have to do with their names (ie, "perfect third"? I know what a "third" is on the keyboard, what does that have to do with the ratios? Also, where are the missing intervals -- why no 3:1? How does any of that relate to the 12 semitones/half-steps, and why are they called semitones: what are they "semi" of? I feel that if we could get our heads around this, things would start to make sense. As it is the theory feels entirely based on something we don't quite get. It reminds me of the good math programs, like MEP; I think that MEP has several lessons based on the concepts simply of 0, 1, and 1-1 correspondence so that you get the basics down. We don't have a theory that starts with WHY the white keys correspond to C Major (especially as opposed to A Major -- why not line up the beginning of the music alphabet with the basic set of notes) or WHY those added-later-to-the-piano black keys were the particular semitones left out or (back to near where we started): what is a semitone "semi" of? 😉 I'm really grateful for help/pointers. PS: Total bonus points if there's a book that will take us back to the Greek ideas about music and then move us up to Bach's notation. !!!
  9. Morning! Starting a list for today: Cleaning rounds, incl. paperwork; set up Evan Moor geo, science for younter + MP geo for elder; schedule government book for younger; type up checklist for SOTW3 and get feel for timeline to finish; look at "note perfect project"; use curriculum manual to scaffold next week for younger + week after that (with stickies); plan earth science work (ie make time to do some) with younger -- retrench to do this w/ MP astronomy?; come up with a "year end" marker for the school year and adjust plans so that the boys feel it is a real milestone;
  10. Us, too (but for different ages). Today focus: piano -- lesson, plus begin serious work on building joy in their music whilst keeping our toes in classical skill development; language work (it has been very casual this week, a lot of focus on building interest in the ancient cultures + work for elder's online class); math; one other school item per child. cleaning: usual cycle, focus on doing some piles-of-paper cleaning e-mail catch up dinner: "galette" pizza, salad if the greens aren't wilted -- otherwise, broccoli. Something chocolate would be lovely. exercise, boys exercise, me watch some of a movie or series with DH tonight
  11. Jean, this is amazing. Hugs! Balloons!! Virtual chocolate!!!
  12. Morning! Yesterday got derailed by the errands, which took (naturally) longer than expected. These threads are pointing out to me what a chronic overscheduler I am. Sigh. Looking forward: today, AM: elder, some math + online class; younger, piano, math, reading me: 15" chunks of finding snacks for the afternoon guests; cleaning kitchen; living room; school area; sorting out paperwork; planning school -- do as many as I can, in whatever order. lunch: make lots of veggies for me; lunch for boys; read aloud at lunch; then get boys outside a bit before ... PM: friends over around 1 PM <--- this was awesome!!! after friends, a bit of time to just play around and then finish piano; draft tomorrow's school. exercise all around make dinner, evening chores, &c.
  13. Morning! We are beginning to recover here, from all the craziness of the last year. So I'm tempted to start piling stuff on. But I shall resist the urge! First thing: round of play outside, piano, clean, start laundry (thx to Critterfixer: I'd forgotten the morning load) Next thing: errands (drop wedding ring off to be repaired; go by the bank; shoe repair store; pick up some butter; art store; drop off the clothes the boys have outgrown. Maybe stop by library if boys are up for it. Back home: exercise, second round of piano, boys get 15" of screen time (hurrah for rest week!) while I clean, have lunch. Or do lunch first and then the other stuff, depending on how long errands take. Language work, and writing program instead of math today for elder, few more cleaning chunks, last round of pianol Dinner: ???? Either sausage with rice & veggies, or if sausage doesn't work then a cobbled-together meal from my Deep South roots: bacon, sauteed apple slices, some greens, other veggies, and (because there is no way biscuits are happening today) bread or rice. We can eat that for dinner b/c DH is out of town 🙂 . I ought to answer several e-mails, and work on my character/RPG stuff. Hugs to all y'all. Or air kisses, depending on Personal Space Preferences. Hope today goes well.
  14. Well, it is afternoon here. Last night's game-hosting went well & things were cleaned up before I went to bed, hurray! Though between picking up & showering, I didn't get to bed until midnight. Today was light on the school front. This whole week is still Recovery Mode: languages, math, piano, read stuff. And heavy on cleaning: the house is looking much neater generally, and there is a lot less company-coming straightening these days. For the rest of the day: boys are finishing math. I'm going to take a short nap when they are done, we'll do their exercise and then they get screen time while get my exercise. Then dinner, various cleaning, bedtime routines. Some RPG work. For tomorrow: spend some time troubleshooting what's working & what isn't, + working on my RPG character.
  15. Good morning, friends! @Critterfixer: oh, my. Hugs; congrats + great admiration on sending out the story again; and hopes for a renewed spirit. @Mommyof1: What a lovely day of school you have planned. + it reminds me that we need to pick up my own 9yo's telling time work, he never quite became fluent at it. Hope everyone at your house is well. Tonight the boys & I are hosting our role-playing game (RPG). Working, more or less, backwards: snacks prepped & out, plates & glasses & napkins out too, floors cleaned, add a leaf to the table dinner for boys & I and make a warm plate + salad for DH -- he'll get home right as we begin. He doesn't mind having dinner on a tray so we can have the dining room table, but I'd like it to feel like a dinner made by somebody who cherishes him. Good Lord willing, it will be a potato-leek tart + green salad. make peanut butter cookies? the group would love it and so would DH. exercise house-cleaning, my recovery goals: do plenty, include some paperwork character work for our RPG. We have new-ish characters, mine turned out to be boring as built and not really fit into our current campaign so I'm working on her background, making her less warm/maternal and more non-nonsense, and figuring out what she is good at doing. Fixing stuff, for one -- she's a dwarf mason. I think I'll have her main fidget be to repair broken & run-down stuff wherever she is. update the chalkboard memory stuff: clean off old bits, move science stuff, add a sonnet, the 8-fold path of Buddhism + 5 pillars of Islam. school work. Math, languages, piano. We had a sort of piano crisis this weekend, both boys are burning out on their current honors program b/c they don't relate to the required pieces or the goals. Sigh. If I want them to love music I'm going to have to do a lot of the footwork myself, which is frankly sort of crazy. They are so fussy about what we play usually, it isn't easy to just get stuff into their ears. I'm thinking we should have an approach that includes: classical training (maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of their lesson time) pieces they simply love, and which do stretch them (about 1/4 of lesson time) theory: their teacher has a program, but it doesn't make coherent sense to them, so I'm going to give some extra workbooks + have older fellow do some "living book" reading on theory. The "Music Theory for Dummies" (or Complete Idiots, forget which) is actually quite good so it would be good if both of us read that & discussed it. music history / living books: we ought to pick up with this. Quick & dirty is Harmony Fine Arts, which I own, + books suggested in WTM. Then maybe an Eyewitness music book, "The Music Pack" would be great if we could, other stuff to get their interest. but when will all this happen ?????? We'll see what we can swing. AM exercise wash the dog. I have no idea what she got into to, but she needs a bath. So do the boys, but they're pretty self-cleaning. 🙂
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