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  1. Morning! and yay, baths! Today: focus on stuff that is stressing the boys out: language memory, and also music for the younger getting our four "main" subjects done for an hour each: languages, math, English/writing work on memory work, getting work into binders + into Anki RPG night fitness all around. Too much smoke for the boys to play outside, though the sky is blue & not orange ... joy! and read-alouds at lunch.
  2. Evening! Today was a bit of school, mostly outdoor/distanced visit with a friend who is caretaker for his dad & was having a hard time. Only entertaining we've done since COVID broke. This evening: fitness for boys; piano with younger; bit of work outside, bit of cleaning, wash sheets; dinner (modified Croque madames) and salad or fresh veggies; fitness for me. Also, line things up to go tomorrow: boys have language classes, and this week's school should be: memory, languages, math, reading across the curriculum and English work with some time on artist/composer study mo
  3. Morning! Sorry that I'm late to the party. I get to my computer early Sunday AM these days, and then it is often mid-week before I can gather my wits again! First thing: breakfast all 'round, yoga for me, get a plan for the day -- Lord willing, I'll come back and post it. This week essentials are: languages, piano, math, reading + writing, with art and read-alouds for our souls. And the boys asked to watch the Sound of Music (they watched a clip of the do-re-mi song as part of music study) so we're fitting some of that in.
  4. Morning! MIL fainted this morning, a couple of times, and thank goodness is okay now. This weekend ... Actively and dramatically re-orienting to help my MIL in this new phase of her life. It is a good deal for DH & I to navigate together ... I'm hoping we can find a right path forward, and maintain joy & light-heartedness in the boys; give DH space and room for renewal and something delightful; I need to eat well and get exercise. And have a plan for going forward. Meals, cleaning, art & joy, nutritious food. Develop some sort of quick-and-dirty do-the-next-thing/o
  5. Made it through the day! with some degree of grace, so that's good. For this weekend: draft our next bolus of work. I'm starting to get a handle on the schedule we'll be having so there's some hope of a realistic plan!
  6. @Meriwether: it is wonderful to hear that the tumor isn't malignant + can be removed safely!
  7. Morning! Today's goal: go through the day with grace. Best thing about days like today that over and over I'm reminded that the grace I need is a gift given and not a quality possessed 😉 .
  8. Afternoon! Oh my. Glad you are feeling better, Critterfixer. Done: 1 language per child, science reading with younger + some with elder, some music, some math for everybody. And elder got out for a bike ride with DH this morning: happiness. School docket: finish math; other language for each child; English for everybody; fitness; piano for younger, fine arts for all, micro-French. Home docket: clean. Clean some more. Clean some more-more. Dinner is frozen pizza (reheated!) and fresh veggies: desperation dinner. Water plants. Also fitness for me, and some sort
  9. Yeah, I am not liking the board change either. Feels less friendly somehow. But way better than no board at all. 🙂 quick note to self: assign remedial vocab work to elder "for homework". This will save some time for me and, good Lord willing, incentivize the child. More later, I hope.
  10. Thanks for your accountability RE not being accountable 😉 I hope that you can be both restored and more caught-up by the end of the week.
  11. Meriwether, it is good to see you here. I'm glad for your presence but so sorry about the troubles that prompted it. Your niece and family are in my prayers today. Today: plan our week, centering on school planning; sketch out meals; do Monday's school (WTM schedule) with necessary carry-overs into the weekend to allow for online classes; fitness all around, including me; get "decontaminated" groceries into a clean-ish 'fridge; house chores; get outside + get boys outside in masks b/c of air quality; encourage MIL to walk despite poor air (she needs it desperately); role-playing game
  12. Okay, figuring stuff out. School this afternoon: writing for both boys; Greek for younger; music for younger; reading for elder; arts study for all of us; fitness all around. Dinner is homemade pizza, southwestern-style, and maybe a dessert. Dinner for MIL will be sweet potato/coconut soup with chicken; brown rice cake + avocado and olive oil, sea salt; grapes. Need to draft a music study this weekend for elder, who will be dropping piano, and also check in with the piano instructor.
  13. Morning! Sorry I've been so absent this week. Still drafting today. For the short term, set up boys with work; run by the grocery store to pick up food for MIL + something for lunch, figure out dinner.
  14. Here's my favorite baked apple recipe from Epicurious. I don't think anybody needs this recipe, y'all probably have your own baked apple thing going, but it makes me feel happy to post something yummy today! 🙂 8 large Golden Delicious apples 1/2 cup (packed) dark brown sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 6 tablespoons pure maple syrup 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces 1 cup water Chilled whipping cream (optional) Peel skin off top quarter of each apple.
  15. They would have been! Oh my, it hit the fan yesterday afternoon, DH was doing all kinds of surgery on the 'fridge, and we sat down to cornmeal biscuits and a grilled chicken leg or two each. Didn't even get the salad done! just passed baby carrots & clementines around and filled up with popcorn later. Oh my. Today: finish up the week's list. Hit fitness bases for me. Various events have set that back a bit so my goal this coming week is just to do about 1/8 of my target stuff in yoga, strength, and aerobics to help keep my mental/physical systems functional. Hit nutritional ba
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