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  1. Morning! We're due for clear skies today, more rain tomorrow. Today: AM: mainly RPG prep work, for campaign + for tonight's game. RPG prep, main campaign, plus today or tomorrow look at side quest video, read angrygm's epic quest campaign article. Latin for elder, independent history work for younger Break for: vacuuming downstairs PM: school, chores, fitness dinner is Vietnamese takeout for game night after dinner: RPG
  2. So sorry to hear about your head, and about the rest of life not being accommodating. Hope springs eternal &c, so: am hoping today was better! Yesterday's dinner was such a disaster that we were all laughing hysterically. Well, DH was good-naturedly grimacing. Nonetheless: all were fed and the grilled pizza wasn't too burnt for DH & I to eat; boys had various stuff we could cull from the 'fridge. And: g'evening! Today was a satisfactory hodge-podge of school, chores, a couple of errands, some RPB work, and decompressing. Also: this afternoon was my first real break
  3. Good morning. I plumb forgot to check in yesterday, after a day of craziness ... @Critterfixer: hoping your headache subsides and stays gone. So sorry that it returned, and I hope the rest of life goes more smoothly as compensation. Today is math, languages; music focus for younger; some time to plan; household things to manage; chores; dinner -- ???? maybe homemade pizza, we're eating early b/c younger has online piano at 6; fitness. Plus, gratitude for peaceful transitions of power in our democracy. Notes here: moody teen threw things off a bit this am. Going
  4. Afternoon! We hit schoolish stuff this AM, some chores. For now: draft RPG to-do list; go over how to tell the group I need to break from GMing until March, to work on campaign + other stuff breathe. 🙂 various stress-management stuff: bursts of exercise & math, eat well, get outside some. prep game do a few chores
  5. Morning! That is a big day. Esp. with going to town; that always seems to take a chunk of time here, even though we're quite close to town. Kicking it off with migraine management. Hope to get back later and flesh out: school; RPG; chores; home organization stuff; fitness. Have no earthly idea what dinner will be tonight, but it'll be early so we feed younger before his 6pm online piano lesson. Hugs all around! why not?
  6. Morning! Today: various & sundry errands. Get some boxes ready to ship. Pack up with masks & hand sanitizer and head out to post office; local game supply store; nursery; pick up prescription for MIL. School: math, Latin + English for elder; hands-on stuff, math, language work (English or classical) for younger. Fitness all around. Chores, RPG work, school planning work. Dinner: take-out date night tonight.
  7. Evening! Taking a mellow day. Hit math + language work. 🙂 Dinner is pasta with broccoli & cheese, fresh veggies, and (barring disaster) cookies for dessert.
  8. Afternoon back at you! 🙂 Doing okay today, though RPG took an insane amount of time. Sigh. I'm _finally_ getting a handle on prepping the adventures, and one of my players very graciously is running the game for a week or two to give me a breather so that will help. This is my boys' only non-family community at the moment, so it is worth extraordinary effort to keep the group together; but I absolutely need to cut back the time it takes each week. I've been working toward that and am making progress, thank goodness! For now: clean like mad; do a quick memory review with boys
  9. Morning! Today is an assess / evaluate & plan day. I might update stuff here for my notes. Things to assess: school; school planning; fitness for boys & for me; rpg; home stuff; garden stuff; year planning, include something sort of marvelous. most urgent: get house organized and steady-state-ish. what's feasible? RPG: figure out what is feasible. I'd like get to a place of being non-urgent and with a finite amount of work per session. deliverables: campaign concept map; to-do list for each session with links / resources; basic physical maps for each plac
  10. Evening! After dinner here. Well, it felt like a surreal week. But we're all here, we got some stuff done, I have a much better sense of what lies ahead & how to tackle it. Also we had a new meal for dinner (a Desperation Dinner) and it was so yummy! A mongrel shakshuka with chickpeas & mozzarella + jack, and fry bread with some whole wheat flour in the mix. Rest of night: bit of exercise, get clean, tuck boys in, popcorn & movie with DH. And be grateful for the internet, which yielded a tasty & nutritious meal for my family and brings me to this forum, too.
  11. Morning! Yesterday got de-railed, I'm afraid, by living history. !!! I'm actually sort of re-thinking this term and our foci ... So today: do yesterday's undone work. Clean like mad. Work on my gestalt for the next term, year. Dinner: breaded pork chops; salad; maybe butternut squash soup. Work on RPG, school Anki stuff, fitness all around, joy.
  12. Morning! glad to see you today! We're up an at 'em for a bit now. Today's remaining essentials: RPG -- get a note to my players; draft game-prep schedule for week, balancing campaign building, next session work, and system mastery; spend some time on each of those things. Maybe have a sense of a deliverable for the whole campaign so I feel on top of stuff? School -- language arts focus to day. Foreign language work for boys; memory work review; grammar, writing, and spelling for younger. Math and word study for elder. Work on school planning goals for week. House --
  13. Morning! & Happy Tuesday. Today's rule is to do as little as possible & be mellow doing it. More or less. Kicking off Official Activities with this post. Then a quarter hour of finding my garden notes, organizing them, brainstorming-the-flower-boxes sort of things: the flower boxes are in quite a sad state at the moment. Another quarter hour outside with the boys. Then some language work all around, and music for younger + math with Dad for elder. Second round of language for elder, reading for younger, maybe some math: that should see us to lunch, and lunch read-
  14. Happy First Monday! glad nobody snapped at you (yet!) despite the New Things. Well, my sleep is all shot to heck these last few weeks, is a serious problem. So fixin' that is on the list. RPG tonight: draft encounters for puzzle/orrery and have fun doing it. location, NPCs, encounter for each step of puzzle abduction encounter for a player's character abduction clues for other player characters specific actions to give a rising sense of danger/corruption encounter for solution of puzzle/orrery
  15. Morning! Today: various & sundry. Introduction to Planning Week. RPG: tomorrow's game ready to go. Focus on combat opportunities, do some rules review. School Planning: review previous, do modules 3 & 4. Sundry: find new calendar, get all laundry away, School: artist & composer time, science time with somebody, hit language review & Bible 1 Pomodoro of my year planning Dinner: ??? figure this out 🙂 use stuff in 'fridge Movie tonight: finish Little Prince tomorrow: order stuff. For this week: Module list for
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