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  1. Good morning! This week we have a mini-break on Tue & Wed (because our term, which runs up to Thanksgiving week, was such a long one) -- during breaks we keep up with outside classes + study one other subject -- and my general goal is to make sure we have our toes in all our subjects. We have a round of colds that is slowing us down, hopefully it is all just colds. Need to get flu shots this week, the boys & I are behind on those but DH got his at work. For today: school (Bible is priority; languages, piano, English, some history, some science ideally, some math). House: round of cleaning. Exercise: everybody do some running & some strength & stretching. Get us out the door for our Monday night game and leave a neat house with DH's dinner ready. Ha! that would be quite an accomplishment. Another goal for today: approach my tasks with energy & joy and my children with love. ETA: rounding out my goals for the week here. We definitely need to prioritize Bible/Christian Studies and that's probably the subject we'll do on our break days. Exercise is -- after meeting requirements for outside lessons -- the next priority. House cleaning, and esp. homeschool organization for the next term, right up there Garden work to prep for winter: do something at least, could do this on days off Begin to prep for holidays, focusing on bringing love into the world
  2. Morning! Today feels draggy and demoralizing. We are having character challenges here, and Wednesday evening I went to a local community meeting -- am trying to help out with fire-prevention and safety -- that had so many of the folks from our former church. Thank goodness DH went along too. But now all that Old Stuff is in my head. Unhelpful! Today: school, with a focus on piano, essential language stuff, science and prepping a checklist for next week/rest of term. Figure out how many terms/weeks we'll schedule for the next two history cycles and sketch stuff in; consider having elder DS go through WTM and make his weekly list. May wait until he has his own copy here. 🙂 Clean, exercise, have peaceful home when DH returns. Blessings on y'all today, and thanks for your company on this journey! ETA: our finishing-up list: Bible & other memory, some earth science for younger + go over two piano scales (C & G major, prob.); get some fruit & veggies at the store after lessons today; prioritize eating healthy snacks & getting exercise, then cleaning & planning. Want to remember to do Evan Moor geography next week.
  3. Morning! Got _some_ of "yesterday's" stuff done yesterday. Today: do more of it; plan, teach, clean, exercise, &c.
  4. Lori, again: thanks! also, I mis-typed above and now corrected it. My husband & I _do_ think that waiting a year on entering the timetable is better for DS (esp. after about a year of health problems), and that's why we're thinking of stretching high school out over 5 years -- but also being focused so that we keep records and can support DS if he decides that an earlier graduation is what he really wants. I typed that we did not think the wait was good. Your awesome reply addresses both possibilities beautifully! In the latter case, our testing timeline would not be ideal, but as long as the transcript is solid and DS is on board with the decision making all the way through we think we can handle it, probably including a gap year. ETA: {hug} for the credits list! He has high school Latin and Greek this year, and piano lessons plus some visual art so fine arts should be okay and that is plenty total credits. I hadn't thought on the number of credits needed per year, I was so focused on our 4 big blocks + language.
  5. Lori, that was beyond helpful. Thank you so very much. First, it was centering to have you point me to the threads. Even though I knew they were there!!!! Second, the Timetable thread really crystallized my concerns about having DS enter the high school sequence, even though empowering him and encouraging independence is really important right now. So in the end I had him create an account here, and look over the Timetable thread (having an account was not strictly necessary, but is part of our helping him be independent and responsible for himself). He agreed that he is college-track, and knows that he might be interested in applying to competitive schools, but also didn't think he'd be interested in or ready for any sort of internship/work experience this summer. I mentioned that his father and I think it would be good to wait a year before entering into the deadlines and "hoops" on the Timetable, and he agreed. So what we planned together is this: we will continue with him on the track I'd projected for this year, which is high school level for STEM and languages already so long as we stay on track. We'll make fairly minor changes to his WTM logic-based good books work to bring it to high school level. I'm sketching this out on the Accountability thread -- we have a strong start just with Memoria Press Geography III, Movies as Literature, and readings from Great Books Junior science writing anthology; that's not counting the actual Early Modern & Modern history we've planned, and I have an American Literature unit that we can pull in. So I should be able to stick with our Early Modern into Modern plans and get the necessary credits without stressing us. I'm so grateful for y'all!!!
  6. @Critterfixer -- crossing my fingers that your pain improves & that you can lose yourself a bit in the revising -- hope it is as much fun as possible! Today is a Recovery Morning. Elder DS wants to be high school, after freaking myself out this weekend I am settling into a plan whereby he keeps on the academic route we have planned, with very minor revision, and we call him ninth. I'm getting him his own copy of WTM and having him set up record-keeping this term, and we'll go over what he needs to be doing so that at the start of next term he's on solid footing. Then we can just keep moving forward and assume a 13-year education, and if he wants to graduate sooner he will need to let us know and we'll work it out. It is possible that his academics would naturally compress if we keep working, but probably not without some serious focus on my part. Between all my weekend high-school brainstorming and recent power outages and other stuff, we're seriously off our stride. So this morning is work in garden, clean house, plan the week & rest of term to account for our original and our adjusted goals. Ideally figure out how to high-school our history; shouldn't be too crazy, I just need to pull together a Good Books integrated plan that would have some math and science too. Sort of Great Books pre-year. Younger DS could be academically accelerated, he's sort of been back-burnered this year, so it might work to gently compress both of them over the next few years, which would makes things line up easily for our WTM-oriented education; it puts them in the same year, topically, and exactly on the plan in the book. IE, "fourth" and "eighth" being modern history, then "fifth" and "ninth" ancients. It will really help me with elder DS if I can stick to script. This afternoon: essential school + literature, do some sort of run through basic literary analysis with both boys. Essential school: languages, piano, math. Afternoon for me: plenty of exercise, will help my own (currently minor) pain issues recede, have house clean when DH gets home, have dinner early-ish so that the evening feels relaxed & we get plenty of read aloud time. Elder DS' read-aloud is the third book in the Foundation trilogy and I am very ready to move on. Asimov has some cool ideas but the sexism in this particular book is weighing heavily, and there are some unappealing racial overtones too. Fortunately I get to edit on the fly and don't have to speak it; DS knows about the editing and approved it. okay: off to implement! ETA: keeping notes here. I have the "credits" I need for elder DS planned in STEM & languages, starting after Thanksgiving. If we just finish our Memoria Press Geography III, then we have 1/2 credit high school social studies right there. I've been wanting to run the "Movies as Literature" and that is easily 1/2 literature. I've also been wanting to do the Great Books Jr. science anthologies, which can be literature. We can pull from Early Modern/Modern history, American history, American literature to fill any gaps. Okay, feeling less panicked ...
  7. Elder DS really "feels" a year ahead of where I'd pegged him, so we're working to make this a reality. So far the main downside is that I don't want to leave this cozy corner of the forum, and younger DS won't be logic for another year! Fortunately, elder's math, foreign languages & writing are up to speed for our WTM high school plan, but it will be a chunk more work and a step up in his reading. whoo-hoo, opportunity for growth!
  8. Oh, my. As elder DS recovers from his long illness, it turns out that he thinks he is in high school. I'd thought he was in 8th grade. 😉 I'm pretty sure that this little "misunderstanding" actually reflects a more deep desire on DS' part to be in 9th grade and is tapping into something significant which I ought to pay attention to -- there were signs of it last year -- oh, my. I've been thinking that if we hit high-school quality work by December of his "ninth grade" year then we'll be okay, though we need probably need to work through the summer. And this is before December, at least, and his math & foreign languages are alright for HS credit. Hope it is okay that I post this here. I've already done something like this so. many. times for this child, it can be discouraging and accountability will help. (the idea is to work backward from the high school plans) Word Study & Grammar : prepare for ninth grade word study Finish All About Spelling Because it doesn't take THAT long and the boy is simply not a natural speller and then begin vocabulary from classical roots. Grammar ftWTM red books. Rhetoric: begin Discovery of Deduction crank out some 3-level outlines this week, begin reading Elements of Style Great Books: !!!!! Begin. We may begin with something at the end of the "middle ages" year and then pick up with Early Modern after Thanksgiving break. Add science & math great books to the list, and incorporate them in our science & math studies. Math Work 1 hour per school day on math: current program, readings in math, and ... Add/incorporate 10-15" skills review (partly b/c standardized test results showed this was something to be addressed) daily or every other day Art Drawing & artistic pursuits. At least 30" regularly. Begin high school program(s). Piano. Lab science Wrap up our earth science readings & work by Thanksgiving. I suppose what is most needed is practice in writing lab reports + building joy. Probably will try Golden Book of Chemistry, having DH help get him started by building lab equipment over Thanksgiving holiday. Geography: ???? Christian Studies: I've ordered a book on the New Testament to step our studies up a notch. I'll probably run "The Bible and Its Influence" first. Debate: I don't think we'll be able to do this even though WTM recs it, so I'll try to teach argument skills and doing some oral presentations this year.
  9. For trivium/liberal arts goals, I see the benefits of a multi-year logic study. I don't have BTDT on this yet, partly because educating my elder has been such a wild ride, but it seems that AofA is worth doing with your older two, and following with the next book Discover of Deduction sometime in the "logic" stage. This is one of the WTM paths (more or less 😉 ) and as my elder jettisons himself into the Rhetoric stage I am getting a sense of the value of it. I'd say that if you want to try Fallacy Detective, think of it as installing hooks & building enthusiasm. From my experience, totally worthwhile along these lines. Not sure if that helps.
  10. We're doing Fallacy Detective/Thinking Toolbox with elder DS. He really likes it, and I have him make a flashcard for the lessons so we can easily ensure he's learning it, and it sticks. Editing: I strongly edited my earlier answer so that I could ask: what goals for "logic" do you have for the child? and is there a particular educational model or path you'd like to follow?
  11. 'afternoon! Second day with power back on here (had been off since last Saturday afternoon). We got slightly derailed this week. Are at piano lessons now. For today: elder: math, Latin, memory work, Old Testament verse review, running & some exercise, younger: grammar & writing, Earth Science, Bible Memory work, running everybody: a haunted house project we didn't do this week me: troubleshoot the rest of the term. Math and language arts are coming together, science is picking up. I may try History Odyssey level 2 for elder DS; I'd prefer to just do WTM-style but this is my resistant learner and the pre-fab accountability of HO may suit him. I'm thinking we'll try lessons from the end of Middle Ages this term and see if it is doable & would like to adjust assignments to refer to my preferred encyclopedia and narratives spine(s). Also I'd like to pick up the support I'm giving for piano lessons: more daily practice, piano games of some sort + theory app, support for their theory work. also: clean house, exercise.
  12. Morning! Lazy morning here, for me personally. Going to gently work through yesterday's list today. Our area is shutting off power over the weekend to lower the risk of fires: I'm so glad there is this as a preventative measure, and we're trying to plan around it. Getting up properly, cleaning, reading, prepping are the order of the day; and chunking through the lists.
  13. Today: basically, yesterday! sort of lather, rinse, repeat right now. Today is DH's birthday, so we'll be making a cake & having a celebration. Focus on piano this AM a bit, also on cleaning; younger has language class and elder can work independently, so that frees up a bit of time though there were some time-consuming snafus this morning. For the day: piano, languages, Bible work, earth science, memory stuff & some literature if we have time. Exercise, clean clean clean, work in garden, have household calm when DH comes home. Notes for the weekend/next week: focus on piano and music theory -- add some games and extra stuff to make this go more smoothly -- and start doing some theory/practice each day myself; consider making Friday an arts/CM enrichment-focused day; continue emphasis on languages, Bible, piano & earth science; do math daily and pick 1 day to focus on skills; do formal exercise most days. Try to focus on home cleaning/organization over the weekend, and figure out some plants to put in at the fenceline so it doesn't look so bare. Spend a bit of time on holiday prep, schedule Halloween activities. Research supplementary Greek activities: book of John copywork; readers.
  14. !!!!! I'd think "difficult" is the least of it. Know that you have at least one not-so-secret-admirer! Here, I feel like we're finally coming out of the woods. Elder DS' health has stabilized so that he can eat regularly and isn't unwell very often, which is huge. I'm so grateful that he is recovering and that we have been able to care for him at home. I'm coming to terms with the Church Disaster of '19 😉 and, though I'm really sad that one consequence is that I can't have the boys in Christian community -- both DH and they identify as firmly agnostic, so getting the children to services each week that felt authentic to them was an uphill battle even before things went toxic -- I've learned that our former church is implementing some reforms that are very much in opposition to my values. For instance, they are pushing for children to be with the hired babysitters instead of sitting through the service (younger DS needs to stay with me, he can't bear the babysitting situation) and they want the children in firmly age-separated categories without considering where each child actually thrives. And there are other new limits on what people can say and do. So there's really no point in trying to mend things if that is the direction the community wants to go. And younger DS' arm has healed from its break, he is out of his splint, and DH's work has settled a bit so that now he's just exhausted from the year's family/work stresses but doesn't have any ongoing gigantic project or crisis. So today: languages, Bible studies, piano, Earth Science and memory work, some literature, and draw a deep breath and settle in to get a sense of where we are and where we ought to be going.
  15. Oh, friend! I am so sorry to hear how sick you are. You are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope that your hospital stay is short & sees you better quickly, that your little one and DH are navigating things okay while you are away, and that things get much easier very soon.
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