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  1. !!!! Just noticed this after you pointed it out. Yeah, it is perfect for me this week. That said: if you misspell "accountability" I will be kerfuffled. Today's list is here & growing: house cleaning round1 round2 place office suppy order order puppy treats; toy? other thing I ought to order but forgot and track spending, begin finance/budget work. 😉
  2. You know, I came across this today while I was going over my old notes, and it is still fabulous. So, again, thanks for the beauty!
  3. Morning! Today's main work is infrastructure of various sorts. I'm grokking what needs doing as I move through the day ... Housecleaning: round 1; round 2; FLY routines a bonus Homeschool: boys have their work (reading, music); I'm going through this year's "Accountability" threads to bring up my notes & goals: JAN FEB MAR APR MAY RPG: precis of Monday's micro-adventure to players; 15+" drafting next encounter; 15+" on system/rules/meta; 15+ minutes organizing a bonus.
  4. A.'s RPG game: level up character, organize notes. My RPG game: spend 15" on notes, 15" reading core book, 15" drafting some sort of plan of action/engaging what to do next Fitness boys: run/strength me: strength/yoga/aerobic House: 2 rounds cleaning; FLY routines; laundry away Garden: work in School: !!!! music & art day + spend 15-30" engaging what to do next. This week will be pretty laid back. Not quite so much as last week, but still. I'd like to emerge with a neat house, my RPG game under control (I start running one this w
  5. Morning! and Happy Friday. Today's daily adventures include ... housecleaning!!! errands: game store; nursery; take-out for lunch did I say housecleaning? RPG work: e-mail group RE Monday's game, prepare to pick up as GM by sketching next encounter, reading about rules/campaign design and working on general campaign (notes, etc.) 5PM: younger's piano instructor is holding a live event on Zoom, from China, and we're planning to set things up to watch on our TV dinner: the feta-chickpea-salad thing I failed to make earlier this week 😉 fitness.
  6. Evening! Lost a couple of days to post-vaccine ickiness. Don't think I've ever been so happy to be so achy. Since this week is a Total Break from Things Academic, it's been pretty easy going. Good amount of housework today, stuff outdoors, hanging with littles, reading up on my RPG stuff & listening to RPG podcasts & other stuff. This evening: make dinner (souffles, veggies, maybe salad too); we're all watching the second half of "Cars" and having popcorn; settle littles in. Maybe run a round of laundry, think about tomorrow, some exercise or yoga for me. PS
  7. Evening! Today saw the essentials done. And, inspired by my most recent round of listening to SWB's "Burnout" lecture, we're taking a week off of all academics. Whew! Tomorrow: kick it off with my 2nd vaccine shot: I'm so glad to be able to get it. Then, other stuff to tackle as I can: Fitness with boys Clean up my RPG character sheet Work on my own campaign for next week's opener; plan this flexibly, and to open with something cohesive, group-building, snappy and dramatic; some sort of decision point with interesting, salient results. Housecleaning. Gard
  8. Morning! You know, our lavender might want clay pots depending on where they go ... the soil here tends toward clay and when we get rain it comes in the winter (used to be very wet winters indeed, lately is more dry). That's the main delay on getting them in the ground: I'd like to "amend" with some sandy stuff, and we don't have any on hand. Hmmm. Today, the goal is to engage as much as can be gracefully managed of: Migraine management (aerobic/math intervals): 1 2 3 4 House cleaning, 2+ rounds: abc abc House some of stuff I di
  9. Yeah, that April was brutal to you is clear even from the view here. Hoping May's smoother & sweeter, for sure. Today is pretty basic, bare minimum: migraine treatment/prevention protocol fitness for me a la the above; fitness for boys (so far, so good on that this week!!!) younger -- catching up in piano composition, work on music elder -- Latin final house cleaning, 2 rounds garden work, some + brainstorm how to amend for the lavender plants dinner will be delivery from a local Puerto Rican restaurant (desperation here, and DH earned some
  10. 🙂 I agree with Not a Number: just a marketing thing ... You know, just over a year ago (as in March 2020) I set aside all my big, "get-us-back-on-track after a year of a very, very ill child + heartbreaking church problems" goals in exchange for getting my whole household through the next year alive while also trying to help folks outside the house as we were able. Not something I had total control over, but that was where my energy went. Here we are. Not nearly so academic as I'd wished, for sure. But everyone is still here, including my mother-in-law who lives upstairs &
  11. Morning! Afternoon. Oops! never got around to posting this AM. Making notes for wrapping up this week, starting next. Today: troubleshooting Various. Fitness for me (crazy important); boys (critical, too); housecleaning galore; troubleshoot Latin for younger, math for elder, and tool up for a week with plenty of music for younger, science for elder, and Latin, Math & English all around. This week: RPG: Send info RE what my character is up to to the current DM Finish background reading for my next game, have a round or two of organization of my
  12. Oy vey! kicking it off with a migraine, trying not to upchuck + stay somewhat functional. I ought, perhaps, to have seen it coming, btw. not getting to enough fitness earlier this week, changing everything around to orient on the grant, and also some stress RE younger's piano lesson. Maybe writing that out will help me be more assiduous about preventing future migraines. So, today: migraine protocol (brief bursts of aerobics + math on the hour, painkillers, anti-nauseals) House cleaning dinner. ???? either some sort of meat (thawed and cooked) or souffles. If I c
  13. I'm so, so sorry that the kitten didn't make it. Thank you for caring for her; and do be extra kind to yourself. (e-hug) We're trucking along. House is getting underway in terms of orderliness; today was fine with my goals, but got de-railed when I remembered that I was due to go over DH's grant materials. He's a scientist trying to renew his Howard Hughes Medical Institute funding. So we'll orient toward that over the day or two; there was an unexpected snafu. As a result, I'm behind on my fitness and the boys' fitness too. So some PTSD problems, some physical problems for me
  14. Evening! Today saw: basic school; generous amount of house cleaning; run for boys; decent fitness for me; first vaccine for me, hurrah. For tomorrow: lather, rinse, repeat. Focus on house; basic school + lunch read-alouds; fitness all around, ideally for boys AM & PM; noticing what works; take time to work on game, to read, and to brainstorm school: schedule work for next few weeks, incl. history reading for elder, and plan to engage stepping the pace up.
  15. Evening. Still truckin' along. Hit Essential School today, house cleaning, some general recovery time. Dinner: pasta with bell pepper sauce & fresh veggies. Also to do: some straightening, a short run for me, general evening stuff.
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