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  1. Morning! Got totally demoralized yesterday. I registered both boys for fun summer classes online, and found that the instructor of elder's science class doesn't know much science (and has written some strange anti-Muslim stuff), and the instructor of younger's Narnia class espouses a personal philosophy that non-monastic, pre-contemporary-"mindfulness" humans weren't fully conscious. I don't think the latter fellow actually connected the dots to the logical conclusion that CS Lewis wasn't fully conscious; but regardless, I think younger DS & I will just be reading Narnia for bedtime story and I'll replace his class time with some fun project or -- and this is frankly more likely -- time to play games on his iPad. He was looking forward to having a "fun" hour of school each week & I am just not up to organizing & implementing it right now. Elder was looking forward to learning science & hanging out (online) with other kids who like science too. Bombed on both fronts, not sure what I'll replace his class with. Strange but true fact: the one student other than DS who really understood math & science was also, as far as DS saw, the only one other than him who knew where the book of Deuteronomy comes in the Bible. Also our history memory cards keep having factual errors. Sigh. + AARRGGHHH!!!! Is it really so hard? and the answer is yes, yes it is. Already accomplished today: threw history cards into the waste bin. Also, boys have read literature + done a bit of other stuff. Younger learned about the existence of acid rain + some consequences of it, elder reviewed foreign language vocab + grammar, both went over foreign language saying with me. Everybody also got breakfast (before all that other stuff) & I picked up the kitchen. Not sure what today's goals are. Work to restore my morale, I suppose. Hit math, languages, history + science reading, piano. House cleaned up a bit, garden tended a bit, dinner -- salmon burgers with some greens, and dessert involving either apples or blueberries or both. I ought to spend some time on my: math, Greek, and getting our memory work together. Prep for tomorrow's RPG + spend some time prepping the game I'll run in a week or two.
  2. Morning! Today's biggest goal is a WTM-style day. Praying for success here. Next to that, fitness; dinner (chicken somethings, salad, blueberry something); house a bit; outdoors a bit; catch up with DH.
  3. Tuesday is here! sort of whacked me in the head, feels like. Ah well, into the fray ... school: art, piano, math & composition, languages, music history, American art history "bingo" + make sure younger has completed lesson. Poetry memorization review. house: FlyLady stuff, daily work, outside 15". RPG work: e-mail group + DM with critique. Draft brief summary? and begin work on new campaign. Narrow down the system; the style; brainstorm a few ideas for entry point + merging with my larger universe; register for weekend workshop (free!) + check with DH for help with boys those days. Focus: joy, grace and beauty.
  4. Lori, when I first skimmed your answer I was thinking you didn't understand the problem. When I re-read it carefully, I realized you understood the problem better than I had! and felt rather chagrined. You were entirely right that this isn't a good game for them right now, even though the social element is so dear to me. Upon reflection, I wrote the game master about my concerns. Then he wrote the whole group, and it turned out we were not the only ones not enjoying it. So now we'll be doing something high fantasy, and I may run a game in a couple of weeks (since the fellow who had planned out the noir game could use a break!). You helped a lot of people! And I'm going through the linked references you gave, finding ones that the boys enjoy. Like Calvin & Hobbes -- always a hit here! Anyhow: thanks so, so much. + e-hug!
  5. Afternoon! Sporadically sunny here. We're having a light week here, with me planning and all of us working to have lots of joy. School today: reading, math, composition, dabble our toes in memory work. House: vacuumed all of it, DH shopped & we decontaminated the food stuff; laundry, boys' rooms, general picking up, FlyLady stuff. Other: RPG tonight. We ended up motivating a change of game, so I need to work on my character. ETA: also, I have Grand Goals of the Week. 1: incorporate Bible, literature, Shakespeare & poetry mem. whilst staying strong in art, music & American art history. 2: on big art paper, sketch out a pipeline from grammar to logic WTM (for younger) and from logic to rhetoric (for elder) as the basis of summer plans.
  6. Morning! Bad migraine today, so: migraine treatment. Otherwise all's well.
  7. Okay, so I'm betting this is a slim hope, but y'all ARE miracle-workers ... Our role-playing group is running a noir-based mystery/system (City of Mist) and my boys have no cultural clue. They are 14 and 9. The 9 year old has basically dropped out of the game; he is pretty sophisticated in RPG when we are doing D&D or similar fantasy systems, but this modern urban noir makes no sense to him. The older one is often mystified and is probably going to either quit soon or just disengage (ie, observe). This is our only non-family social outlet. I'm working other angles, including beginning to prep a game that I could run for our group that the boys could be more active in, but would love any ideas for getting them familiar with the "noir" genre. Everything I can find is inappropriately disturbing (surprise!). TIA. ps -- it is a Zoom game now, of course -- we moved online. ETA: elder child suggested Chicago 20's style gangster stories might work. But he doesn't seem to know of any. Apparently he doesn't like noir. Or gangster stuff. But he does like the superhero element of the RPG and the modern tech. Anyhow: help appreciated.
  8. Plecostomus sounds sort of antediluvian ... hope you can resolve its fate soon. Invasive plants are bad enough, and at least one can just uproot them wherever they are found and leave their roots to desiccate, no ethical quandaries at all. Today starts with fitness, then piano theory + math. Poetry writing, American art history, composition, languages and art projects: those are the goals. Me: do some math + Greek; work in house + garden; spend 15" at least on organizing memory work; spend some time planning school room. Exercise all around. Dinner: ??? homemade pizza, probably, with lots of veggies.
  9. Super glad you are alive. !!! Guess what: grilled pork chops here, too! barring the Unforeseen, in which case it'll be frozen pizza. Well, frozen pizza that's been made hot. Today: languages, I need to work on math to catch up with elder, American art history work, composition for elder + English for younger, history reading. Schedule rest of week. Plenty of piano. Make sure we can do some science tomorrow. Register for online classes. Non-school: have a telephone meeting/call at 12:30; house needs attention; finances need attention; fitness all around.
  10. I just realized my prior answer was probably a little too glib ... I did make sure to teach what was on the tests after the fact, so that going forward the child could do the problems. Also: 1. Was it simply a matter of the format of the answer? Because you can allow some wiggle room there, and teach him as he goes what MUS expects. 2. The customer service is one of the very best aspects of MUS: they are great. If this annoys you, or is in any way troublesome, I strongly suggest just ringing them up and talking with somebody about it. 🙂
  11. MUS Algebra 2 tests have a lot of problems that go back to earlier work and have not been reviewed in the lesson -- even in the "review" lessons. The main ones that threw my child were labeling the quadrants of the coordinate plane. I mean, I totally don't care about that really and none of our other math touches on it. At any rate, we ended up just having my child flag any problems he felt hadn't been taught and try to do them; I didn't deduct points for those if they were wrong. Maybe I gave "extra credit" if they were right, not sure. Also, when I was on my game I looked over his tests a day or so ahead of time and reviewed/re-taught anything I thought needed brushing up. On the positive side: can be good practice for not being totally "thrown" when the child encounters a testing problem that he can't solve. That is a useful skill to learn. 😉
  12. Starting with yesterday's leftovers. 😉 Find independent work for boys -- reading, most likely, and some piano practice -- while I work on memory work + brainstorming our future in language classes. And I need to work on math to help elder DS. No cleaning happened yesterday, so there's that too. And: art, music, composition, languages, math, read science, maybe do some. Get elder DS's American History reading going. That'll be school. Home: look at FlyLady routines, get round of laundry accomplished, dinner is take-out with my MIL (she lives upstairs) tonight, and puzzle construction after. Time to work on our exit game. Space for grace, and love & joy.
  13. Morning! The plan: Finish getting properly "up". Get boys working. Prep stuff to decontaminate groceries when DH gets home. Work for 30" at least on our memory work. School subjects: math, art, literature, hit the languages, history.; dabble in grammar + spelling with little guy, logic with elder one but those are both optional; fitness. Dinner by 5:15 (!!! crazy early for us) to allow plenty of time for our (Zoom-based) RPG. Exercise for me. Also: some house, some garden, some planning. ETA: esp. for tomorrow, some today: find MCT poetry stuff; find younger's next Latin; figure out fall online language classes.
  14. Happy Mother's Day! I got locked out of the forum after Friday AM - a glitch that didn't effect everybody -- and am happy to be able to get back on. Today: keep it relatively simple. Straighten & plan; work outside; (edited to remove my hopelessly ambitious plan! for school, just dabbling today: elder studied for Latin, read a bit of literature + did some art; younger did math, bit of history reading, Evan Moor geography). Okay, for the week ahead: I'm calling it Mother's Week. Hoping to get my feet under me. School: art-rich + essentials: music, art, literature, math & languages, hit some history & science. Memory work is the biggest thing to add. Go over previous lists, term plans, clean up and incorporate.
  15. Morning! AM focus: piano, music & art, and straightening. Some math. PM focus: history, composition, language review, finish art. Other stuff to add later.
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