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  1. you know, it seems to be Monday all around today ... Here: Migraine protocol x 4-6 basics for online classes piano for younger hit bit of math for elder clean house prep for game, snacks for our podded buddy fitness for me: bit of strength + yoga. I got up early enough for a short run today!!! first time in YEARS! fitness for boys: "wind sprints" (ha!!!!! you should see my sweet, zaftig younger fellow wind sprinting. adorable.) + DareBee "B" e-hugs to all y'all. I wouldn't mind a hug myself today, so I'm projecting 🙂
  2. Seconding other above: what are you having her memorize?
  3. I have & really like the Movies as Literature, though we haven't run through it yet. Along those lines: Bravewriter often has film discussion groups going. I've had a hard time getting to them before they're booked up, but then I'm not desperate yet!
  4. If it is CLRC, and you haven't done this, I would suggest immediately e-mailing the teacher with your specific concerns and CC-ing Anne VanFossen. 🙂 ETA -- My thinking with things like this has been that I want to immediately ensure the teacher is getting feedback about what is expected, and the provider gets early feedback if a class may be going off the rails. It is win-win if the teacher can respond by stepping up their game and improving the instruction. I also have gotten in the habit of sending a friendly hello/check-in in the first few weeks of a class, with some sort of compliment/thanks for the teacher, to establish a positive background for any concerns I have later. We did have some difficulty with one CLRC teacher, but nothing that couldn't be managed by dropping him notes -- though IIRC he only responded to them if I cc-ed Anne. And he didn't come back the next year 😉
  5. Fall's been flirting with us here, too. One day earlier this week; then a heavy, dry heat; today is mild and overcast. I adore fall weather -- it's the weather that feels happiest to me. Today: get my coming week on good footing. I'm tired and am hoping that all this work opens up some space in the future, space in a secure and comfortable context; but up-front is killer for sure. So: do my personal best to: Not get over-stressed and to project my underlying sense of optimism, joy and energy. Maybe invent that sense first 😉 Finish out the school planning & prep Get lots of exercise Get house neat-ish. Company-ready would be ideal. Remember to pray. I keep only checking in when I wake up and before I fall asleep.
  6. Well, if you have to do it, I bet you can make it work. 🙂 I don't know Saxon or BJU myself. But if the child placed into the BJU class, and isn't either frustrated or bored to tears & so he does the work fine and keeps up, then I expect he'll come out okay. We've had several math transitions and none, so far, were disastrous! Wishing you luck! And I know you've had a ton of experience, and I hope it's clear I also know that I'm not saying anything you've never heard. But math changes can be concerning, so I at least wanted to toss out an encouraging word.
  7. Happy Friday! Today: send boys for a micro run while I start washing car, get them going on laundry putting-away & listmaking. draft exodus from Planning Purgatory grocery shopping hit the nursery for a few plants, maybe. plenty of arts and music for boys some math all around dinner -- I'm loving that cheese board idea, @HomeAgain! but I'm stuck with kiddos tonight. We might do a cheese/sandwich board with hard cider. DH is a hard sell on wine, sometimes. PM fitness for littles fitness for me clean.
  8. Morning! Still Planning Purgatory. Not Dante's, though; I just looked up his circles of purgatory, and have to say that although this process is dragging on interminably, I don't think it is an embodiment of the seven deadly sins. Which is for the better. Super Goal for the day: lesson plans for each subject, each child. Functional but doesn't have to be perfect. Fitness Catch-up: catch-up DareBee "A" normal boys' fitness: run, DareBee "B" dinner: will be ordered in & shared with MIL and her guest my fitness: some lower body strength, 15" aerobics, some yoga bare minimum school: keep up with online classwork, round of piano for younger, round of math for elder, reading all around, hit some poetry memorization & review 1 Latin and 1 Greek saying. !!!!!!!! breathe. find some chocolate. read-alouds before bed and the multi-day goals for this week ... * get my MP maps into some sort of image or PDF form so I can anki-fy them * get the rhetoric section labels onto my copy of WTM, and fix up the logic section
  9. Afternoon! Still in Planning Purgatory; and had a surprise (to me!) though welcome visit from the fellow finishing a wall in our house. Today's planning: finish geography plans for both boys. edit elder's foreign language lesson plans either draft elder's history plan, and perhaps Great Books, OR ... start drafting plans for younger so that I have the same subjects completed for both children. Make chart/checklist for this week's fitness goals PM fitness for boys: run, DareBee Fitness for me Date night with DH; dinner on sidewalk at cafe or something be friendly to MIL's overnight guest clean? water plants? if possible. ETA: it'd be great to try to get my geography test maps scanned into a nice PDFs. so that may be a project over the rest of the week.
  10. Afternoon, y'all! Almost dinner time here. Hope writing goes well this month, Critterfixer; and all your balls stay airborne until you're ready for them to come down, HomeAgain. We're in full Troubleshooting swing; Progress Is Being Made. I believe. Am getting the hang of elder's plan: we're upping the chemistry substantially to support his AP work. Essentially I'm adding a great-booksish science course to his online one. Accordingly we may backburner history (with a plan to double up on it in a bit, as we're doubling up on the chemistry now) and re-working Ancients literature into the booklist from Dirda's "Classics for Pleasure" to build reading competency and maintain interest. I hope to have this fully troubleshoot-ed by the end of September, and younger up & going too. Tonight: fitness is left, and dinner (dutch babies with toppings of some sort), and cleaning & stories.
  11. Afternoon! Today is school planning, fitness for me, prep for MIL's guest.
  12. Morning! Today: Fitness for boys (strength AM/early; run + DareBee PM) and for me (some yoga, aerobics, strength/stretch) For younger: music; Lingua Latina; art; reading For elder: writing; Russian; Lingua Latina independent reading; art; hit some math, too School planning Get grocery list ready for tomorrow Clean house, work outside some Read-alouds and bedtimes on the early end of things
  13. Morning. @Critterfixer-- hope today goes more smoothly. @HomeAgain -- Critterfixer said it well. That stinks about the rink. Hoping things come together well. Since y'all are the only folks I really can whine too (lucky you!) ... I don't want to plan my homeschool any more. I'm so tired of it. On the other hand, the more online classes the boys dabble in, the more I see the value of what we do here. Just imagine if it were actually organized!!! And we do need to hit school much more thoroughly this year. Last year we did a chunk of coasting on earlier years' work so there was some give in our little home system, so we could absorb some blows more gracefully. One can only do that for so long. Okay, whine over! Gratitude -- it's a marvelous opportunity I have here with my little ones & family. Thanks, y'all. Today: Planning! next up: draft of elder's booklists, and younger's "lesson plans" -- this is going through each subject and jotting down what the routine will be for that subject, and the programs used / WTM methods that apply (for writing especially). Which reminds me -- I'll probably put younger through an outlining program, need to locate that. Music for younger, art, other basic school. Chem, Russian, and art for elder, and start reading the first few chapters of Lingua Latina + do some grammar review from my MP charts. Dabble in math, hit writing. Fitness for me -- missed that yesterday, have migraine trickling around, would like to do Migraine Prevention Protocol which has fitness component. Fitness for boys. Housecleaning! Work outside! Date night! at an outdoor cafe. Grace and peace and joy to you today.
  14. Afternoon, y'all. September has morphed from First Month of School to Last Month of School Planning. Oy vey. We're keeping toes in, but the main focus is getting the essentials done and finishing off my plans so we're open-and-go. Today's remaining tasks: Music with younger. Some math with elder. Fitness for boys, me. Get elder's Great Books routine into a document. Dinner: shakshuka & fry bread & veggies. Read-alouds before bed. Some cleaning, garden work would be great. And: find out why elder's Russian homework didn't get submitted today. (wasn't actually his bad -- the teacher wanted them to do the work orally, so no submission even though there was an online assignment listed).
  15. Morning to y'all! Successfully shopped yesterday, with not too many mis-adventures (DH has been doing the shopping with the boys). This morning was definitely more relaxed and mellow for everybody, so it worked pretty well. I'm planning to use the rest of September to trial this new schedule. Today is my work day. Focusing on school planning and working through a long Anki tutorial. The school planning I've done has already paid off (it's based on Pam Barnhill's stuff, which focuses on building routines rather than working through particular assignments on particular days -- I think maybe Julia Bogart & BraveWriter do that too) but I need to keep at it. We're not shifted yet to our target start time of 8 (we're currently at 8:40), so I'm thinking of how to make our plans more open-and-go when that first hour doesn't really exist yet. Think I'll leverage elder's Latin Purgatory Moment and have us do some Lingua Latina as a family from our start time to about 9. Once we have a whole hour there maybe we can switch the Latin up a bit, but until then it'll give elder a sort of de-schooling recovery from his class. Also on Parade of Daily Adventures: plan meals; clean some house; fitness; play the "Ticket to Ride" game elder got for his birthday with the family.
  16. Morning. Hope the caffeine kills that headache truly dead. Today: experimenting with switching our Sunday & Friday schedules, so I can grocery shop on Friday mornings -- otherwise, for Reasons, shopping happens Saturday AM which isn't ideal for having a Sabbathy rest day. So ... Breakfast Reading for boys, I prep list Errands with boys, bring cooler for cold stuff Lunch at sidewalk cafe in town Hit the art store if we haven't yet Home, math + languages + some drawing Afternoon Zoom chat with a friend Dinner. ??? Something super comforting, extremely nutritious, that everybody likes and can be prepped in 15". Ha! I'll be sure to post if I find such a meal. More likely, a meat-and-cheese board type situation. Or sandwich fixins. And tonight is sort of movie night. Popcorn! Hope y'all are doing well out there. e-hugs to y'all: I'm glad for you.
  17. No, the vibe is great -- it is CLRC, and they just have the best ethos. Closest to my own I've found. He's just sort of bored, and not engaged. To be fair, Latin is a requirement of my schooling for him and not an elective. But so are math and writing, subjects also generally despised but from which he take some joy. This year, the Latin is largely translating chunks of Aeneid. They are beginning in Book IV, and weren't assigned to read the English translation beforehand (I did have him run through a graphic novel version; my plans to assign a prose or poem version fell victim to Pandemic Situations). And the real reason, I think, that this is the work for the first translation class is to prep them for the eventual AP. So I'm just saying that the material wasn't chosen to inspire, and kiddo is 100% non-inspired. So I'll probably dedicate the year to holding ground & building joy/interest. I'm thinking we'll take a week off Latin entirely, then have him work from Lingua Latina as review and do other simple reading, plus join a weekly conversation class in October. Then re-assess. We'll focus on building reading & speaking skills and finding bits of Latin he gets a kick out of. I'll have to outsource & it'll be a challenge to supervise, but hey, keeps my brain stretchy. 😉 Otherwise the day went pretty well. Mild migraine, sleep problems to address, but nothing too unusual going on.
  18. HomeAgain, hope zoo was unexpectedly rewarding! Here, I sort of staggered through the day. I have a cold, am stupid & demoralized, and realized that elder's Latin IV class is simply not going to work for him. You know, I thought I had solved that particular problem. This child is so. hard. to. educate. But he's a terrific person, which has gotta count for something. Thank goodness we have a bit more to spend on school this year; I just placed the order with Rainbow Resource for the materials we'll try to switch to. Argh.
  19. I don't know, sort of a briskly refreshing honesty don'cha think?
  20. Afternoon! I suppose we're all grinding away today, then 🙂 Hit the books this AM; I'm moving our start time forward by 5" a day (but not Fridays!) until we're at our Official Start Time. We did great with that today, though it was a bit of a scramble. This afternoon: Latin, Math with younger; elder has independent stuff; would love to review some poetry memorization all around; fitness for boys. Fitness for me, too. Wash day's dishes and do a spot of cleaning; shakshuka + fry bread for dinner. Read-alouds before bed, oh my! And I ought to bathe at some point.
  21. Evening! Today was light, and ended with an RPG game in which I played (but of which I wasn't the GM -- much easier). Now to bed with everyone. All in all, pretty successful: bits of fitness, and cleaning, and school planning, and of course the RPG which was part Zoom, part a friend we're podding with.
  22. Yay, rain! and this morning saw us clear of smoky air for the first time in days, which was lovely. Today went to various forms of catching up. Some school for boys, lots of planning for me. Goals: set us up well tonight so that tomorrow goes well. quick, short nap for me fitness with boys souffles, salad + fruit for dinner. cleaning up, fitness for me, get ready for bed -- boys probably get video tonight so I can get some exercise in. somewhere in there, make sure things are ready to kick off in the morning
  23. I think I missed two days. !!!! But, in related news, we've kicked off our official school year. Whew!!! Off to get some exercise & a bath in before tucking in kiddos & heading to bed. Happy nearly-weekend, y'all.
  24. YES!!!!! I declare, every one in my family can read at breakfast. Except me. WHY????? (I've started breakfasting at my desk 😉 )
  25. Morning! Not so hot here today -- hoping a cooler breeze comes your way soon. Super dry, though. Today: School planning: get things rough & ready for the start of the year/term tomorrow. House: FlyLady stuff, cleaning generally, getting necessary school stuff accessible, box up some of the stuff we won't use this year to clear space. School: piano for younger, some math; elder has work for online classes Fitness: run + Darebee for boys, aerobics, strength & yoga for me Meta goal -- have the evening, especially, run earlier in keeping with getting folks to bed a bit sooner & up a bit sooner, too. Garden -- putter. Which mainly means watering stuff enough to keep it going, and putting bags of things away.
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