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  1. YES!!! My one and only fights with the dog all the time. You can almost hear them bantering back and forth. It's hilarious.
  2. Look for cheer leading shoes. I got mine at Academy. They have the pivot point on the ball so that it makes it easy to do the turns.
  3. I have never tipped the mail carrier, the newspaper person or the trashman. It never occurred to me and I don't think it was something that happened in the area I lived in. The trash man never got out of the trash truck at all and was lazy lazy (would dump trash everywhere and not pick it up). I doubt he would have gotten out of the truck to pick anything up from the top of the can. As far as tips to the newspaper lady, the newspaper lands at random inconvenient spots in the driveway and I wouldn't have a way to leave her anything. Half the time, I can't find the paper..lol I did buy s
  4. My basset fits everything you require. He is the most even temperamented (can't figure out how to spell this..lol) dog we have EVER had..AND has kept up with my daughter. I think his heart literally breaks every time she leaves the house. He is so in love with her.
  5. I do know somebody that knows the family and is absolutely heartbroken. She knew something was wrong before she actually knew something happened. I can't imagine your worst fears coming true.
  6. This is my first 'winter weather' event...ever. I'm in Oklahoma...East of Tulsa and it sounds like to me, we are going to get hammered. I'm alone here with my daughter. I spent today prepping...stacking wood by the house, buying food, etc. I just hope it doesn't get as bad as it sounds.
  7. My husband works on an oil rig in the gulf. He is working thanksgiving, his birthday, our anniversary, and christmas this year. :( He won't even be at home to celebrate later in the day or whatever. He won't be home from now until after Christmas.
  8. I don't generally mind commercials but what REALLY bugs me is pop up advertisements on the screen. TBS is particularly bad about that. Sometimes they move and flash. I HATE that. Sometimes there are subtitles that you miss or something important is going on.
  9. I make these to sell. They are wildly popular. I use a meatballer ;)
  10. Yes, I can eat with my family now, but have to have something playing in the background. We usually leave the TV on in another room. Just something else to focus on. YES, I notice a ton about me that I didn't realize were problems. I no longer want to punch my husband for mouth breathing. I can handle my daughter touching me (I don't like people touching me..including my own family...that's much better now). I can be in confined spaces a little better now...still bothers me, but I don't want to rip my skin off anymore. There's many many other changes that it has made in me but those are the
  11. I have not read replies, but yes, it's actually so bad for me that I eat meals in a separate room from my family. It actually makes me wretch and shake and get very very angry. I actually went to the doctor for it and found out it's an anxiety and/or obsessive compulsive disorder. I went on anxiety meds (I literally wanted to hurt my family) and it's 98% better now...but it also helped a TON of other things I didn't realize was a problem. Now that I'm on them, I feel soooo much better and my marriage is safe (it wasn't safe before...mostly b/c of the chewing..oh yeah, and my husband's breathi
  12. My mom used to call this the 10 minute clean up game. It was fun while we were little but as we got older, we caught one..not to mention it went from 10 minutes to 30 to 1 hour. It really stopped being fun then..lol
  13. The 'white privilege' aside, this very thing happens in REVERSE where I'm from. I have seen it, been a recipient of it time and again. The black cashier chats, smiles and jokes around with the black person in front of me. I get up there to check out and the chatter stops, the kindness stops. I'm lucky if I get a grunt...even when I am polite and try to make chatter. It doesn't happen every time, but many many times I have checked out it has. It goes both ways, and both ways, I'm sure, is infuriating. Now this is JUST the checking out part, not the check writing, id thing. Racism goes bet
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