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  1. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  2. This is what the orthodontist was talking about with Brotherman. Even with already having had the early intervention to try to correct his bite, his teeth are still being damaged because of the underbite. And a crossbite as well I think. And based on genetics and growth pattern, it will get worse as he grows.
  3. From your list, I like Rose Madeline or Rosalie Grace.
  4. Head gear hasn't been brought up, but he has already had a palate expander and braces and retainer, trying to stay ahead of it. The orthodontist feels the underbite is getting too severe for him to manage it at this point.
  5. What was the process for getting it approved as medically necessary? Was it just based on the surgeon's recommendation?
  6. Yes, it typically means a screened in lanai. They are often over pools to keep insects and leaves and whatnot out of the pool area, so they are also called pool cages.
  7. I love tacos! All the tacos. Never had a taco I didn't like, though I prefer the more authentic Mexican style. Sadly, I don't have access to a taco truck in my rural area, but when we are in one of the nearby cities we visit the taco truck.
  8. This sounds similar to what we are looking at, except that they don't want to wait as long and they aren't sure if the jaw will be wired shut. Maybe due to the severity? I will definitely be asking about the benefits of doing it earlier vs later. I know mine was done earlier than normal because of some pretty severe complications with headaches and TMJ. Brotherman does have headaches a lot, so that may be related. My surgery also involved removing bone from the lower jaw and putting a bone graft into the upper jaw, but so far they aren't talking about anything like that for Brotherman.
  9. Apparently the fact that this particular condition runs in my family doesn't make it common. I was hoping to find someone who had the surgery in the past 5 years or less to tell me what, if anything, has changed.
  10. :sad: :grouphug: I hope clean up goes smoothly.
  11. Yes. He peels and chops a finger of fresh ginger and throws it in with the simple syrup, then strains it when it's done. We keep it in a Mason jar in the fridge since everyone likes different levels of sweetness. It's also very good for upset tummies. Yes. He just peels and chops some fresh ginger and throws it in there, then stains it when it's done. We keep it in a Mason jar in the fridge to mix with the tea since everyone likes different levels of sweetness. It's also really good to help settle an upset tummy.
  12. Yes. He just perks and coops some fresh ginger and throws it in there, then stains it when it's done. We keep it in a Mason jar in the fridge to mix with the tea since everyone likes different levels of sweetness. It's also really good to help settle an upset tummy.
  13. What is hopefully the last band just passed through here. Other than the outer blinking and a neighbor's tree coming down, everything is fine here. The northern part of our county has a lot of flooding though. Cindy, how are things?
  14. I agree, and the NFL has the right to discipline him as specified in his contract. But I would think less of them if they do so, given what they have turned a blind eye to from other players.
  15. We're just south of Cindy. The rain has been fairly light up until now, but it is really starting to come down. Fortunately, we shouldn't have much wind here.
  16. Yes, because I only have one large oven and it does indeed heat the house, which seems silly for something small. If I had a smaller over built in I probably wouldn't give up the counter space for a toaster oven. ETA - I don't have a regular toaster. I use the toaster oven for toast, and also for reheating leftovers, and baking or roasting small batches foods not everyone will want. Oh, and it has a rotisserie feature, so I sometimes rotisserie a whole chicken or a turkey breast.
  17. I have a Samsung smooth top range/convection oven. I didn't find the adjustment to convection to be difficult. It does tend to cook food faster, so I always check the food about 10-15 minutes earlier than the recipe calls for. It might be a bigger difference for very large roasts. The main thing I love is the built-in temperature probe that beeps when the meat hits the desired temp. My family likes most meats rare and I always used to overcook them. Not anymore!
  18. I don't know who he is, nor do I care anything about football, but I see nothing wrong with his form of protest. Also I think it would be silly of the team to fire him over this when players who have committed actual crimes with actual victims get little to no penalty. That would indicate vastly maladjusted priorities.
  19. Brotherman and I both enjoy Twinings Lady Grey. Also, dh makes a ginger simple syrup we all enjoy with green tea and a little lemon. It's great iced as well.
  20. Did insurance cover it? Did they have to wire the jaw shut? We were told today that Brotherman will likely need it to correct an underbite in the next few years. He is almost 13 and was about to get braces, but when the orthodontist did all the measurements he decided to refer to an oral surgeon instead. They are saying they will observe until he is mostly done growing, and aim for doing the surgery when he is at least 16. I had corrective jaw surgery/facial reconstruction when I was 13. My jaws were wired shut for 6 weeks, and that was definitely the worst part for me. I know we won't really be able to get details until we are much closer to time, but I don't want to paint a worse picture than necessary based on outdated info. I also remember it being a big fight with the insurance company to get the surgery covered. I'm hoping that is easier with the current insurance regulations. Ugh. Stupid genes. I had so hoped he wouldn't have to deal with this. :sad:
  21. Gas station hot dogs. Goth clubs. Sex on the beach. (The drink. Ok, ok, not the drink too. :ph34r: )
  22. i would also saute the sausage and veggies, and add some minced garlic too. Season with salt and pepper at the end. Then serve over rice with hot sauce for those who like to kick it up a notch. You'll still get the nice fresh flavors of the onions and peppers but with more oomph.
  23. We're on the Gulf coast a bit south of predicted landfall. We're watching it, and most activities for the next day or two have been cancelled, but it looks like it will mostly just be rain here. I expect we'll see a little coastal flooding, but not anything too severe. Unless it shifts south. Then my day will be much more interesting than I generally prefer tomorrow.
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