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  1. Yeah, we’re at 13+ hours without electricity. Like @ktgrok said, our house is all electric. So no oven, no hot water, no fireplace, no way to get warm. Looks like our electric company may restore power tomorrow evening. Maybe not. Spouse will probably barbecue on the patio for dinner, but we’ve all been pretty still and quiet today. It’s very cold. It can be hard to imagine, but I’ve lived here over 30 years and never experienced anything like this. We all adapt to our environments. My adaptation usually includes switching from canvas tennis shoes to leather ones to keep my feet a little dryer
  2. Yeah, my folks are near Texarkana and they have power too. Down in Austin, we’ve been without power since around 2 AM. Around 7 hours and counting. We are all electric so no gas heat, no hot water, nothing. Brrrrrr! Just sitting in bed with blankets and trying not to burn up my batteries here, LOL. I’m glad we don’t have anywhere to go, but getting kind of nervous for what the day may bring.
  3. Who I supposed to only be in for 3 days? I thought we weren’t getting past freezing until next weekend. I’m doing everything I can to stay inside. I’m pathetic enough as an Austinite, but poor Spouse is from the Valley and his blood is thin as water. Ha!
  4. YEP! We did our shopping on Thursday and aren’t trying to leave the house at all for the next week. We’re dripping faucets, protecting plants, sternly speaking to the dogs about wanting to go outside (LOL), etc . . . We’re in Austin. This is ridiculous. We are not built for such severe weather! Give me a run-of-the mill tornado warning over this any day.
  5. I hope you’re bringing your own red carpet. No one wearing that dress should sully their shoe soles with barn hay. The very thought is beyond!
  6. I got my 2nd Moderna dose Friday morning. My experience: Exhausted. Saturday I slept ALL day. I literally could not stay awake for more than 2 hours. And I wasn’t just laying down, I slept hard all day long. My arm felt like a balloon - tight, warm, and very sore to the touch. I couldn’t lay on that side or wear sleeves that brushed against the injection site. I had the same headache as after the first shot, kinda relentless. BUT I woke up today, Sunday, pretty much like myself. No headache. Very minor arm soreness. I’m doing laundry and regular Sunday chores. I’m not sure wh
  7. We loved the Spanish. We have Spanish speakers in my home, who are also Americans. We were excited when J Lo showed up (looking spectacular) and looovvveeddddd the acknowledgment of her heritage. Why wouldn’t she? But we are an acquired taste. Obviously.
  8. Oh, thanks for asking me this. I forgot to post that part. She said she usually sees the “Big Red” the very next day, but I am not the only one who has had a more delayed reaction. She also said that she has seen it come and go. So you can have a Big Red, it goes away, and a few days later another Big Red pops up. As long as I don’t start running a fever. But my clinic has temperature checks every time we enter the building, even if you just forget something in your car, so I never would have made it to her office with a fever. It’s worth mentioning that it’s Wednesday morning and my Bi
  9. Quoting myself to add a new development. On Sunday , Jan 10th, eleven days after receiving my first vaccine, I developed a big, red, raised hive (?) around the injection site. It’s about 4 inches in diameter and very warm to the touch. On Monday I went to see a nurse in occupational health and she didn’t seem overly concerned. She drew a circle around it with a sharpie and took a picture of it. Told me to come see her daily. She said I could take Benadryl, but it makes me too sleepy for work. I already take Zyrtec daily because we’re in cedar season. It’s slightly smaller and less intens
  10. I got the Moderna vaccine the morning of Dec 30th at work. I am a social worker in homeless services at a VA clinic. The shot was uneventful. No pain or burning. My annual flu shot usually hurts during the initial stick and burns as it’s being administered. No symptoms for the rest of the work day. Developed a pretty relentless headache that night and it continued off and on throughout the next day. I took ibuprofen, which helped, but the second it wore off, the headache was back. The next day, Dec 31st, I worked but was extremely fatigued and ended up falling asleep around 8 PM instead
  11. I hear so much sadness, grief, and loss in your post. You seem to be trying to hold yourself together when you need to give yourself permission to let it all out and make meaning of it. If you decide that therapy is worth a try again, I would search for a grief and loss specialist, particularly related to complex trauma and give it some time. The therapist shouldn’t be trying to “fix you” or “do anything with you.” They should hold compassionate space until you mentally declutter enough to find your own healing. Sometimes it takes a while, particularly after living a long time. Lots of emoti
  12. That is Colorism. It is a very different problem born of internalized racism.
  13. I have to say that Art Acevedo has grown and changed with education, information, and age. He was fairly awful when he was police chief here, but really seems to be a better, more empathetic person in Houston. I don’t love his replacement either, but I digress. Being a POC in Texas will always be a challenge.
  14. Wow. I actually don’t have a lot of information. Everything I know is so old. My Baby Boy was born with this condition (among others) 27 years ago. I’ve never even met anyone else (other than GI doctors) who has heard of it. The TE Fistula was repaired on day three and the atresia widened and nissen procedure was done around seven years. Life was very challenging before and dramatically improved after. Although there are still dietary restrictions that are permanent. My Baby Boy spent twelve weeks in the NICU, it he had other health issues as well. He was a preemie. Hugs to that pre
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