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  1. That is Colorism. It is a very different problem born of internalized racism.
  2. I have to say that Art Acevedo has grown and changed with education, information, and age. He was fairly awful when he was police chief here, but really seems to be a better, more empathetic person in Houston. I don’t love his replacement either, but I digress. Being a POC in Texas will always be a challenge.
  3. Wow. I actually don’t have a lot of information. Everything I know is so old. My Baby Boy was born with this condition (among others) 27 years ago. I’ve never even met anyone else (other than GI doctors) who has heard of it. The TE Fistula was repaired on day three and the atresia widened and nissen procedure was done around seven years. Life was very challenging before and dramatically improved after. Although there are still dietary restrictions that are permanent. My Baby Boy spent twelve weeks in the NICU, it he had other health issues as well. He was a preemie. Hugs to that pre
  4. I’m in Austin. I work from home now and I am extra tired at the end of the week. Working from home is ... harder. Spouse is immunocompromised. Cases are still growing exponentially. So I’ll stick to walking my dog incessantly. He’s very well exercised theses days! Got another jigsaw puzzle.
  5. I’m not sure if I qualify as a front line health care provider. I’m a social worker in a VA hospital. It feels like we’re the sacrificial lambs in this whole deal. Very little/leftover PPE and near constant contact with patients. All Lysol, Clorox, gloves, masks, etc... I have are those I brought myself from home. I do use them no matter how anyone else feels about it. I am extremely psychologically taxed right now. I take my clothes off as soon as I get home and shower. I have a vehicle, hamper, bedroom, and bathroom just for me. I’m not sure what else I can do. I’m a middle aged woman ju
  6. I *heart* Jessica Smith. She has a bazillion free workouts on YouTube. If you go straight to her website JessicaSmithTV, she has them sorted by length, style, body region, etc . . . She also has some great programs you can purchase. I use the digital downloads and my Roku, but you can get the DVDs on Amazon. I lost over 100 pounds doing her 6 week transformation program. It’s a 30 minute workout 6 days a week. I did several rounds, obviously. She has a fantastic personality. What I really like is that she explains what you should feel during each move to emphasize correct form and
  7. I think it depends on how you’re shaped. I am VERY pear- shaped (huge thighs and rear), so there is a little extra room around the waistband for me. I have to size up to fit my backside. It has a very wide waistband, about two inches wide. I find it to be very flexible and there is no hardware except the little grommets in the pretend front pockets. I drive a lot for work and it doesn’t press into my tummy when I’m sitting down, which is super important. Bonus points: the back pockets are fully functional.
  8. I’m resurrecting this thread to say that I now have three pairs of these. They are AMAZING! People at work are so over me right now. I need 100 more pairs. They are comfy and look fantastic, especially from the back 😉. They’ve washed well and I’ve been super satisfied at how well they maintain their color and shape. Thanks for the recommendation!
  9. May I have an invite? My kids are adults, I’m not sure how “young” we’re talking. 26 and 29. The oldest will be 30 (OMG!) next month.
  10. If I want my daughter to get in her car, come over, and bring my grand babies with her, all I have to do is text “Hot Cheetos.” It’s code for “Party at Grammy’s House!”
  11. I am in my late 40s and get “period flu” every month. It’s ridiculous. It started around age 44 or 45. I never had it before. People think I’m being dramatic and “extra,” but I get SICK for at least 24 whole hours every month. I don’t know what can be done about it. I just try to be very gentle with myself. It just is for now.
  12. I lost 120 pounds and have kept most of it off for 3 years so far. It’s a bit of a struggle. That last 20 pounds comes and goes, but I hang on to the 100 pounds, because it’s so important to me. I use the My Score Plus app. For $25 a year it duplicates all the WW programs. I also use the KetoDiet app. I think it was $25 for a lifetime subscription. I switch back and forth every few months because my body adapts to one way of eating over time. My advise is just set small goals and take it one day at a time. Big goals are too overwhelming and success makes me want to do more and go ha
  13. I'm finally back on track after a bit of Mommy Meltdown. I've been sticking to my calorie and carb counts, but the scale isn't budging. I've been getting up a few minutes early and working out before work. I didn't realize that I miss working out. It's good for my mental health. If I had been working out earlier, my Mom wouldn't have gotten under my skin so badly. Maybe next time. I'm trying to relax and trust the process, even though the results seem to be coming in very slowly. I want to offer encouragement and congratulations to everyone. I'm terrible at remembering which names
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