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  1. My dd is 10 and an aspie. She and another aspie are in definite like with each other. It is kind of cute. My mother had the nerve to try to tell dd that she should have higher standards for future boyfriends. I cut her off and pointed out that she was never satisfied with any of my boyfriends and was unlikely to be satisfied with any of dd's regardless of what "standards" they met. At least my mother admitted that I was right. The major part of the vent is that I doubt that this will be the last time she tries to interfere in dd's relationships which will already be hard enough due to aspie characteristics. Edited to add: My mother has not even met the child that she essentially tried to tell dd was not "good enough".
  2. I have heard of carpenter bees attracting woodpeckers.
  3. I have contemplated ordering one of the extreme dot to dot books dd loves for myself.
  4. I was showing multiple symptoms of hypothyroidism but I found a chiropractor to help me so I never had testing done. It has been an ongoing process for over a year now. I take several supplements including one for nitric oxide. I also use an essential oil blend designed to help with progesterone levels. My energy levels are much better, I am losing weight, and my hair is no longer falling out.
  5. Score for Charlotte Mason Education: 0 Score for Waldorf Education: 0 Score for Traditional Education: -19 Score for Unit Studies Education: 6 Score for Montessori Education: 15 Score for Thomas Jefferson Education: 2 Score for Unschooling: 8 Score for Classical Education: 15 These are my scores. I would say that it is accurate Classical and Traditional Education but I don't know enough about Montessori to comment on that. My philosophy on education has been heavily impacted by what works for my probably 2e child.
  6. Is the milk ultrapasturized? In my experience, it more or less congeals into globs rather than spoiling in the traditional way.
  7. You could make a vegetable and pita chip tray with hummus and baba ganoush dip.
  8. I can't help but wonder if the landlord didn't notice the issues himself until he started working on his tax forms.
  9. One thing to consider about small pets is lifespan. Hamsters and gerbils generally only live 2-3 years. Guinea pigs can live about seven years. I think rats are about the same as guinea pigs but I am not sure. We have sugar gliders because they can live up to 20 years and are heat tolerant. If I lived in a colder non-hurricane prone area I probably would have gotten chinchillas since they have long lifespans too. I obviously regard a long lifespan as a benefit, you may regard a shorter lifespan as a benefit. Either way it is helpful to know what you are getting into.
  10. Also, don't forget to take pets into account. Emergency shelters and emergency evacuation vehicles cannot always accommodate pets so if you may need to evacuate with pets do so earlier rather than later.
  11. Has it been a long time(like a generation or more) since a major cyclone hit your area? Or have you moved into the area and there has not been one since you arrived? I am kind of getting the impression you have not experienced one before. :grouphug:
  12. Does it count if the vegetables are accidentally on purpose ready first and served to hungry family members so that they will eat them without griping?
  13. Praying for your safety. If you haven't already you may want to fill tubs, pots and pans with water. Assume that at best you will have a boil water notice for a while, if utilities are not completely out. What is your elevation? Hurricane Katrina was a category 3 when it hit but the storm surge and flooding was a higher category. The storm surge was by far the most destructive aspect. I would try to get 30-40 feet above sea level if possible.
  14. We have a dachshund that developed sudden rear end paralysis when he was seven. We had the diagnostics, surgery, and physical therapy done. The surgery was not successful but physical therapy did result in spinal walking. That said I would probably not put a twelve year old dog through the surgery and possibly not even the physical therapy regardless of financial considerations. Our dog was very athletic and he seemed to enjoy the physical therapy but he probably wouldn't like it nearly as much now that he is older. An older dog would probably get rather sore especially if previously sedentary and they would not understand the potential benefit. Also, our dog is now fifteen and seems to be going downhill. I doubt that we will have him much longer.
  15. The policy of offering low cost mail service at one flat rate? The postal service is not perfect but they are fairly reliable and I believe that postage for a first class letter is less expensive than in most other countries.
  16. I crave salt but I also need iodine supplementation and the craving has reduced somewhat since I began taking iodine.
  17. :iagree: with the top line and I will definitely read that book. I might even get a copy for my mom.
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