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  1. That was weird... Sorry! Point still stands though.
  2. I know who it goes to but not what to ask specifically. Im not doing testing. ive been doing narratives by teachers in past years but they dont even look at their work. I pay them to sign a piece of paper.
  3. What did you write in your letter asking? " Can i please be my own assessor?"
  4. Im in ohio. Im not a teacher, just a mom who homeschools.
  5. HOW can i ask and be approved to be my own assessor? The law gives me the option " person mutually agreed upon....". If you have asked and been approved in the past, HOW did you ask? I cant find anything online about how to ask, what to say, etc. Everything is about the narrative or testing. I KNOW there are others that are out there! :confused1: :confused1:
  6. I live in cincy and want to go! I didn't go last year and regreted it!!! I did go years before that and even to one WTM meet up.
  7. I plan to get my 8yr old Legos, Matchbox Cars, Board Games, and im not sure what else but nothing that implies violence of any kind.
  8. As for the assessments, its just what was in his IEP, I dont know exactly. Its a complicated situation, that i cant give all the details. I want to work with his ODD/ADHD and get him to a level where hes confident and can work to the best of his ability. Right now, i believe the school is trying to mold him to them, I dont want to do that.
  9. I will get the paperwork and reply back later this evening or tomorrow with your answer :)
  10. Reading is 70 WCPM Writing 65% accuracy Math 50% accuracy Does that help?
  11. For 3rd grade, what would be good for Reading/Writing/Spelling for a child with ADHD/ODD? My current 3rd grader (not SN) used ARFS/ARFH/ETC. Are those good options? Those are the subjects im stuck on.
  12. Thinking of still getting a membership but still on the fence. Does anyone know how the laundry detergent price compares? I saw at Sams they had 200 some odd loads for $14.
  13. DD1 is a Brownie and we dont have a set # of boxes to sell- its just w/e you want to. She has sold 36 so far. They will do the booth at Kroger next month.
  14. For N, our agreement says holidays are alternated by year. EX: One year I have him for Christmas and the next he does. Same with Easter, Thanksgiving. Birthdays arent really included. As for vacation, the only thing it says is that we can have up to a week but have to give at least 1 month notice. Transportation is not discussed. (which is annoying because I do ALL the driving every other weekend). However this is from 2006 and is still the same so it could be outdated as far as if OP situation is new. ~~~~~~~ I will tell you this year its just been sort of a whatever year. We didnt even talk about Thanksgiving, but if they had asked I would of told them to keep him. Same with Christmas since we dont celebrate it.
  15. We have 4 dogs and 2 cats. The cats have their bowls in the bathroom (with a babygate so they can actually have food!) 1 dog gets fed in the kitchen, 1 in his cage, and 2 in the living room. ~ We do it this way because the kitchen dog is a slow eater, the cage dog will have his food taken if he eats in the living room and the 2 living room dogs eat so quick its gone before it hits the bowl. lol.
  16. does it at least offer different TYPES of art when it repeats water colors? For example does it show blending with your finger and blending with a brush or does it just say " color and blend"? we are only on lesson 2 :tongue_smilie:
  17. C is in Girl Scouts and all the parents are at all the meetings. We are encouraged to stay and help. Now when she was a daisy, i found it strange none of the parents stayed, even though we could. :confused: ETA: - these were different groups on opposite sides of the city.
  18. what about a microwave cart or small rolling island like from IKEA?
  19. well i switched the dining room table and desk, now to find a home for the junk from the living room! Then tonight ill organize our room and all thats left is my closet and my house is organized!
  20. They say to introduce them in a neutral place and let them get a feel for each other, but we never did this with any of our 4 dogs. We always just brought the next one in and they went from there. BUT all were puppies when they came except #4. That could of made a difference.
  21. its wed where you are? Like as in tonight? Ours is Thursday starting at 10pm. Lucky you!
  22. :iagree: I got the clay (although i guess i could of used homemade or something, but itll be ok), tissue paper, ebony pencils, pastels (i had normal ones but they want specific), water color crayons, construction paper. I have everything else.
  23. I like Saxon and it works well for us. Im stumped about your son though. :grouphug:
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