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i have been in the hospital ER with Adrian since 8 a.m.

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They have 180 people waiting. No room. They are "diverting" ambulances to other hospitals because they are full. He's been tiraged blood taken and preliminary assessment.


We can't go over results until we are seen in back. He is intermittently incoherent and always lethargic.

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I hope they are able to see him soon. I can't imagine being in line behind 180 people for anything, but in a medical emergency, I think I would be a complete lunatic.


Is this a regular occurrence at that ER, or was there some sort of large-scale tragedy, like a multi-car pile-up or a big fire? How are they keeping the patients and their families calm (and in many cases, breathing?)

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So sorry! It will drive a momma bear with a sick one nuts! Be encouraged! I read where our ER is trying a new system where you can "check in" over the phone and stay home until they call you in...for non-life threatening of course, but that would be much better than sitting in a lobby with many ill patients! Keep updating! Hope you have been seen by now!:grouphug:

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I was sure hoping to see some better news on this thread this morning. I truly hope that by now you are both resting comfortably after being seen and aided last night. :grouphug:






Im so worried for you Joanne. Ill continue praying for you. :grouphug:

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