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  1. Hi all! This is my last year to homeschool! Wow! So thankful to WTM and all the resources through the years! The past seven years I have taught English comp/lit at a co-op..classes grew from 24 students to over 100 the past two years. The last four years I compiled lessons for 30-32 week schedules. All are free on my website www.wordlyways.com This year, I was asked to do online classes since my husband's company moved us to Houston 3 weeks ago. I am holding Skype classes for 7th-10th and 10th-12th starting Monday in World Literature. You can review this year's course at my website.
  2. We are starting a new co-op just for high school students, the response has been great and we need to get organized...I have always used Engrade for my own classes...but now am thinking of creating a school site, where I enter all the instructors/students in for ease (20 teachers, 120+ students)...rather than have each teacher manually enter duplicate students...can I just create the 'school' then the teachers would have a master database from which to add students to their classes? Will parents of 3-4 students then just have one access code per student? I'm worried if we all do it singly,
  3. I can make some recommendations. I had a niece who excelled in public school, took every AP class had a ridiculous GPA and scored a 35 on the ACT...she was accepted at every University she applied to except the one she really wanted, Duke University. Her key drawback was she was sooo strong in academics, she had little else to offer to compete for coveted spots at certain universities. She went on to complete her undergrad at Boston University in 2 years and her Master's in two, so she didn't 'suffer' but if your heart is set on a specific school you need to stand out. Speech & Debate
  4. Just added the senior and intro materials...last year's is up there...will upload the 9th/10th when I get back from vacation :) Hope they can be of use to families! I have a blast teaching them to our students...the last assignment of the year for the Intro is kind of cryptic...I didn't want to reveal to much and do not have time to lay out ideas for each lesson, I'm a kind of go with the flow teacher. I plan on doing an Amazing Race wrap up by pairing students up and going through all the 'locales' we visited during the year (sentence structure/vocabulary/literary devices) and having them co
  5. FYI, I just received my son's Columbia Rain jacket from Sierra Trading Post (XLT) he's 6'3 and it will rain where he's going...I used a special 40% additional off and it only cost me about $20! :) Always check there but always use a code, they will mail it to you if you join their site or check their FB site...also bought waterproof running shoes for those wet days :)
  6. Okay...only putting this out there because I've honestly forgotten what I still need to get...uh, my first born son would go with a napsack...he has no clue what all his sisters and I have pulled together :) We drop him off in 2 weeks and plan to set up his room for him...whirr whirr whirr helicopter mom complex :) Pillow, comforter, personalized throw that has pics of the family (Groupon deal), two sets of sheets, mattress pad, mattress cover, bedside organizer (to store his phone/etc.) Power strip protector, pen holder for desk, file holder for drawer, over the chair organizer, r
  7. I know your pain :) I have taught English Comp/Lit for 5 years, the first two years I used solely IEW products (recommend them but it just wasn't something I could continue after 2 years) so I started creating my own yearly lessons for my co-op classes. This year I am creating specific ones for 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12..the last can be for 10-12 if a student is a strong writer. I include a number of assignments to keep it 'fresh' and fluid. Precis writings, rhetorical analyses, short stories, literature (usually 6 novels a year), essay construction, research paper helps, MLA helps, note taking hel
  8. I think you are right. I have used 5 of the IEW products...for a weak writer, I believe they would be beneficial for a 10th grader...for a strong writer, I think he just needs tweaking and direction. For a 10th grader I focus on developing a strong thesis statement, make it arguable/defensible and SPECIFIC...strengthening topic sentences and support...don't rely on quotes to build your argument, use them as lead ins to your assertions. Three things that make a great essay super are incorporating a strong HOOK/opener, sentence variation (openers, length, type), and a solid conclusion. I have ha
  9. We have used it with all three kids...we usually run through it in about 4 months, it's not that hard and we enjoy the Algebra Review sections...
  10. These are wonderful! Thank you all so much! I not only have some great suggestions for the remaining book but also a list for additional reads. I was amazed how rare it is to find female protagonists in sci/fi and fantasy...too many of the contemporary novels include adult material I try to avoid in my classes...I will also do a study on short stories so I can have more options, really want to include Asimov in there :) Thanks again! Tara
  11. Here are the books I've put on my English comp/lit course for 9th and 10th, Farmer Giles (Tolkien), Ender's Game (Card), Eragon (Paolini), The Last Unicorn (Beagle), and Out of the Silent Planet (Lewis)..I REALLY need a fantasy/sci fi book with a femal protagonist... Ella Enchanted/Princess Academy style...but I feel those are too young for this age group. Can any of you recommend a good book with a female protagonist? Have already covered Divergent/Hunger Games in previous years...anything folks? Thanks! Tara
  12. The Martian Chronicles C.S. Lewis's A Space Trilogy Lilith by George MacDonald Hatchet Ender's Game To Kill a Mockingbird The Absolutely True Diary of a part-time Indian (required reading for son's first college semester) Cry, The Beloved Country The Vicar of Wakefield (many are books on my writing course list, I have my teens pre-read them to give me thumbs up or down :) )
  13. Let's keep something in perspective... 100-150 cases of bacterial meningitis occur each year on college campuses...five to fifteen die each year.... In 1990-1991 (prior to the vaccine push) 43 cases of meningitis were found in over 4.9 million college students...largest study focused on meningitis.. We are talking a risk lower than being hit by a car, death by drowning, death by fire, accident while at work resulting in death, choking, poisoning...just trying to make a point. My son has a history with severe and debilitating reactions to vaccines...my example was offered because it
  14. I have sent my children (last two going in a few weeks) to the seminars funded by www.fee.org the seminars are free, you just have to apply with a short essay/questionnaire....they give you reading material ahead of time, read a few books on our own for general principles/philosophies (Bastiat, etc.)...they get to meet with some of the top economists and discuss great ideas...hope this helps! It's been a great help for our kids in their economic education.
  15. Someone had asked when the next curricula batch would be posted, I hopefully will have 10th-12th completed in 2 weeks, and the 7th-8th and 9th-10th completed by the first of August. I thought I would get 36 weeks of lessons in, but this year our co-op's schedule works out to be 32 weeks, so each will cover 32 lessons. I do know the book list for the most part for the senior class this year Plato's The Republic Beowulf Augustine's the City of God Oliver Goldsmith's The Vicar of Wakefield Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice Paton's Cry the Beloved Country and will include an additional l
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