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  1. What a terrible, tragic shock. You have my deepest sympathy. (((hugs)))
  2. For me, it is lack of high speed internet. We have satellite internet and it works ok but it is limited so we have to ration it. Wecan't watch videos and it's really putting a damper on my plans to have ds take online courses for middle and high school.
  3. Oh gosh. :crying: My heart breaks for her boy.
  4. Lynn's is closed. :sad: I also recommend the zoo and if you are going after Memorial Day bring the kids' swimsuits so they can play in the splash area.
  5. That is too cool! My ds11 also took the NME for the first time this year, completed the same subtests and got the same score! :thumbup:
  6. We have stayed at Homewood Suites in Lake Buena Vista and have been very pleased. We've stayed there more than once.
  7. This place has an amazing mineral gallery and hands-on exhibits for gem panning and fossil digging. We went there this fall and loved it! http://tellusmuseum.org/
  8. Beards are a safety hazard for dh's occupation and are forbidden.
  9. Sure! I looked around just now and found the instructions (with pictures :)) within the program itself. There is a "Help" section that walks you through it. No need to even call tech support!
  10. If you have a thumb drive or something similar you can copy the grade book back and forth between the computers. It involves just a few easy steps. TT tech support can walk you through it the first time. I have done it but it was so long ago I can't remember the exact steps. I do remember it was simple.
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