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  1. I haven't been around much in the last few years, but you people were so helpful when my older son was applying to schools several years ago, and each year I checked in to see how the college acceptances were going. Very exciting to see all the younger siblings getting in to various places now, too! Congratulations to everyone! My younger son has been admitted to two schools with aviation degrees, Westminster College in Salt Lake City and Rocky Mountain College in Billings, and to his brother's alma mater as well (although they don't have an aviation degree, so it's not really an option—he applied mostly out of loyalty to the brudder). He hasn't applied yet to Embry-Riddle, North Dakota or Central Washington, but those are also on his list, with good aviation programs. But, guys! What is UP with the congratulations phone calls?! Totally ruins the surprise of the big envelope! Is nothing sacred?! Not that I'm complaining, but my goodness.
  2. Nicole, are you hanging out only on the college board these days. Hoping life is good in your part of the woods.

  3. Did you send me a PM today? I was clearing my box with "brain-fog" and deleted todays incoming. D'oh.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!


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