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  1. Thanks, you’ve all given me a lot to wade through and think about.
  2. Thanks, I’m looking into getting an OT and speech eval. The psych doesn’t think he has autism. He’s scored high on social skills. He’s engaged, empathetic, and loves being with and interacting with people. He wants to do what they’re all doing, so he participates. I had another conversation with the psychologist, and she really doesn’t think there are underlying diagnosis/ conditions. I may delete some of this later, in case she reads it... I had positive interactions with her, and felt she did a thorough job... and perhaps the part of her being young, etc. is not fair of me.
  3. Thank you, Susan in TX. Your words were an encouragement to me. About the speech, sensory, attention, and learning issues... He had speech therapy as a preschooler, and continues to have hard-to-describe abnormalities in his speech expression. I’ve observed sensory issues with him his whole life—with tags on clothing, textures of food making him gag, very sensitive to noise... tender hearted. The psych did talk about the attention issues she noticed..., and the test showed his working memory and processing speed as low which I think would directly imply a learning issue... For the att
  4. Thank you, everyone, who has responded thus far. I really resonated with what Terabith said: “I would continue to homeschool, work hard on closing the gap in terms of academic skills, ...social opportunities, social skills, and develop at own pace...” ...and that kids can make far less progress in school than at home even if... I was hoping the psychologist would address the underlying issues more...but seemed to gloss over them, saying he’s just a late bloomer. I know he has some speech issues, sensory issues, attention, and, learning issues... but they don’t concern her. I was
  5. I feel like I need some direction from a much older and wiser board member. I don’t know what to do about my son. I’m homeschooling him, and he’s “repeating” 3rd grade. He presents as very young for a 10 year old, socially and emotionally. He recently scored low on his math and writing, and his working memory and processing speed for a test from the school psychologist. I just don’t know whether to keep trying to work with him at home or send him to school where he can potentially have more “supports”. The psychologist says he’s “overall average”..., and may be able to get some instruct
  6. I called Grove City College in PA, and Admissions said they are familiar with the school, and it will be looked upon favorably. Just another point of reference...
  7. Also, many thanks to Lanny for your advice.
  8. I want to thank you, Jaybee and ThreeWishes, so much for your feedback. It is so helpful to me as I make this huge decision.
  9. I just assumed accreditation meant it ensured a rigorous education... I like the school because it offers APs. Our local districts only offer a few APs.
  10. I verified on the website and over the phone. They ARE SACS accredited, since 2005. Does anyone have any further insight or experience to share?
  11. Thank you so much. I’ll follow up when I learn more.
  12. No.... I would like some genuine help, please.
  13. https://northstar-academy.org/ Please tell me about any experience or knowledge you have of this online, accredited, Christian school. Thank you.
  14. https://northstar-academy.org/ Does anyone have any experience with this online, accredited, Christian school? I’m considering it for 8th grade and high school for my daughter.
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