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  1. I actually agree with this, that we shouldn't offer less of an education than what any child is capable of. If they can handle higher level math, then they ought to do it! There is no reason to make academics simpler solely because we can choose to do so. But what I think people often forget, and I wish we could find statistics on it, is that many parents opt for homeschooling because their kids DO have special needs or learning disabilities. If they were succeeding in the public system, few would remove them. Also, those same kids, if in the public high school, would drop out, or be pa
  2. This sounds like such a well rounded, practical plan! I think we often have a gut feeling about our kids, and worry too much about making sure they get all the "right" classes done in high school, and in doing so they lose their enthusiasm for a real life path. As you pointed out they can ALWAYS take whatever is missing at CC!
  3. Absolutely about the personal finance! Honestly, we did a rigorous course this year, including a Great Courses course on Stock Investing, a workbook course on personal finance from Starline Press, a couple Blue Stocking Press books, and much more. We have worked on personal finance for years though, including self employment and accounting skills. The truth is, you can lower your need for higher income if you spend more wisely. For some of us with kids who truly can not move into professional careers due to cognitive delay, learning disabilities, etc. it is even more important to teach
  4. How wonderful it is to read this, thank you so much! It is exactly what we are hoping to develop...a group that respects the college path yet supports and encourages non-college bound learners and families in their unique pursuits. With four of my own five with learning disabilites (some quite serious, one will never live independently) and one of those 2E, and the fifth testing as gifted, we are all over the map and respect ALL paths, for sure! The fact that we can just be who we are there and our kids are viewed as also having worth helps so much, I am learning. Your words affirm we
  5. Haha Thanks Lori for mentioning our web site! I haven't been around WTM as much these past couple of years as our older kids are not on a college trajectory for a variety of reasons, largely learning disabilities that grew more obvious the higher we went in high school. We are adding all kinds of links on an ongoing basis to the web site, many garnered from our very active FB group which has grown to 2800 people since October...there are plenty of families out there like us who need more guidance and resources for those non-college bound kids. We are in the process of researching more unusu
  6. I want to sleep!!!! I hate Albuterol and bronchial infections.

  7. We are studying elections and political parties this year, for obvious reasons. It became clear my 9 year old had taken it all to heart when we were all having a conversation in the car as we drove by a medical marijuana store, which are common in our part of Colorado these days. One of our other children asked what it was and I explained. We talked about it not being legal without an Rx. From the back seat I hear my son saying "Well, I am a Libertarian and even though I'll never use it, I don't have problem with others using it. After all, the government doesn't need to be that much i
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