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  1. Does it have the odd answers in the back of the book?
  2. This is so helpful being able to see what is covered. It looks like Trig is covered in detail. Did you use this book? Thoughts on it?
  3. We used AOPS for Pre-Algebra and Algebra with my oldest. I loved it but the discovery approach was too much for him. Now you have me thinking that I should check it out.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. We used the Intro Algebra book and liked it and was hoping the Intermediate book would have trig.
  5. I'm still trying to decide about Algebra 2 books. I have read a lot about Forester and Lial. I would like a curriculum that does a thorough job of covering trig (unit circle and trig identities) in the Algebra 2 book. I'm wondering if someone could give me some insight since Amazon doesn't allow me to see the table of contents. Or maybe there is a different Alg 2 book that you would recommend? TIA!!
  6. My dd has taken two college courses through Taylor (Psych and Econ) that were basically read the text and pass the test courses. No interaction from the prof or discussion with classmates. Because of this, I don't think she learned a whole lot even though she had a big interest to begin with for both courses. I'm looking for recommendations for college courses she can take that offer more than what she experienced with Taylor. Unfortunately the CC near us is offering more online classes in the fall because of COVID. She is resigned to the fact that her classes will have to be online but is looking for more interaction. Thanks for your input!
  7. Wow, you have given me some great ideas! Thanks for taking the time to send all these links!! 🙂
  8. I appreciate all the info you gave in your other post. Never heard of ichthyology. I will do some research to incorporate your ideas. Thanks so much--wish you were my next door neighbor!! I know that several people recommended Guest Hollow. Can you speak to why you like it? I looked at it several times and can't get my head around it. I am also considering Experiencing Biology. My son will be a senior and really just wants to get on with his life and be done with school. I don't want a year of trying to pull him along in things that to him are not useful.
  9. Thank you for the ideas!!! I have been so stumped on how to go about making this a class that he is interested in and also one that is transcript worthy. Yes, the flies used in fly fishing resemble the insects at the various stages of their life cycle. That is what makes fly fishing so hard, knowing what the fish may be hungry for at that particular moment.
  10. My son, who will pursue a career in the skilled trades, needs to take a biology course. He has already taken astronomy and chemistry. I would like to develop a course that is relevant for him--not the typical college prep biology class. He enjoys fishing, therefore, I would like him to study the life cycle of flies and the habitat of the different species of fish that are in the rivers/lakes here. He could even learn how to make his own flies. Learning what environmental factors contribute to the health of the fish would also be a possibility. What other ideas do you have for hands on learning that we could add in? Thanks for your help!!
  11. My dd (16) wants to study Chinese history/culture next year. I would like to include historical fiction/nonfiction books as well as maybe a history spine or a Great Courses DVD. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!
  12. Could you please tell me your experiences with your dc applying for college scholarships from websites like fastweb. Are these worth investing time applying? If you have used these, how much scholarship money has your student received? Thanks for your response.
  13. The crazy thing is, a homeschooler from out of district enrolled her daughter as a junior. The only problem they faced was when she wanted to be in Spanish 4 and the school wanted her in Spanish 3 because she "only" had Spanish 1 and 2 at a co-op in town. She took Spanish 4 and aced it. This was 4 years ago. Another student was required to take test outs to get freshman credit (he entered as a sophomore). He never tested out of English 9 but they gave him credit for it since he passed English 10 with flying colors. Inconsistencies abound.
  14. Because there is the "good 'ole boys" club at this school.
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