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  1. Thanks for the comparisons. We are going to learn French this year using Duolingo and Mango.
  2. Twigs, thanks for the link! D-maps didn't have exactly what I'm looking for, but there is one that will work if I can't find my ideal. If anyone else is looking for historical maps, check out that link ^^ - some good stuff there!
  3. As a child, I was convinced the widow's peak at my hairline meant I was the spawn of Dracula.
  4. We did Foundations this year and next year will do Essentials. I desperately need the accountability IRT our writing - I know *how* to do it; it's just not getting done. However, I do understand the concerns stated above. I taught 8th grade grammar/English for six years and am confident in my ability to work within the IEW framework without becoming overly formulaic. I also know our tutor well enough that my allowing DS to NOT become formulaic will not upset him. He may give me a hard time (jokingly), but I'll give it back to him. He's pretty laid back, so I'm not worried. Good luck in your decision!
  5. You don't need to hear back from them. They have pre-emptively made their stance known via the copyright page in the Foundations Guide.
  6. Our OfficeMax declined to cut a binding last fall, saying the glue in the binding messed up their machine/blades/whatever. The customer asked her to move the blade in, removing more of the page. After seeing that her blade wouldn't touch the glue, the employee did cut the binding off. Just an FYI for anyone who might encounter such a situation. I'm not sure I'd have been quick enough to think of that. (It also might not be appropriate for all materials, but it's something to consider before giving up.)
  7. I read that as $600-$700. We are doing Classical Conversations Essentials in the fall of 2013, so almost $600 there. I'm going to use as many of the curricula available online as I can from there, though I am lusting after TOG logic middle ages. DS wants chemistry, so there's at least a nice kit. I really need to start playing the lottery.
  8. I've bought a lot of used curriculum, including TT, at VegSource.com. You didn't say which level of TT you were interested in, but I found several ads for TT on the 7-12gr board. Read the ads carefully to see if they contain what you need. Some have the CDs only. Others are selling just the student text and answer key. Aside: My son is using TT5 without the textbook. He writes the problems in a notebook before keying in the answer. I don't know if that would work as well for pre-algebra or geometry, but it's something to think about.
  9. I also prefer the prep to the actual teaching. I taught in the public school system for 12yrs and felt the same way even then. My ideal career, when childrearing is done, is to work in curriculum development. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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