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  1. Sepsis sucks. So sorry you have this on top of everything else. More healing prayers coming your way.
  2. Taking my two girls to Ireland for spring break. Any suggestions? We're there for a little over a week. I don't relish renting a car. We'd like to see all the 'must sees,' Blarney, Book of Kells, Trinity College, Cliffs of Moher, etc. Any advice on getting around as quickly as possible. Anything you'd suggest skipping. I did the Blarney Stone 30 years ago, and while very touristy I'm still glad I did it. Anything to help us prep. We have Rick Steves on reserve. We will be spending Easter Sunday in Dublin, but everything else is up in the air. Thanks, Laura
  3. We are enjoying "Physics in Your Life" from GCP as a pre-physics class. It helps get a big picture of physics and it's every day applications. He uses lots of visuals for mini lab demonstrations that help cement the concepts. I personally should watch it 2-3 times to get it to sink in. We started with a free 30-day subscription and found this by accident. Laura
  4. I've only been able to find one thread where this was discussed, and it was not discussed in depth. My dd13 is currently in AoPS Number Theory, which is alternatively very easy and very hard for her depending on the lesson. She got halfway through Saxon Alg. II when she gave up and I couldn't help her. I've seen a good recommendation for the WTMA Saxon Geometry teacher, but no discussion on the WTMA AoPS Geometry teacher. I've seen very good reviews for WHA Geometry and am assuming that the teacher is the same for all classes. She's not a fan of the delivery format of AoPS, so that's out. So, any ideas??? Thanks, Laura
  5. My oldest dd did Lukeion Latin 1 in sixth grade. She made it all the way through Latin 4. She skipped Spanish 1 at her public high school because of her Latin background. Second dd is now in Lukeion Latin 1 as a 7th grader. It is hard, but doable. There's AOPS for math. I wish I could find Physics for Future Presidents as an online class. I think an online middle school science would be great.
  6. Margaret, hopefully with all your experience this time might be a breeze ;). I'm grateful because you're experience will be recent and maybe I can glean something fresh and new from you. One of my dd's friends from her volleyball team is a plebe at USNA right now. She hasn't heard from her yet, but hopefully she'll be a good mentor for my dd if she goes there. Until recently she was leaning towards ROTC, but she's in Sea Cadets and just spent a couple of weeks at Sub School and met some academy grads and it sparked her interest again. She's not STEM although she'll have those classes. She's interested in languages. She's at a linguistics camp this week and studied Russian and Spanish last year (and will again). She's interested in the Marine Corps option and hopefully that will help. She still prefers the flexibility of ROTC. Sebastian, thanks. We'll keep her math teacher in the loop. She helped my dd's friend get into USNA too. Susie, I think that was my major concern. I have a couple of weeks to write the transcript for the school and wanted to know if my portion would be included in the info they're sending on, or if I could attach it to their info (and have more time later to improve it). Laura
  7. Thanks everyone. She should be medically qualified. We've been tracking this for a while. Only seasonal alllergies that we know of. Slight chance of a sport. But she's not interested in that at the Academy. She went to their volleyball camp last year and could possibly play, but she'd rather do that as club than intercollegiate. She will graduate from the high school and has taken both ACT and SAT and will take one more time before applying. She will apply to summer seminar. Margaret, I think your answer that they'll want both homeschool and high school even though she'll graduate from the high school is the answer I'm looking for. I've also been following your discussion on here for years re your dc's voyage and find it particularly intriguing since your one dc turned down an academy for ROTC. Mine might do likewise. As we move towards this goal, would it be ok to check in with you on some questions? Lisa, she too was hurt by her 'transfer.' The high school is not counting her AP Latin from Lukeion her freshman year b/c it wasn't 'preapproved.' This hurts her in the class ranking and GPA. Sebastian, thanks for the info re letters of rec. She had a great relationship with her math teacher for the past two years. This will help her to know that she shouldn't depend on that teacher. I appreciate everyone's help.
  8. Let me know if you still want it. I'm pretty sure I have it, but I'm in the middle of moving things around, so I'm not 100% sure. NM. Looks like Amazon has a good price.
  9. My daughter will be a full-time high school student this year as a junior. Thus far, she has been partially enrolled with first two classes (math and science), then four classes at the high school (math, science, APUSH, Spanish II). The high school has asked me to create a transcript for her (which I did). Interestingly they've asked for final exams in the classes that are not on the ACT (really only English). She did really well on the ACT, and they're willing to consider that as proof that she aced her 'final exam.' My question is this: She is looking at either the Naval Academy or an ROTC scholarship. Since she will graduate from the high school, will whatever I give them now become part of her final transcript? Or will it just be whatever the school decides to do to create a final transcript? This is unchartered territory for the school and us, and we're both winging it. We didn't do final exams in all classes (health, world religions, etc) so I'm trying to simplify--esp. since it's been a couple of years ago. Thanks, Laura
  10. Hi Laura,


    I read a post that you wrote yesterday & noticed you are from Columbus, OH. I am also from the Columbus area - we've been homeschooling for about 5 years and my oldest child is 14. We also teach Latin, Logic and a bunch of other interesting subjects! I was wondering what part of Columbus you're in. I'm north of Columbus, living in Ostrander, but most of our activities center in Delaware, OH. I am not in a co-op and am always interested in finding someone like-minded for occasional encouragement. I haven't been on The Well Trained Mind forums much, but I hope to start visiting more often.

  11. One possible replacement for ALL is JAG. We haven't used JAG, but my dd11 and ds13 are using AG and really enjoying it. I'm going to look into JAG w/my dd7 if ALL is not completed when she's done w/FLL. Laura
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