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  1. Sepsis sucks. So sorry you have this on top of everything else. More healing prayers coming your way.
  2. Taking my two girls to Ireland for spring break. Any suggestions? We're there for a little over a week. I don't relish renting a car. We'd like to see all the 'must sees,' Blarney, Book of Kells, Trinity College, Cliffs of Moher, etc. Any advice on getting around as quickly as possible. Anything you'd suggest skipping. I did the Blarney Stone 30 years ago, and while very touristy I'm still glad I did it. Anything to help us prep. We have Rick Steves on reserve. We will be spending Easter Sunday in Dublin, but everything else is up in the air. Thanks, Laura
  3. Hi Laura,


    I read a post that you wrote yesterday & noticed you are from Columbus, OH. I am also from the Columbus area - we've been homeschooling for about 5 years and my oldest child is 14. We also teach Latin, Logic and a bunch of other interesting subjects! I was wondering what part of Columbus you're in. I'm north of Columbus, living in Ostrander, but most of our activities center in Delaware, OH. I am not in a co-op and am always interested in finding someone like-minded for occasional encouragement. I haven't been on The Well Trained Mind forums much, but I hope to start visiting more often.

  4. I would like a copy also. Thank you for your generosity. My email is: laurabrady@hotmail.com

    Blessings, Laura

  5. This is my first year tutoring 7-8 year olds. Probably a 1/3 to half will try for MM. For some, it's not even a question that they'll try--they're there for other reasons. I bet by 8-9 half try. Laura
  6. I somehow wound up w/2 of the same books bought as part of a package at a homeschool convention. I called RFP hoping they would give me a break on the shipping so I could replace the book that I thought I had bought. They told me to keep the extra book and give it to another homeschooling family and that they would send out my replacement book completely free. Great customer service. Laura
  7. :iagree:Good stuff. This helps me as I get a handle on what to do w/my "I don't know if she's accelerated or gifted" 6 year old. It seems sort of lame to continue on w/business as usual after seeing that she's on a 4th/5th grade level across the board. Laura
  8. Whew, I finally made it through the whole thread. It's only taken me 3 weeks as I've had virtually no time to spend on the boards. But it has certainly been worth it. And I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts/practices/pictures, and esp. the links to all the wonderful organizational products. For me, one of the biggest benefits of this system has been the realization that I might actually save a ton of $$ on curricula. Now that I'm beginning to see a whole year in black and white, I can finally see the light and know that it will be impossible to fit th
  9. Glad to hear it as I am considering purchasing their curriculum this week. Thanks for sharing, Laura
  10. Andrew Campbell. Two of my all-time favorite homeschooling books come from him. LCC and Living Memory. Not exactly curricula, but if he were to publish something else, I would probably automatically buy it. SWB. Not a complete groupie, but enough so that I've learned to trust what she says for the most part. Memoria Press has also generated a deep connection w/me. I just plain like their products. It does help when you meet someone in person. Laura
  11. I'd go to Ashville or Ocracoke. I hate to fly too. Ocracoke is one of my all time favorites. Laura
  12. We were cleaning out our garage the other day, and we had someone stop and ask what time the garage sale started. We should have started putting stickers on things. Laura
  13. There's Life of Fred prealg, w/biology, but I don't know how he integrates the two. Laura
  14. Gulp: Saxon MUS LOF Singapore MM Key to BCM Kumon RS games I own Everyday Math just b/c I wanted to see what it was about. Laura
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