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  1. Bumping this up, we really would love your vote too!
  2. Thankyou!! Yes, i believe voting is worldwide, we just need the most votes to win :)
  3. I know i'm not around much anymore, but our NICU really needs your help! As some of you know my son was born at just 25 weeks gestation so this is close to my heart. Our NICU and hospital would like to set up Australia's first preterm birth clinic and they need to secure a large grant to do it. They have entered a competition and the winner receives the grant. So we need all the votes we can get! You need to vote for Women's and Infants Research Foundation, they are the final entry http://www.theorangeseedproject.com.au/view/videos If you have a few minutes you might like to watch their video. You can also vote from multiple devices so if you pull it up on your phone and computer that will give us an extra vote. You don't need to leave any details, it's 2 simple clicks. We would really appreciate your vote! Thankyou!!
  4. Brilliant! Thankyou, that's what i wanted to hear :)
  5. We have a box of Prismacolor markers which hardly get used because they are in the box! I'd like to put them into a carousel where they will stand up and go on the table for everyone to use. My question is, will it damage the markers or lessen their life span if they are standing upright in the carousel as a posed to laying down like they do in the box? Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone! Yes, it's the SECOND Jade :) I will let you know how she goes for sure.
  7. My sister Jade has made the top 60 for Miss Universe Western Australia, she needs as many votes as possible to make it to the Top 24! Please follow the link and vote for the second Jade listed http://info.thewest.com.au/miss/index.php Thankyou!!
  8. Yes, I think that's where Rosie was going with it. I like Perry as the nickname, but your right you won't know until you meet her :)
  9. Not sure that it's regional Jen, DH and I just discussed it and he got Percy straight off the bat and hadn't read the previous comments here. He said he's heard it lots before. I'd go with a different nickname or just use her real name. Yes, it's different and she will probably have to spell it her whole life, but it is nice :)
  10. Get it checked by a cardiologist as soon as you can. My son is a heart kid.
  11. So excited for you! Hope everything goes well at the scan. If you need any advice on Dr's, midwives, birth suites etc you've got my number, and e-mail. Look forward to seeing your update later :)
  12. I've used a small amount of dish washing detergent in the past and you can use white vinegar in the rinse cycle if you like.
  13. I think your DD needs to be very real about this situation. 22w is VERY early. Many states in Australia will not provide assistance to babies born before 24w, many countries in Europe also have the same protocols. My youngest was born at 25w. Our state is an exception to the above and does provide assistance to these earlybirds however the outcomes are often not good. I know only one 22 weeker who survived past her first few weeks. Unfortunately many babies past whilst we were in NICU for 4m. Statistically if the baby is a white boy, they have the worst survival rates, African american baby girls have the best rates. The best things your DD could do would be to - 1 Offer to be the contact person for their social circle. Set up a FB page to update people or set up a phone chain etc. 2 Be there as a shoulder, if the baby does make it it's going to be months of hard work. 3 Food is good. 4 Transport is great. 5 Keep in mind that if baby comes home they will most probably have MANY hospital follow up appointments and Mum might need support or transport for those. 6 Offer to run errands 7 Offer to clean the house or do gardening, walk animals etc It's a really tough time and i will be keeping this little one in my thoughts.
  14. Congratulations! I hope this pregnancy is long and uneventful.
  15. After reading the Lego advent calendar thread it got me thinking this would be fun to do for my kiddos this year. If i get the older 2 lego ones, then the 5yo a Playmobil one what do i get my 2yo DS?
  16. Start slowly! Next time your making rice to go with a stirfry add 1 tablespoon of quinoa to cook with the rice. Mix it in and it won't be overpowering at all. The next time use 2 tablespoons and so on until your at about half and half and that seems to be a good ratio for my family. I always keep any leftover rice and use it in fried rice, so quinoa is in that too but again not over powering. I will also add a couple of tablespoons to any soup I am making. I will sometimes grind a tablespoon or 2 to add to whatever baked goods I am making. HTH
  17. Image verification on EVERY post is driving me nutty already! Where has the quick reply button gone, i love the function because i can respond without having to wait for a new page to load which can take an incredibly long time on a slow BB service. A 'like' button would be great and i have also seen that you can do 'thankyou' buttons which would also be awesome :)
  18. I'm doing SWI-A with an 8yo who is advanced in LA and we split the work over at least 2 days. She almost always types her 'good copy' and adds a picture to it. I think perhaps your just expecting a bit much and need to spread the load a bit.
  19. Yes, I have it and your welcome to take a look :)
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