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  1. You mean like older DS, who for a year told the stunning knock-knock joke: KNOCK KNOCK??? Who's there? CATCH!! Catch-who? I CATCHING YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Or younger DS, with the auditory issues, who for years gave us gems such as the great emancipator "Hammerman Minkin," slept in his "Jomamas," and fell down when he twisted his "foot-waist." (ankle). His best was his 2-year insistence that we the impaired parents QUIT insisting that 1 + 1 equaled 2 when he could CLEARLY see that it was obviously 11. These days he deals much better with the auditory stuff (with the help of re
  2. Okay, so a couple of years ago, my youngest decided he needed to be sodium for Halloween. This year? Yes, he wants to be a tornado. Just ONE year, can't he be a ghost or a mummy??? At least last year wasn't too bad . . . he was King Arthur (and older brother was the black knight) from Monty Python . . . I can still hear clacking coconut shells . . .
  3. So sorry you have to go through this in exchange for providing such an amazing service for homeschoolers everywhere :(
  4. Oh no, that means we probably lose the photo of my brother-in-law in his kilt with the chainsaw! (perfect photo for "this thread is kilt" I only bring out the one of him wiping out on a snowboard in his kilt if the thread really, seriously needs to be kilt) :D. Ah well, it's worth the sacrifice if it keeps SWB and my forum-mates free of difficulties! It can always stealth-reappear later :) Figuring out the famous from the only infamous right now seems like it's more trouble than it's worth! Better safe than sorry and this sounds like it is one headache of a project :P
  5. FYI, all of my "kilt" posts are of my brother-in-law and are a-okay :). Well, in terms of copyright, anyway :) But good heavens . . . though I'm pretty sure I never posted more than 5% of anything anybody wrote, or unattributed. If I come across anything that could be dicey, I'll kill it.
  6. DS10: I love the smell of vanilla. It smells like good memories. Maybe that isn't a genius thing to say, but I just loved it :)
  7. I just get quizzed endlessly about homeschooling! Most people I meet are completely fascinated by it-- even the "socialization" questions I get at parties are mostly true curiosity and benign, with only about 1-2% actually being the hostile sort. Sometimes I kind of wish I could talk about something else LOL. My holiday bane is my annual Christmas Virus, which currently has me trapped upstairs in my room, trying not to give it to anybody else! I think that during the holidays, people think, "Well, I know I'm sick, but we only have this party once per year, I should go." No, you re
  8. I already posted this on FB, forgive me . . . DS10, at breakfast, out of the blue: You know, EVERYBODY talks about Caligula and Nero all the time! People should really think more about the Aztec priests!! (later, at dinner) DH: So, tell me about those Aztec priests! DS10, with a dour expression: Dad, you do NOT want to talk about Aztec priests during dinner, trust me.
  9. DS9: Mommy, look at this menu! They accidentally used an epsilon instead of an 'e'!
  10. DS9 has taken to daydreaming quite a bit. He assures me he is being quite creative, but doesn't want to share. Nosy Mom asked one day, "Do I get to find out where you go so often?" He replied, "Oh Mom, I know you're really smart too, but the daydream isn't about me; it's about other stuff, and trust me, it's way too advanced for you to keep up." ==:o Did I just get an amazing blw-off from my 9YO, or should I be wondering what is going on in that head??? (That is rhetorical) I am ROFL
  11. DS12, to DH: I just don't know how public school kids do it. If I had to go three months with no school, I'd be SO BORED!
  12. DS11: AAAhhhhhh. I just woke up from a really good book!
  13. Looking over my son's "Word Web" assignment from his Critical Thinking Co. book: "Give an Example: renewed" Response: Our library books, zombie, Nile Delta soil
  14. Thank you for sharing so much of your hard work here! This is awesome! I think I'll print this one out for further consideration.
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