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  1. It’s so hard, isn’t it?! My rambling thoughts.....We’ve been very careful since this all began. We live near Buffalo, NY btw. We just in the last month started letting my mom and dad come over to sit on the porch or in the backyard with us. We progressed to letting my grandparents do the same. We’ve had a couple of distanced meals in the backyard with them all, and they’ve only been in the house a couple of times, masked, when they just couldn’t put off using the bathroom. They are the only people we have seen socially. Well, my brother is living with my parents right now while he and my dad remodel a house they just bought for him but he hasn’t been here, but he is in the same airspace as my parents so I consider him in our bubble. Today, for the first time since the middle of March, my 15yo went to hang out in person with a friend. His friend is a 16yo only child, and his family is distancing, masking, and in a bubble with just his aunt’s family. I am mostly comfortable with this arrangement, and we’ll be having his friend over to our house soon, as well. My 15yo is my most extroverted kid. He was really starting to feel down being stuck home with just us, so we’re taking care of his mental health needs. But my almost 9yo daughter having friends over yet feels risky. They are just so much less likely to keep out of each other’s space at this age. I would love it if she had a friend whose family I felt comfortable letting into our bubble, but so far I am not there. Here are our current numbers where I live, though. “On July 7 there were 36 Covid-19 patients in WNY hospitals, 35 of whom were in Erie Co ( where Buffalo is) Also, as reported yesterday, 1.6% of all Covid-19 diagnostic tests received by our Health department on July 7 came back positive (52 out of 3,240).“ With the number of positive cases in your area I wouldn’t be comfortable, but if things start to fall again (and I really hope they do soon!) this family sounds like a great choice for your bubble.
  2. No. You can be infected and have no fever, fever that comes and goes, or continual fever. This virus is all over the place as far as symptoms go. So if you have any symptoms you should isolate and test.
  3. Oh, and we had our first wave right after NYC did, and with everyone complying with mask laws and distancing we’ve managed to keep cases from climbing. The whole Western New York region, which includes Buffalo, currently lists only 52 Covid patients hospitalized. I feel safer here than I would in many, many areas of the country right now!
  4. I live in a Buffalo suburb. Are you just planning to spend the night in a hotel, or looking for things to do in the area? Either way, to travel through NY you’re required to wear masks in all situations where you cannot stay 6ft distanced. People in Buffalo are taking it seriously. Even drive thrus have signs reminding you to mask since you’re closer than 6ft to pay and get your food. A lot of fun stuff has been canceled for the season, so the hotels should have plenty of room!
  5. No suggestions, but I do not understand why it’s so hard to find them considering how many tall boys there are out there! It’s as though clothing companies never adjusted to the increased average height. Signed, Mom of a 6ft+ 14yo
  6. I’m so glad it’s over, and they are safely in orbit. Does anyone else get really anxious over launches? I was in first grade, watching in the school library, when Challenger blew up. I haven’t been able to watch a launch since without my stomach in my throat.
  7. The neighbors two houses down are in a classic rock/blues band and they hosted a porch concert today. Everyone distanced properly in their family groups, which was very nice to see. We invited my parents to come over and sit in our front yard, properly distanced from us, while we listened. It was so refreshing to do something different! I think I’ll put some money in an envelope and drop it in their mailbox as a thank you.
  8. I think this is exactly why most people will go back, even though it will mean less money. How long will the $600 bonus last? I had to look it up; July. The choices seem to be more money for 3 more months and then little chance of finding any job, or the extra for 3 months and then unemployment for the foreseeable future. It really sucks, though. I feel very fortunate that we don’t have to make that choice.
  9. I’m in Erie County, NY. So far small businesses seem to be hanging on. They have had a lot of creative solutions. I do worry that many will end up going out of business, but so far that doesn’t seem to be happening. A lot of residents seem to be having trouble getting unemployment, though. That appears to be a huge issue. I don’t know how food banks are going to keep up.
  10. We finally got meat at the grocery store. Last week we only had pre-packaged deli meats or canned. BLTs Chicken Souvlaki Salad with Tzatziki Philly Cheesesteak Casserole Chili Tacos (I forgot we had more fresh tomatoes than we need for BLTs, so we’ll use those up on tacos and have chili next week.) Broccoli Cheese Soup Homemade Pizza Tuna Noodle Casserole
  11. And this is going to be a continuing problem. Plants are going to be closing for cleaning when employees test positive. Most food productions plants run 24/7, and shutting down for a few days for deep cleaning will affect food supplies.
  12. What a great idea! My dad is the quilter in my family. He would yell at me if I hung his quilts on my dirty porch railings or fence or I would steal your idea.
  13. IKEA is closed until further notice. “Even though the majority of our stores have been closed since March 16, we have been able to provide income stability for all co-workers with 100% pay through April 18. Given that our store locations must remain closed until further notice, we have made the decision to furlough hourly U.S. co-workers in store locations and our Service Office effective April 19, 2020.”
  14. My g-g-grandmothers on opposite sides of my family tree were Armilda and Oralee.
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