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  1. m0mmaBuck

    Physics for a 4th and 8th grader?

    I'm curious about that one. How does it work? Do I need all of the components (book, videos, online)?
  2. I need to simplify too. Sigh...
  3. I don't mind if it's a little above the 4th grader's head. I can make it work. We liked Ellen McHenry's The Elements for chemistry. Thoughts?
  4. m0mmaBuck

    Great Courses for an 8th grader?

    That's what I was thinking.... He loves astronomy and they have some interesting courses listed.
  5. m0mmaBuck

    Grammar/LA after FLL4

    DD finished FLL4 last year. I don't want to do Rod and Staff again. I tried that with DS and it was torture. Suggestions?
  6. Has anyone used these for Middle School? I was thinking specifically about the Visual Guide to the Universe, The Nature of Earth (geology), Experiencing America (Am. History), and Understanding the Universe. I know some of it may be over his head, but I think he would really enjoy them. Thoughts?
  7. m0mmaBuck

    Finishing FLL4 and WWE3. What now?

    Thank you! Maybe Kilgallon Sentence Composing. Any thoughts on that one? Any ideas for moving from FLL3 into something else? Is Kilgallon Grammar good too?
  8. DD9 has worked through FLL1-4 and WWE1-3. I need some suggestions for next year. Thanks
  9. m0mmaBuck

    7th Grade Planning

    I have had my head in the sand Re: the upcoming school year. My son recently developed an acute interest in science (after Boy Scout Camp this summer where he earned 7 merit badges, most of them science-related) so now I need to start nurturing that interest. Anyway... Math: We've done CLE up until now. I'm thinking I may want to switch since it takes CLE 2 years to do Pre-Algebra but I am not sure where to go from here. Language: We've used LLATL which has been OK but I want more writing. History: SOTW3 and some Am. Hx. using various sources Science: um.... yeah. No idea now. Geography: ? Logic: ? Computer skills: ? Art; artist studies, photography Music: Hoffman Academy for piano, guitar lessons, composer studies Foreign Language: GSWL and Rosetta Stone Spanish
  10. m0mmaBuck

    What are your Scouts working on? (Boys & Girls)

    My son (BSA) just earned his Star Rank. He's working on Pets, Citizenship in the Community, and Personal Fitness. My daughter (AHG) has her court of honor at the end of the month and has earned 4 service stars (5 hrs of service per star), Living in the USA, Creative Crafts, Stick Shifts and Safety Belts, Nature and Wildlife, and Travel. She is currently trying to finish out Citizenship and Government before we start on Outdoor Skills next month.
  11. m0mmaBuck

    What are your Scouts working on? (Boys & Girls)

    Our Troop doesn't take a break. We have meetings every other week instead of every week and we work on swimming, canoeing, and other outdoor badges. We also camp once/month and do a day hike once/month all summer long.
  12. m0mmaBuck

    What are your Scouts working on? (Boys & Girls)

    My DH and son, along with 12 other boys and 3 other adults, left for Camp Baldwin (Eastern Oregon) this a.m. The entire troop will be working on Horsemanship while there in addition to several other badges of choice. My son plans to finish up Swimming, First Aid, and Environmental Science as well as see what else interested him during his time there.
  13. m0mmaBuck

    What are your Scouts working on? (Boys & Girls)

    DS is a Tenderfoot and working on Orienteering and Camping. This weekend he went to a workshop and earned Radio and Electronics. DD is in American Heritage Girls and we as a group are working on Young Meteorologist. She also just earned Pet Care and is working on Zoology.
  14. m0mmaBuck

    What are your Scouts working on? (Boys & Girls)

    DS is 10 (turns 11 next wk) and is working on Tenderheart rank. He has earned his Geology merit badge and this weekend he should earn his Winter Sports badge. He is also working on Pet Care, Citizenship in the Country, and Salesmanship. This weekend the troop went snow camping and skiing. I'm looking forward to hearing about it when they get home later today. DD is 6 (turns 7 this month) and is an American Heritage Girl. This is her first year earning badges (last year she was in the Pathfinder program and they have their own set of awards). So far, she has earned Swimming, Our Flag, Insect-a-Inspect-a, Cooking, Cake Decorating, Be the Best Me, Geology, Our Heritage, and Family Helper. She has several (10-12) she is working on with a few of the requirements of each met but should definitely finish Emergency Prepardness and Native American by the end of the month.
  15. m0mmaBuck

    Secular alternative to Girl Scouts?

    No. They are not the same group or run by the same people. Totally separate although certain Packs and Troops may choose to work together.
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