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  1. I'm curious about that one. How does it work? Do I need all of the components (book, videos, online)?
  2. I don't mind if it's a little above the 4th grader's head. I can make it work. We liked Ellen McHenry's The Elements for chemistry. Thoughts?
  3. That's what I was thinking.... He loves astronomy and they have some interesting courses listed.
  4. DD finished FLL4 last year. I don't want to do Rod and Staff again. I tried that with DS and it was torture. Suggestions?
  5. Has anyone used these for Middle School? I was thinking specifically about the Visual Guide to the Universe, The Nature of Earth (geology), Experiencing America (Am. History), and Understanding the Universe. I know some of it may be over his head, but I think he would really enjoy them. Thoughts?
  6. Thank you! Maybe Kilgallon Sentence Composing. Any thoughts on that one? Any ideas for moving from FLL3 into something else? Is Kilgallon Grammar good too?
  7. DD9 has worked through FLL1-4 and WWE1-3. I need some suggestions for next year. Thanks
  8. -Neil Diamond Christmas CD for my MIL @ HalfPrice Books Outlet for $1. -ChicoBags for 2 of my friends through a friend's STEM school fundraiser. Not necessarily a deal but the are useful and I was able to support my friend's kids. -Simply Fun games for 3 of the families on my list through a fundraiser for a local children's hospital. Not a deal but I feel like it was money doubly gifted. -Finally, I had an Usborne Books party and was able to get $125 in free books and another $100 worth at 1/2 price. $50 covered a lot of Christmas presents and I was able to support my friend's
  9. I haven't worked in a hospital since 1998 but I can tell you that people were complacent back then, even in the face of TB, HIV/AIDS, MRSA, VRSA, and several other infectious diseases that we dealt with on a daily basis. Personally, I made sure I followed the precautions for each patient to the letter but I can also tell you that many others did not. Some of the doctors were, IMO, the worst offenders and would move from patient room to patient room without even so much as washing their hands. We had times where you could follow an infection from one patient to another by looking at which doc
  10. It's about the same whether you do surgery or the serial casting. Two weeks in a hard cast, 6 wk in a boot with a 2 inch lift at the heel, 10 wks in a boot with a 1 inch lift.... All either non or partial weight bearing. With the surgery, you have a 1-2 wk wait prior to the surgery as well, and the weightbearing status is even more important because if you tear the tendon again at that point they don't have much tissue with which to work. The risk of re-injury is only 2% higher with non-surgical intervention, but that's a trade off for not opening yourself up to surgical complications.
  11. No. He takes omeprazole for reflux and allopurinol for chronic kidney stones.
  12. How did he do this? Well, he's a big guy (5'10", 250 lbs) and he's 45 (yesterday was his birthday) so he's in the right demographic. Our Suburban died and he and his buddy were pushing it up onto those ramp/block things so that the friend could look at it. They had it rocking back and forth, he gave one more all out push, and tore it. He called me at work to tell me that he hurt himself and I knew just from the mechanism of injury and his symptoms what he had done. Of course he drove himself to my office so that I check it (he wanted to believe it was something else) but after I and my boss ch
  13. He has about 20% of the tendon still connected so the calf didn't retract/ball up by his knee. When they flexed his foot during the diagnostic ultrasound, they could see that the tendon and muscle had good approximation which made the non-surgical route a possibility. The orthopedic surgeon went through the pros and cons given DH's activity level, recovery time, prognosis, possibility of reinjury, etc., and their recommendation was serial casting vs. surgery. Surgery is still an option if it isn't progressing as expected with the casting.
  14. He opted for the non-surgical route so.... For the next 2 weeks he is in a cast and can't put any weight on it at all. Then he will be partial weight bearing in a boot with crutches for about 4 months. It's his right foot so he can't drive which means I will have to chauffeur him around and the kids will be doing a lot of car schooling. It also means we can't divide and conquer for activities. Sigh. It's going to be a long 4-5 months.
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