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  1. He'd have an even greater following/claim to the throne if he was Targaryen + Stark. Maybe he'll marry Dani.
  2. I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind sending me a pm. Thank you!!
  3. Does anyone know if you can buy them after the fact. I blew it and missed purchasing one that is now sold out. :(
  4. I'd like to get 3 also. Anyone coordinating? Pertty please!
  5. A friend and I are teaching Classical Theater next year in co op and picked up several Prufrock guides. We also have Shakespeare A to Z by Boyce which I think is an indispensable resource.
  6. No, probably the same version. It's just that ToG is our History spine. I am trying to choose lit that I can essentially do in just one semester because I want to spend the first semester using Windows to the World. So I used the ToG list as well as WTM to figure out the best lit. I appreciate your other suggestions!
  7. Our co-op uses ToG. It provides the teacher with plenty of discussion points and from that she designed the research and geography homework they do. It's working really well.
  8. Uh. I had NO IDEA. Thank you so much for this! With this group I can certainly NOT choose this book. Sigh...back to more searching. I have one long semester to attempt as much lit as I can. I may have planned too long of a reading time for each so maybe I can squeeze in an extra work or two. Time period is Fall of Rome-1800 (Tapestry year 2). So far I have: Beowulf - Heany (2 weeks) select Canturbury Tales (3 weeks) <-- to long for just General Prologue and 2 tales? Once and Future King - White I chose this because I think exposure to the Arthurian legend is important and this is a good one. Agree? (4 weeks) Paradise Lost Pride and Prejudice (4 weeks) This one is slightly past the 1800 mark but is on the ToG booklist. I have a couple of weeks reserved for a final but can rethink that. Please tell me what you would add. Maybe 2 more works. My mind is spinning with so many books and so little time. This is a group of 9th/10th grade and most of them have not been challenged by difficult literature before. Other ideas I had were possibly Robin Hood, skip OaFK and do Sir Gawain instead, Dante??, Aladdin? No Shakespeare is included because we are doing that in a separate classical theater class. I also plan to make suggestions to the parents of additional books the "honors" kids might want to read to turn this year in to a Brit Lit year. Edited to add: I'm sorry I'm repeating myself. I just wanted to be clear on what I have chosen and why so I can get some input and suggestions. :thumbup1:
  9. I have a mixed class of 9th/10th graders this year. We're doing Lost Tools of Writing using ancient lit and its going very well. They needed this year of very specific persuasive writing instruction. Next year I plan Windows to the World 1st semester and then 2nd semester we'll read and write using medieval-1800 lit. All British. I'm going to give the parents a list of additional titles I think would round out a solid British lit year so they could either call it literary analysis or British lit. Almost like an honors option. My understanding is that EiW doesn't have specific writing instruction so if you can provide that it's fine. I'm hoping to use EiW-American the following year as it looks good and hopefully we will be past needing specific instruction
  10. I know the Norton is the most recommended, but it's expensive. This is for a Year 2 Tapestry co op class. I'm going to use WttW for the 1st semester to teach lit anal. but then do literature 2nd semester. I'd really like to expose them to Paradise Lost and what I think I am REALLY looking for is a No Fear edition. But to my knowledge that doesn't exist. My kiddos will mostly be sophomores and TBH they are not the literature superstars we might hope for. I just don't think they can handle the original version...so should I drop it? Several of them actually have documented learning disabilities. I planned (over 18 weeks of a 2nd semester): Beowulf, Canturbury Tales (select), The Once and Future King (to get the Arthurian legend in), Paradise Lost, and Pride and Prejudice. For the more capable students I plan to assign more of the Brit Lit genre and they can hopefully turn this course into a Survey of British Literature on their transcript if they would like, but for most of them they really need a Literary Analysis and Writing course. Does that look like a weird list for a co-op? I know there are SO. MANY. BOOKS. we are not covering, but there is only so much time. I think 5-7 are good. How would you change my arrangement and/or do you have a Paradise Lost to recommend or what would you sub for that? BTW, so as not to think we are slighting Our Friend Shakespeare, we are doing Julius Caesar this year, Midsummer Night's Dream in a drama class next year, and for the "Brit Lit" suggestion I plan to suggest several more.
  11. I think Bulfinch is a little boring. It's comprehensive, yes, but very matter-of-fact. We enjoyed other versions of the myths by Evlsin or Hamilton more.
  12. My oldest is a girl so the tastes are different but she loved the Maze Runner series.
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