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  1. My dear sweet Rosie. You and your dd need to move in with one of us so we can take care of you.
  2. You can't pretend that HIV isn't passed at all by shameful behavior such as prostitution and infidelity. It is small minded of you to think you have some moral high ground because you have immediate family that has contracted HIV. As I indicated in my earlier post, this has run through our family as well and in more than one person and in their cases, it wasn't their fault either. So maybe YOU should drop the judging.
  3. The virus is passed via bodily fluids, most commonly through s*xual acts. That's how a majority of people (aside from AIDS orphans) I know contracted it. I am not sure what it is you think I am saying.
  4. I used to hate exercise as a kid. If you say you hate exercise, I believe you. Perhaps you need to find a compelling enough reason that is more important to you than your dislike of exercise.
  5. We have experience with HIV as well and it IS caused by moral failings (adultery, infidelity, promiscuity).
  6. Me neither. Back onto it today with finishing Phase II of P90X but I really want to do Insanity to jazz me up.
  7. I would try plyometrics if your knees can take it. Dr. Oz has a 15-20 minute workout by Shaun T on his website. I don't think 20 minutes of HIIT alone is enough for that day.
  8. What kind of HIIT? Are you doing anything else on those HIIT days?
  9. Keep doing what you are doing. Throw in a *little* HIIT. It takes a long, long, long time to get results with hypothyroidism even when on medicine.
  10. Ran the Foxy Trail 1/2 Marathon today. Ouch.
  11. On the road over the weekend. Sunday I had a miserable time on a treadmill, worst 6 miles in memory. Core Synergistics in my hotel room on Monday. Tuesday, Insanity from memory in my hotel room. Today, not sure. Trying to put the home and life together and in order. KH, kickboxing on video is hard to do. I am sure if you were to take a class you would do quite well. : )
  12. I didn't find that article particularly informative or helpful. For instance, it is the exception not the rule that people die in marathon running. Is marathon running dangerous? It is the exception and not the rule that some one has a stroke while using a rowing machine. HIIT mimics flight and fight responses so it is not some foreign modality.
  13. I did Insanity Certification training on Sunday. Wow. That means I did Insanity over and over again that day. Yesterday I was catatonic. lol I did nothing. Today, I am feeling better. I would like to do cardio bag and mma class but I am not sure how my schedule is shaping up.
  14. We have it bad in CA as well. We are moving to Southern Florida. The only thing I will miss in CA is my gym and martial arts community.
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