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  1. Diagramming sentences. I ask DD to point the subject and she gives me, "The". After 4 years of FLL she gives me "the" ?!

    1. SGPS


      That's discouraging. :(

    2. EKS


      Let me guess, was this the sentence? "The was his name."

  2. somebody help me find the exercise thread?

  3. Hey! Just figured out this status update thing. Yay! Be prepared for nonsense!

    1. Avila
    2. GWOB


      I kinda like your nonsense.

  4. I just saw this in your sig ...

    Prisencolinensinainciusol Oll Raight!!


    That is such an awesome song. Just wanted you to know that. Rare to find anyone who knws it, much less here. :)

  5. Lack of sleep is a sign of overtraining and it hinders results. Glutamine and a touch of creatine post workout also help with muscle pain. If you are at their fitness level, ease into it. If you exercise a lot, do a light weight routine in the morning and then some light cardio in the evening, an hour total, tops. Over time increase the intensity but not the length of the workouts. You will have to eat differently to fuel your body correctly. HTH and good luck!
  6. Yeah, but I am glad it got revived. For some reason this year, my eyes have been killing me.
  7. On my top 10 list of my life's worst purchases. Don't do it!
  8. I've been remiss in watching, although I see previews for the one where they do a race to Bethlehem. DVR is set.
  9. I've only seen it done at the gym. There was this really intimidating cro-magnon type fighter with painted black toenails. He was explaining that it was a courtesy to other fighters to disguise "flaws". It was a pet peeve of his to train or fight people with unkept, poorly cared for, ugly, or diseased toe nails.
  10. This is the tricky part because everybody's body is different. P90X is basically circuit weight training. Insanity is jump training. Pick your poison. :lol: You should watch the videos of them again at beachbody.com just to be sure what would best take you to your goals.
  11. It is possible to do P90X or Insanity but you will have to mindful of what YOU can do. With that much weight to lose, I would get a physical first and let your dr. know you are going to do some intense plyometric work. When you do start, take as many breaks as you need and don't feel bad about it (as long as you are doing your best). There may be times when you can't even finish a dvd. Don't sweat it. It's all about improvement anyway. You don't want to kill yourself in the first few days and then decide it's too hard and quit forever.
  12. Insanity is only two months long and requires no equipment. Insanity workouts are like Plyo (but harder) in P90X. The intense cardio really burns the fat.
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