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  1. Hi all! This is my last year to homeschool! Wow! So thankful to WTM and all the resources through the years! The past seven years I have taught English comp/lit at a co-op..classes grew from 24 students to over 100 the past two years. The last four years I compiled lessons for 30-32 week schedules. All are free on my website www.wordlyways.com This year, I was asked to do online classes since my husband's company moved us to Houston 3 weeks ago. I am holding Skype classes for 7th-10th and 10th-12th starting Monday in World Literature. You can review this year's course at my website.
  2. I agree!! First, pray about it...God can do all things...my husband has never been the one to say "get up and let's go to church"..it was more "I guess we're going to church this morning" :tongue_smilie: One of our friends in the church had a great need for a fill in for Sunday School and asked if he would mind...my husband agreed...he now leads Sunday school every other month for elementary ages...men really do well if they feel needed.... My husband doesn't 'mind' church but has a low tolerance for the length of singing and sermons...bless his heart, he was Catholic (not really, but went t
  3. I agree with this on the whole... Two years ago, I was asked to lead writing classes at a local co-op...I accepted so that my 9th grade son would have the benefit if lit. Discussions and peer review for essays, group projects, etc. I have 35 students this year grades 6-12...the range of writing skills is all over the bell curve. I had a 10th grader who scored perfect on the ACT writing and language section, a 6th grader who writes better than most my senior students - several who had horrific handwriting which nearly equalled their spelling, and one even wrote on the backside of the
  4. Well, a start is do what your moniker says, "LOVE 2 SMILE!"...not everyone has those families (except on Little House and the Brady Bunch :)) I love my family, dearly...on a whole with all the turkeys I've known in my life, these are good, loving, there for you people. But, more there for you in a crisis...I just don't have that many crises I can't handle. My mom rarely calls, she'll dote on you like crazy when you go to visit, she'll never visit you (unless a baby is being born)...which is awesome that one week of their 16 year old life! :) My brother has only called me maybe 5x in 20
  5. Beautiful and fun thread! I kept thinking there had to be the possibility that some had the same dress! :) Here's mine, long sleeved in August! Blessed by a hurricane, it brought beautiful weather and the high was 72 in Memphis!! :) A bee got stuck in that long train and we got some really funny pictures trying to rescue it! :)
  6. We've had a Wii, Xbox, and another Xbox...now we have NONE!! The negatives outweighed the positives...now we're finding the same with the computer! Apps/Angry Birds/etc...all take us (including me!) off of being as productive/focused on the things we should be....so in our house, while we probably spent thousands on all the games/junk that went with them..I wish we could get those $$ back...and the time!
  7. We have used both that you mentioned...I was stung by the price, but over $400 later, I firmly agree it would be entirely worth it! Jump in is an appetizer and IEW is Top Chef Masters...just no comparison. The amazing thing is that the resale value is so high, buy it new and sell it for 75percent of it's value...so great courses for less than $100 I have SWI, TWSS, SICC, EE, TTC and medieval....my kids have benefitted greatly! I still branch out and see what else is out there...tweak stuff to my style but could not beat IEW.
  8. This is always going to bring strong feelings either way, but to answer the original poster's question..for our family AHG is the only choice. As the Bible states we (believers) are not of this world...so therefore we are not to adhere to the conformity of this world...we seek out activities for our children that support and encourage their faith through service to the community, one another, growing skills and devotion to family. We are drawn to these tenets in a large part based on our faith...to be with a group of girls to share these common threads is very encouraging to their faith..
  9. I've never bought a DR book or been to a seminar, never heard him speak...but I'm pretty sure he's not teaching anything new...budgeting is just like dieting...eat less than you expend and you'll be fine... We had 2 mortgages for 31 months, we ran up cc bills just to stay above the fray...so to get us out of debt in a much shorter time..we took drastic steps...we ONLY use CC for gas...no more picking up a soda when we fill up....we use ONLY cash for all other expenses...started out with $800 a month and realized we could manage with $500-$600 for household (dance lessons, speech/debate fee
  10. "Here I am to Worship, Here I am to bow down, Here I am to say that You're my God, You're altogether lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me." "Majesty, worship His Majesty...unto Jesus, be all glory honor and power!" Those two songs pretty much sum up how I define the word. I think sometimes my children or adults even have 'idols' but I don't think they 'worship' them...my son has an idol with Xbox on occasions, but he does not worship it....worship for me means to put nothing higher than that which you worship....I've been fortunate that as long as I can remember God h
  11. I just want to add that those who say they've "been through it" and it's not a big deal may not have been through the most recent 'changes'...as of October 24th, they have updated and retrained those giving these searches, my only guess is that this invasive form was already in heavy use in Amsterdam in May..I have been searched before with the little wandy thing, have even had them use their hand to feel inside my inner legs, but this search is LONG, INVASIVE, and horrific...I see criminals go through less on a Cops show....and what did I do? Buy a ticket so I can take a Disney cruise? Does t
  12. I would get him a heavy duty/weather protected Bible and write a special note in it for comfort. It's basic training, they need the basics and I can't think of one thing that would encourage/comfort a soldier than a Bible. Tara
  13. Disagree...on so many points...accidents happen, there was no malicious intent...I am so tired of the outrageous lawsuits out there b/c no one feels they should be imposed upon by someone else....please, coffee spilling in your lap too hot and it's McDonald's fault? Saw a video yesterday where a girl and her friends were having a bachelorette swim party, her bridesmaid pushed her into the pool as she has sooo many times in the past and due to a freak accident, the girl was instantly paralyzed..did she sue her friend to pay for all of her medical bills? Absolutely not, she's handled it am
  14. I'm a reasonable person, I've flown to England the week after Lockerbie, flew to Orlando 8 days after 9/11 (on first flights that reopened..we were scheduled to fly out on 9/12)...I'm not a fearful flyer, But!! When flying through Amsterdam this past May, I had 'THE PATDOWN'...it is WRONG!! You know when all those red flags hit you like a brick when you see a suspicious character lurking in a park or fair? I felt as though I was trapped and literally was being molested..I had to pretened to laugh it off so my kids would not see my fear, but if they tried for one second to pull that on my
  15. I think if you're planning 'dates' or 'time' with a person of the opposite sex...there is something wrong. As others have mentioned, as a homeschooler we are all so busy....any free time to be planned is definitely spent with my husband/kids..the only time I'm with other families is if we're doing a project together...but we're all there for the same event, not to provide companionship for each other...companionship stays within my family...when all the kids are gone, I could see me actually finding time to go for a cup of coffee with some girl friends but not a male friend..same for husband,
  16. Just to make you feel better, my kids sometimes ask me what was one of my worst moments as a kid...well, a big kid, I was a 10th grader and playing a prank on a dear friend in our circle of friends...he was an Eagle scout and a sweetheart...when he came to the lunch table I pulled his chair out from behind him and he fell on his tail and broke his tailbone!! It was by far my worst moment in childhood...I still get knots in my stomach thinking about it, he, of course was a gem about it and laughed it off...but it probably saved me from a lifetime of bad pranks...lesson learned, and sometimes th
  17. Tell her not to fret...at all!!! We had a rough 2 years and we barely got through many lessons of math, so we started gung ho in August and my son flew through Algebra 1/2 (had already started LOF last January but realized he needed more review so stepped back)..dd (7th grade) was on lesson 90 of Saxon 8/7 and I told her to move straight to Algebra 1/2..mainly b/c the last lessons of ANY Saxon are mostly what's in the first lessons of the next level..she's on lesson 30 and zooming through. My son got about 2/3 through Algebra 1/2 and we moved him directly to Foerster's Algebra I...he
  18. I understand where she's at! We just decided to go a different route..I LOVE Saxon's spiral method for up to grade 8 but found their Algebra and even LOF's Algebra was not the 'way' for my son to master Algebra, he was getting it, but not getting it all the way...I wanted him to build his confidence, so we bought Foerster's Algebra, it's a GREAT fit, it's going piece by piece, building on a foundation and not assuming things, it has enough work problems that give him sustained confidence leading into the next chapter...there are about 120 lessons, he's doing 2 lessons a day with ease..so he s
  19. We always used Saxon, have Life of Fred..but we really LOVE Foerster's..got it two weeks ago and my son has done the first 20 lessons already! As long as they have a strong grasp of multiplication/division, they'll do fine! I highly recommend it! :) Tara
  20. Medicare/Medicaid has rampant abuse...if we had one agency (20 people would be enough) to sit and double check the largest abuses, you could save billions...stop those raping the system... Tort reform...malpractice costs for physicians is outrageous not to mention for hospitals...limit the amount lawsuits can sue...there are billions going out every year...malicious malpractice is not common, but people are human, people with multiple disease conditions take to suing when it was the same physicians who prolonged their life 5-10 years....there's always a funds thirsty attorney to lead them
  21. Just wanted to encourage you staying home! It's a gem for a 13 year old to want his mom or anyone to stay with him...don't neglect that need/wish...to me, it just shows him he can depend on you and when they're ready/able to go it alone, they will do it without trepidation....a lot can change in a year, listen to your kids...it could also be a great mom/son time to get alone time playing cards, reading a book, just letting him know how much he means to you! Tara
  22. I'm all about wood floors, we have a farm, horses ..we're back and forth to the barn daily, tracking red clay mud in...dogs are running through the house...the key to a wood floor is not to skimp! We chose white oak (harder than red oak) and the type that has thickness (nailed down) where you can re-sand every 7-8 years and the floors will last you 50 years...there are also topical treatments that are wonderful and nothing penetrates...I've had ice melting that I missed and my 4 coats of finish (used 1 coat of stain and 3 coats of finish, buffing in between each coat) and it just puddles u
  23. I sometimes say "Bible teaching" church...I have dear friends who are methodist ministers....this is not ALL methodist churches but of the 7 or 8 I've attended they will pick out 1-2 verses and build a discussion around it...they never have their Bible with them as they're speaking and flip back and forth with supportive scripture. I love a Bible teaching church because I want to get INTO the word not just get opinion out of the word....so by taking Proverbs 3:5-6 and tying it in with scripture from specific events in biblical history and then showing how Paul was tested in his ability to tru
  24. I think you were just too intrusive..I took piano for 9 years all three of my children have had lessons for 5 years...the BEST recommendation for where to spend your money is going to be from her students..I never look for piano teachers by calling them directly...I find students I know and respect and ask who they like...most the times they have already been through 2-3 teachers and can help guide you...when I DO call a piano teacher I simply ask them what books they like to use, how much each lesson runs and how many recitals does she do each year...your questions just got progressively more
  25. :lurk5: Too many to check out, but I ended up (just finalizing yesterday after 2 years of huhs?) Life of Fred..his website will tell you to do decimals/fractions first Foerster's Algebra Brown Geometry and I will probably buy UCMSP for extra problems or another text, I like for my son to use ONE text for learning but have 1-2 extras for just throwing open the book and seeing if he can do the problems written in a different style...to me that helps with their confidence and practice. Tara
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