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  2. My eye to date has is never crusty upon waking. It is just red on the right top lid and a little swollen. I have given up eye make-up and contacts. I seriously miss both. I'm just frustrated. I would like not to worry about doing warm compresses all the time. Geez, and just live. :glare:
  3. Do you use compresses daily as well? What do you do to keep it away? Do you only avoid wheat? I'm asking because I need to try something to see if it helps.
  4. I wondered so that I can at least think about trying that option. Something is making me flare up. I wish I knew what it was. I certainly wash my eyes enough so I know that isn't it.
  5. I have to ask then, which grains do you specifically avoid? Any and all, or? I love rice and pasta. LOL I'm sure my waist line would appreciate a break from eating them though.
  6. I haven't seen wipes with tea tree oil on them. I'll have to see if I can find them & research them. I usually warm my washcloth in the microwave for about 30 secs and let it cool slightly before I apply it to my eye. Thankfully, the eye doctor did look and my blepharitis is NOT from mites. Shuddering with you on that one! How long do your episodes last? Do you find that it coincides with your cycle? Do you use antibiotic ointment?
  7. No, no nightcap here. It's so weird that my eye looked better yesterday and then flared back up. I am wondering if it is hormonal? My eye doctor doesn't think so, but things that I read online seem to point in that direction.
  8. This has been going on for a couple of years for me. It flares up from time to time, but it's been more often than not lately. I really do not want to go to the doctor. So, even if the eyelid is red/pink with just a hint of swelling, would you go in, or keep treating it for a while first? I do not normally change my pillowcase every night, but I will start doing that now. I cannot bathe at night. My naturally curly hair just won't let me. :tongue_smilie:
  9. Usually I use my finger. When I used a washcloth, it seemed to irritate my lids more.
  10. I keep having flare-ups. It's always in the same place on my right eye. I've been using erythromycin eye ointment each night and soaking my eye. I try to put a warm cloth on my eye once a day, but sometimes I get so busy that I forget. My eye was looking better and then last night I could see a small white pimple area on my eyelid again. I've been using the ointment for almost a week now. My regular doctor doesn't seem too concerned because my eye is only minimally swollen. I made an appointment on Friday in case it isn't 100% better. I really do not want to go in to the doctor's office,
  11. Thanks. This vitamin has added veggies, etc. I would like a multi-vitamin that is free of dyes and additives. I do not really want a vitamin with added herbs, kale, etc.
  12. I would like to find a 'basic' multi-vitamin without all the extra 'green' additive stuff. LOL Is there one out there that is dye-free, etc. Help!
  13. Thank you, me too! I am glad and thankful as well. My time with my guys is indeed short. I have much to do still before they are gone though. I plan to make every moment count!
  14. Good morning, ladies, I turned in my notice yesterday. I have been working for a month. Long enough to know what I needed to do. After chatting further with my BFF and my dh, I feel that this is my best option for now. I wish I could stay in some ways and in other ways I am relieved. I appreciate you all taking the time to offer advice and helping me think through this.
  15. I worked today 9-1. It was better because I got to work the front desk and do other things besides shelving. I will mostly likely give it a couple of weeks and see how it goes. I'm still stressed, and still uncertain, but that's where I am.
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