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  1. My teenage dd's are going through their clothes today (finally!) so I'm sure I'll have quite a bit of stuff to give away.
  2. Thank you for saying that :001_smile: I'm not sure if I should actually say anything to her or have dh say anything. That would just cause more problems. I just have to stop letting it bug me.
  3. :iagree: Christabel/Christabelle is one of my favorite names, it means beautiful Christ follower. Other C names; Caitlyn, Caleb, Charles, Candace, Carter, Connor, Cooper, Carly, Charlotte, Caroline, Carrie, Catherine, Chyenne, Chase, Charity, Chasity, Chelsea Can you tell I research baby names too much! :D
  4. I'd let her wear it, but if she asked my opinion I would tell her it was unflattering and let her decide if my opinion mattered or not.
  5. I'm so sick of my MIL judging everything we do. It's everything, ALL.THE.TIME. Her latest was saying I shouldn't care about dss12 because I'm not his mother and he'll always hate me. :confused: This was said after I told her how things are improving with him. After she said that I didn't respond and said I should start dinner and walked away. How do you deal with someone like this? She's over our house at least once a week, she goes to our church, she is actively involved in our lives. Dh doesn't want to cut off the relationship because if he does he'll lose his relationship with his
  6. At the public high school the only AP class a freshman can take is AP US History (unless they've tested outed of classes or are going to graduate early). This is a newer thing because when ds17 was a freshman he couldnt take AP classes. That being said if your ds is motivated to take this class I would definitely let him. You always have the summer to prepare for the essay writing and/or any other areas that need improving.
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