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  1. W&R is the sequel to Wouk's The Winds of War. It's been a long time since I read them, but in my memory, they were excellent. You could read W&R alone, but it is in the first book that you fall for the characters.
  2. I find myself wondering what goes on in ModeratorWorld when a bomb like that gets dropped in this forum. I imagine a deafening klaxon and red flashing lights, the mod dropping Moby Dick or The Hunchback tome on his big toe, elbows akimbo, sloshing the tea over the saucer and beyond, hurriedly trying to clean up the title mess before a whole slew of "OMG I canNOT believe what someone just posted!!!!" threads erupt.... Kids, you totally crack me up! I hope you work out that frustration soon. Attempting to crochet would definitely add some spice to my vocabulary...:D
  3. Gotta say I felt the same vibe from your OP. You say this is a SINGLE man? Perhaps he just doesn't have a clue what family life is really like (from a parental perspective). But I can tell you, my dh would be telling him he's not allowed to talk to me any more! Any news and reminders have to go through dh from now on. Surely you're not the only one in your congregation feeling this way.
  4. I can tell you that it doesn't involve bleach-blonding my hair to cover the greys, starving myself to become stick-thin, squeezing into yoga pants and other twenty-something fashions, wearing false eyelashes and blue eyeliner, fake-baking or Botox injections. I do appreciate cute fashions but take my teen dd shopping with me. While she occasionally suggests items I don't think I can successfully wear at my age, she is a great advisor when I am in doubt. She has learned to say, "I don't think so, mom," with a most gracious smile. It does involve taking better care of myself than I use
  5. Okay, so if you put Little House/LIW on your timeline for history class, where does the entry go? In the era of the stories' setting, or the time at which they were written? Seems to me, both.
  6. This is what we did, too. However, there is a challenge when the appointment is for something complicated (thus long) or for something that a provider only does at certain times of the day/week. This pleads a good case for the several weeks on followed by a full week off schooling cycle, doesn't it? Seems it would be easier to get all the appointments into a less disruptive time frame.
  7. The wiki entry for Auntie Em pretty much sums it up...:glare:
  8. Keep it. Let it be a lesson to him that hard work has its rewards.
  9. Yes. It was a completely non-symptomatic, high grade cancer. Had it gone undetected, it would have been beyond treatment by the time any symptoms showed up. If you need more info, you can pm me.
  10. Hmmm... Threads strike me differently. Some are, as you say, conversational. Others are informational. I think of this forum as a bulletin board. I stick stuff on and contribute, often without the expectation of a reply. When I am the one seeking information, I always sit back and read & ponder the replies that come in. I may ask for clarification or additional information. I try to remember to say thanks, though it's typically a blanket, "Thanks, everyone!" I agree with Jean, MariannNOVA is really the best at acknowledging replies. There are times when I toss a comment into a ba
  11. Based on my experience, I would recommend a bigger truck, unless making more than one trip is an option. Have you taken a thoughtful look at your stuff, measured things, really given thought to how much space it will take? It's better to have extra space than not enough space.
  12. Is this what my granny would have called "black salve"? If so, I have always wanted to know the *real* name of the stuff. Where is it available - OTC or RX only? :iagree: Also ask about injections instead of/in addition to the swallow pills. You want those meds to get to work fast.
  13. One of mine also had a bum that could fit in a tea cup! I don't remember where I eventually found panties, but I was able to find bloomers and those worked in the interim.
  14. I'll take a long butt over a muffin top any day! FWIW, the right top is a huge factor. A flattering outfit is head-to-toe, not just cheek-to-curve.
  15. Wow! Just hopped over to amazon for a look. That gadget makes me wish I still had a student doing Spelling Power! Hmmm... how can I justify one now??? Seriously, I think that would be a nice surprise for a young friend of mine. Did you get the 10.5" screen? Would you get that same size if you had to get another?
  16. By the way, in case your doc didn't mention it, you may want to pick up some Miralax to go with your iron. ;)
  17. Check out I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot From School by Caroline Taggart. I am currently enjoying another of her books, The Classics: All You Need to Know From Zeus' Throne to the Fall of Rome. It is a fly by of ancient history and mythology, and a fun read because of the author's sense of humor.
  18. I know many have good recommendations for brand names so I'll leave that to them. I will just say that I always take iron at bedtime and with a little food - graham cracker or the like. Also, taking it with orange juice is good, as vitamin C helps with iron absorption.
  19. Is there anyone else in the department that could pull up her record and give her a code to register? I am keeping an ear to the south. I have a feeling that when Remudamom meets with FERPA, that blast will torch my back yard. :w00t:
  20. I am pretty sure she moved back to the east coast (Carolinas, maybe?) and has popped back in here some time in the last year with a different screen name. Someone please tell me I am not just imagining this!
  21. So you've only observed this at extended family gatherings? Hmmm... perhaps they are trying to avoid all those hands lined up to hold baby. Maybe they don't want baby all passed around and handled. At their own home this is likely not an issue. FWIW, my babes always joined us at the table, I am just trying to imagine what the parents in question are thinking. Especially considering that other thread about the sign on the stroller!
  22. If the area has a homeowners' association, or if there's a local yacht club/boating/waterskiing club, I would start by handing out fliers there or asking if the info could go on the email loop/web site. I'd also stick a sign out in front. Properties in areas such as you describe are often sold to friends and family of current property owners. Take fliers to all the neighbors. I guess I don't know the part about why you don't want to handle the showings yourself - I'm guessing you're out of town? Sounds like it will go quickly!
  23. Y'know, a lot may depend on the age of your kids. Kari, were yours old enough to fully appreciate the historicity of the place? Perhaps mine were just too young when we went (under 10yo).
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