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  1. That's so funny, Jo. I was surprised to see this old thread pop up. In our case we discovered that a replacement top would cost near three fourths the cost of a new range, so we went ahead and upgraded, another glass top range, though. We are moving soon and I am going to put in a gas cooktop. Not only do I prefer the flame control with gas, I am tired of babying the current cooktop! How nothing else breaks for you and your stove is easily fixed.
  2. ETA - oh, heck, I see this is an old post, still wishing a smooth move for you. (haven't read every reply) You must must must have these films interpreted by a pediatric endocrinology specialist. To worry about anything before you have that expert opinion is to waste lots of emotional energy. Don't let a regular pediatrician scare you or order a whole slew of tests before the expert speaks. DS1 went through all this. Ped endocrinologist finally saw the bone age tests, took a family history and told me that the pediatrician was wrong, the scan showed him older, that mistake hap
  3. if I remember correctly from my many years or ballet, a dancer is trained to get that foot into a firm point just about any time it's not flat on the floor (exceptions perhaps for modern dance). That is a foot position which locks that muscle underfoot into a short position. I think the regular exercise is great but I imagine that ballet sessions would need to be followed by serious stretching of the feet and calves. JMO.
  4. Absolutely. She's bolting before anyone can ask, "Say, did that lego fella ever turn up?" and she's forced to either flat out lie or say, "Um, yeah, it was under the dryer (or in the doghouse, or in bad boy's pocket, or under the bath rug, or.......)." 'cause then she might have to actually apologize. PS - I am glad this is sooooo last year for you. Let's see, 2009: Year of the Crazy Play Date. 2010: Year of the Bushwhacking Neighbors. 2011: Who can say? Mehopes you get a break but I am hearing faint strains of the Twilight Zone theme music...!
  5. Interesting insight, I think I would read it with a similar result... probably end up frustrated because I cannot just serve with total abandon But I have been thinking lately about what I will do when my home schooling journey is over. This sounds like a good title to have on the shelf as the first one to read when the last child graduates!
  6. I don't know how to multi-quote, but I found several comments interesting. The passive-aggressive thing - YES! I personally feel like this accounts for a small fraction of lateness, but I have experienced this from an extended family member and it is maddening! We have learned to go on with the plans, with or without her. Improper planning/time allowance - I am guilty of this one. I have lived in many different places and the amount of time things take has varied by location. I find I am often operating on a small town time budget and that just doesn't cut it in my bigger metro area.
  7. Some pieces have sentimental value to me - those are keepers. But there aren't too many of those, just a few passed down from my father's European family, very old pieces. There are a few things that I will keep to pass on to my children. For example, I have 8 Waterford Millennium Series toasting goblets, and four children. I am boxing those in sets and will give them to be used as toasting glasses at each one's wedding (IF they want to use them that way - otherwise, they are a gift to be done with as each child chooses). Here's my theory on much of the other stuff.... Tastes have
  8. #1 - boy #2 & 3 - boy/girl twins #4 - girl So, I have 2 of each, but the exact order has been a topic of debate for years (between the twins, that is!). My girl was delivered first so technically, I have B-G-B-G.
  9. Mariann, I was thinking about you this morning when it hit me that they cut your hedge (heinous itself), but then left all the trimmings where they lay, for *you* to deal with. Copious amounts of trimmings. What was the explanation for that? Do you think they'd have gotten around to it, given more time before your return, or do you think their full intention was only to hack and run? This, coupled with the comments you've made regarding your guys now not wanting to go out and the altered view from your picture window... wow, I really cannot imagine what these "neighbors" were thinki
  10. I wouldn't buy tickets for that free day. You might need it if for some reason the launch doesn't go off as scheduled... I'd plan for a day at the beach.
  11. I asked here first 'cause I think you folks know *everything* and it's usually faster that dallying around on a google search, but I did google and look what I found... "The top can not be repaired. The glass must be replaced . DO NOT USE IT CRACKED!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very dangerous as it can explode from the temperature. Also this is a severe electrical danger as glass top units have exposed elements underneath. Any liquid at all can short it out and cause a fire." Yikes! I am glad that no one here reported any problems, but I have decided I won't use it. The initial point of impact
  12. the other side of the stove is undamaged? A bottle dropped out of the overhead cabinet and put a star-shaped break on the stove top, near the forward left corner. One burner is affected. The cook top will need to be replaced (shhh, I am secretly joyful because I did not select this range and really don't like it... but I did *not* break it on purpose!). But DH is out of town this week. Is it safe to use the unaffected burners?
  13. Take a photo and email it to her. The thought of it posted on FB should scare her into suspenders. :)
  14. If you decide to not keep it, consider donating it to a local theater company or local university's theater department for their costume wardrobe.
  15. I am in a similar spot, would be 60 if I graduated my kinder girl from home. But with 8 years between, I think I will be done homeschooling by the time her siblings are done. That will make me 53. Sounds a lot younger than 60!!! ETA I used to always joke that with all my rediscovered and new knowledge, I was going to go on Jeopardy!!! I don't know what I will actually do but I trust God will give me something!
  16. Mariann I have not read all the replies but I recommend that you contact a professional arborist to give an estimate of the value of the hedge. Be sure to factor in the cost of MATURE replacement plantings and not just new shrubs. Methinks that to do this much "trimming" in such a short period of time, these folks had to have had a plan in place and were just waiting for you to drive away. I am so sorry, you just got back into your home and did not need this baloney. :grouphug:
  17. Ooooooo, shivers!!! Really, if you could actually calculate the odds of this happening.... Maybe your next purchase should be a lottery ticket...!
  18. :iagree::iagree: Spend the time and money on a quality visit with your brother and his baby.
  19. We have a teacher this year who often does not send the homework assignment until after noon on the day before the next class. Our family has an activity on that evening. Sometimes those assignments get turned in late. It is an elective class and I am not concerned about the grade. I would feel much differently about a high school level core subject. In that case, I believe your decision to co-op includes a respect for the class assignments. When one or two students lag, it can affect the progress of the group.
  20. This is the first thing that came to mind, the term "regifting" which I (rightly or wrongly) attribute to Seinfeld. I've heard gifted as an adjective, but if I try to frame it as a verb it sounds awkward. And that was the most dreaded coment one could receive from my English composition teachers, the nebulous "awkward."
  21. In a heartbeat! But here's the deal: the shelves really have to be used for books and books only. Magazines placed in properly sized baskets. No loose paper stacks. Think "neat and orderly" so you can enjoy your bedroom library without feeling like you're in a cluttered space.
  22. Slight hijack, what do you call the class of literature Animal Farm falls into? If you group it with Brave New World and 1984? My mind keeps wanting to say "apocalyptic" but I know that's not correct. What's the proper term?
  23. Of course texting is going on. That's not the point. The issue is utilizing this technology - with its associated costs and poor grammar habits - to replace real verbal communication in an academic environment.
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