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  1. My family loves a roast pork roast in the crockpot. It's a bit more expensive than other cuts of meat, but it makes a lot and we use it over 4-5 different meals. One pork roast (I buy the largest one I can find) 1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce 2 cans of whole cranberries (next to the cranberry sauce at the store) one onion sliced into small rings or slivers Mix the cranberries, bbq and onion in the bottom of your crockpot. Put the pork roast on top... I usually cook it on high for 2-3 hours and then put it on low for another 4-6. When you're ready to eat shred the meat (it will literally fall apart) and mix everything together with the sauce. To make it stretch we will use it as a topping for baked potatoes, BBQ pork pizza, mini shredded pork sandwiches with cole slaw and baked beans, quesadillas... it's also great by itself!!
  2. We are thinking about signing up for classes through the homeschool spanish academy. Do you mind if I ask which instructor you use?
  3. I will be 50 when my youngest is 20 and 47 when my oldest is 20...
  4. Perhaps her emotions are running rampant because of hormones. I notice my DD (also 12) is a bit more emotional/brain foggy just before her cycle starts each month. It was much worse the 3-6 months before she started. She wasn't disrespectful or disobedient... just emotional. I allow my DD to get as much sleep as she needs, when she needs it. Any sort of sleep deprivation seems to heighten her emotions. Just a thought... and a :grouphug:.
  5. My DH is finishing up a one year deployment this month... our 6th one... Want a :grouphug:? I've got plenty of those floating around and lots and lots of sympathy. Hang in there... and give yourself permission to take the month off during his block leave, no matter where you are in your curriculum. You will all need the chance to reconnect and rest and just... breathe. Glad you are on the home stretch... you're doing great, Momma.:patriot:
  6. I loved Willow too... (Val Kilmer *sigh*... "You are my moon, my sun, my starlit sky. Without you, I dwell in darkness...." We saw Snow White and the Huntsman last night.... I have to say that I usually enjoy most movies we watch and rarely ever dislike a film. But this one? Save your money. It was awful.
  7. I voted "other". I don't have twins... but I am a twin. :001_smile: The oldest (ladies first) with a younger twin brother.
  8. This. Exactly. Does this mean we can be friends?
  9. :iagree: We will be adding in WWS with CLE LA next year to supplement the writing portion.
  10. My DS loves this game too. I didn't know that it had a chat feature though. He mostly plays by himself, but will occasionally play together with a friend if they're over here at our house.
  11. When my DS was around 3 we were snuggling on the couch one morning and he looked down at his lap, pulled his man panties out and exclaimed, "I have a weenis!" Before I could formulate my response, he took a second peak and pronounced, "My weenis is very big." My husband replied, "That's my boy." I never said a word. I just kept sipping my coffee.:D
  12. I've bought everything and actually just finished the last of my lesson plans (for a 4th and 7th grader) for the year. It feels really good to be finished... we will start our new "school" year in four weeks. Yay!!
  13. Soscol Cafe - great for breakfast Boonfly Cafe - also great for breakfast Mini-mango Thai Bistro - If you're going to splurge for an expensive meal then I would eat at Mustards over The French Laundry anyday. Really good pizza place... azzurro something or other enoteca... Cakebread Cellars is our all time favorite winery. Can't help you on a place to stay... try some of the local B & B's, maybe? Umm, wine train... I actually have heard really good things about it, but we've never done it. If you're going to winery hop, I would definitely hire a car. Have fun and enjoy!!
  14. My husband and I have lived in Columbus twice (I graduated from the "W" way back in the day...) I would pay $50 for a sandwich from Proffit's Porch right now. What do you mean they paved the roads to it?? That was half the charm!! We used to go mud riding out in one of the fields near the restaurant after it had rained. Good times!!
  15. You've gotten some great advice so I won't repeat anything. We have a homeschool "field trip" planned in December to Disney World. It's great because we're going with a bunch of other homeschool families and will be able to hit the parks when it's not crowded. We love, love, love the freedom that homeschooling provides. It's always scary to step out into the unknown but I think your son will come to love it. There's something to be said for not having hours worth of homework after sitting in a classroom all day. BTW... where is MS are you from? I'm originally from Meridian.
  16. Hi Beth, and welcome!! We're another military family here too (and my hubs is also currently deployed.:gnorsi:) These boards are a great place to hang out, gather information and receive encouragement on your homeschooling journey. Glad you're here!!
  17. I voted for Powerful Paragraphs because it won out in a contest of eenie-meenie-mienie-mo. Very scientific.:D
  18. :iagree: We love James Avery here too.
  19. I just received an order from them this week. It took 11 days. HTH.
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