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  1. I love this. I think some of us by instinct do the latter. I don't know what propels some to follow the former--I see it as a lack, somehow. Like teaching what you haven't read (and what you must measure), so you have to follow a hollow format. Kinda like my siggy.
  2. 'They' are the moms and families just starting out, and slogging through the weeds and using the tools they find to help direct their homeschool. I think you mistake me. I don't disagree with you at all--this past post I wholeheartedly agree with. I took one way to get there--you took another way--but we both have come to the same conclusion. I would hate to say, 'this path is bad' to a mom starting out, who's looked to that help, blog, website for help. After years, they'll get to the same place that we have. I think it just comes with time and experience. And as far as Kern is conce
  3. Baking the bread was a metaphor for re-centering life around he home. Not being consumers. We're already not using the public school system, which is completely counter cultural, and, somewhat doing (some of us more purposefully) what ElizaG talked about--building culture. It may take more than our children, but my own children already are being producers, not consumers in their own life choices, so I have hope.
  4. "If the teacher is already strongly motivated to do this sort of thing, and has some background knowledge, then it's a different situation. She might not need prepared materials, and if she chooses to use them, she'll be using them as a tool, more than as a method." I think they're trying to get there. And I don't begrudge them that.
  5. Again I totally agree. There's a very interesting conversation going on on Andrew Kern's Facebook wall that is a part of this discussion, and he only mentions it in a comment on a post. That we are hundreds of years away from truly regaining what we have lost in Western Civilization education. And how truly the first part of that regaining, is living. That we first have to make home and family the center again, and that itself is a daunting task. And perhaps not reading ALL of the books is the answer, but baking the bread is the answer. And the rest will follow, but perhaps for your
  6. Only you could make me come post. :p I don't quite disagree with you (especially on my days when I have spoken with a mom who is trying to save her child's education, and hasn't even understood yet how her own education is lacking-and she doesn't care, which is the part that sends me reeling) but I DO think that we have to be hopeful, and encouraging. Especially since most new homeschoolers have no other alternatives but to try this whole experiment out. What I can offer from my own experience, is that my own sad education had glimpses of the great. And I would say that my oldest and
  7. I went back as far as I could editing, and I reported what I couldn't edit. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I would post you a picture of the "Winebulance" but I had to delete that one, too. :D
  8. Hedge schools are my topic of fascination at this point. Thank you! Wow, that graph on your page is pretty sad.
  9. Maybe they didn't hammer anything out for under 12 because they understood that before then the children's abilities were at different levels?
  10. I was recently reading about the Hedge schools, and thinking the same thing.
  11. I am reading that link (the second) and at once sad, that We DON'T have the ability to receive that type of education, rolling my eyes because where would the author propose we start to educate a whole country? And thirdly angry becuase , let's just burn all of the good just so we can make sure that we're doing it right.
  12. You need to read Senior's books for yourself, the Death of Christian Culture should be the first. If you don't know what the great books are, or why we should read them, then you need to read his books and not rely on articles. I have a few of the Angelicum Academy's lit guides (4 of them) and they are nothing you can't do yourself if you read the books with your kids, or if you've already read them. However, if you haven't read their books, or really are opposed to, at the LEAST get the guides.
  13. Somewhere in my Tolkien travels, I read that he spent many hours in Adoration, and that's what he accredited to writing them. If I can remember where I read that, I'll share it. I LOVE The Simarilion, esp the tale of Luthien and Beren. (Tolkien is said to be Beren and his wife Edith, Luthien)
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